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Christmas Pyjama Party
Christmas Pyjama Party Your best friends are throwing a…
King Roll
King Roll They took the prince away from his princess
December Cover Elf
December Cover Elf Pamela is posing for the new…
Magic Christmas Party
Magic Christmas Party Rebecca is invited to a Christmas…
Christmas on Fireplace
Christmas on Fireplace Liz wants to have a perfect…
Collective Collective is a game where you need to let your…
Christmas Eve Spa
Christmas Eve Spa You're going to go to a huge party…
Cake Master: Christmas Pudding
Cake Master: Christmas Pudding You want to make the Christmas…
Cluck-O-Nauts This chicken has been trapped in space
Revenge Dojo
Revenge Dojo Monkeys came and kidnapped the Beaver family's only son
Children Drawing In Nursery
Children Drawing In Nursery You're going to leave your…
Lace Time Make Up
Lace Time Make Up Meggy's invited to a dinner party…
Cooking Frenzy: Christmas Cookies
Cooking Frenzy: Christmas Cookies It's almost Christmas
Apple White Dress Up
Apple White Dress Up Apple White's going to meet her…
Escape Plan: Ghost House
Escape Plan: Ghost House You woke up in this strange castle
Frozen Princess
Frozen Princess Elsa is a frozen princess
Super Hair Salon
Super Hair Salon You've always wanted to be a…
Slide Playing
Slide Playing Whenever Tina goes to the park, she slides
Tropical Beauty Secrets
Tropical Beauty Secrets Here're the most helpful tips for…
That's How We Roll
That's How We Roll Roll the little yellow creatures…
Happy Vacation Girl
Happy Vacation Girl Suzie's going to her uncle's…
Christmas Tree Decoration
Christmas Tree Decoration It's Christmas tree decorating…
Gravity Escape
Gravity Escape This bunny is being kept inside a lab and they use him…
Private School Girl
Private School Girl Janie's getting ready for the new…
Fruit Jams
Fruit Jams Your grandmother is coming to you for a visit
Underwater Treasures
Underwater Treasures Here's a real challenge for you…
Native Girl
Native Girl Sheena is going to attend a fashion show where she'll…
Selena Inspired Hairstyles
Selena Inspired Hairstyles Selena's hair is amazing, we all…
Addicted to Dessert: Black Cat Cake Pops
Addicted to Dessert: Black Cat Cake Pops Your sister loves everything…
Rainbow Lines
Rainbow Lines Remove the balls by forming lines of four or more balls…
Santa's Christmas Shop
Santa's Christmas Shop Santa has just opened a Christmas…
Cake Memo
Cake Memo Are you ready for a visual challenge
Walking on the Shadows
Walking on the Shadows This guy can only walk on shadows…
Elsa Goes Horseback Riding
Elsa Goes Horseback Riding Elsa loves her horse and she wants…
Cute Ballerina
Cute Ballerina Lisa is a cute ballerina
Money Balance
Money Balance Are you ready to test your balancing skills
Birthday Cakes: Princess Castle Cake
Birthday Cakes: Princess Castle Cake Today is your birthday
Mullet Wedding Dresses
Mullet Wedding Dresses Ashley's getting married
Onomastica 2
Onomastica 2 The word adventure is not over yet
Hello Kitty Hide and Seek
Hello Kitty Hide and Seek Hello kitty asked all her friends…
Fairy Maze
Fairy Maze You're a fairy who's always trying to help the children
Good Daddy 2
Good Daddy 2 Good daddy never gives up on his son
Burning Scarecrow
Burning Scarecrow You need to burn the scarecrows on…
Hurry and Escape: the Roof
Hurry and Escape: the Roof You woke up on the roof and you…
Girl in Libary
Girl in Libary Melissa loves books
Cutie's Snack Time
Cutie's Snack Time Cutie loves snacks
Casual Afternoon
Casual Afternoon Mary decided to spend this…
Menswear Clothing
Menswear Clothing Tanya loves masculine clothes
Snail Bob: Space
Snail Bob: Space Snail Bob packed some of his stuff…
DIY Monster High Rain Boots
DIY Monster High Rain Boots You're a true monster high fan
Talented Make up Artist
Talented Make up Artist Tanya is a talented make up artist
Tricky Fish
Tricky Fish This fish knows some awesome tricks
The Queen is Here
The Queen is Here Vic and Sally're visiting a friend…
The Moon Angel 2
The Moon Angel 2 Tina and Sheena're invited to a…
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge Someone opened a candy shop in your neighbourhood and…
Flower Inspired Dresses
Flower Inspired Dresses Sue has been designing dresses for…
Ethnic Fashion
Ethnic Fashion Ariana loves ethnic fashion
Water Tanker
Water Tanker This tanker needs to carry water
Rose Bride
Rose Bride Rose is getting married today
Spanish Girl Make Up
Spanish Girl Make Up Ladia loves traditional Spanish…