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Idle Industry
Idle Industry You can only succeed in business if you're ambitious…
Lumber Zap
Lumber Zap Little cloud loves watering his favorite trees
GrindCraft Let's craft! In this awesome and addictive clicker game…
Extreme Car Madness
Extreme Car Madness Drive as fast as you can and…
Happy Mart
Happy Mart Build a supermarket and upgrade it in several cities
Idle Mining Co.
Idle Mining Co. Your father just passed away and he left you a gold…
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand These kitties all need our help…
Go Go Goblin
Go Go Goblin This goblin, as all the other goblins, is after gold
Off Road Truckers
Off Road Truckers It is 2040 and old trucks have…
Yepi's Journey
Yepi's Journey Yepi has seen something wrong in the space and wants to…
Go Go Goblin 2
Go Go Goblin 2 This goblin wants to explore the land bu he doesn't…
Super Drift 3
Super Drift 3 Pick a car and get ready for some action
Cattle Tycoon
Cattle Tycoon Let's have a farm experience
Run Viking Run
Run Viking Run This guy has made a monster really angry and now he is…
8-Bit Mage
8-Bit Mage Control this 8bit mage and help him win the battles by…
Dig to China
Dig to China The little pixel miner wants to dig to China and get…
Model Cars Racing
Model Cars Racing Choose the race type you want and…
Monster Clearer
Monster Clearer Welcome to the Monster Clearer, the biggest tiny RPG…
Desperate Defender
Desperate Defender All kinds of dangerous monsters…
Duck Tub Battle
Duck Tub Battle You're a little rubber duck in the bathtub
Dash Dash
Dash Dash A monster is chasing you and you need to run away
Physicar You have a new vehicle and it doesn't look like…
Dangerous Adventure
Dangerous Adventure Control 5 heroes and help them…
Sushi Cat-a-pult
Sushi Cat-a-pult Sushi cat is after sushi
Ducklife Treasure Hunt
Ducklife Treasure Hunt Have you ever wondered what it's…
Dead Rider
Dead Rider Dead rider loves to show his skills
Blitzer Baddies have taken over your valley
Car Eats Car 2: Deluxe
Car Eats Car 2: Deluxe Your cute car's escape from the…
Wizard's Run
Wizard's Run This wizard is going to try hard to save his land from…
Clash of Goblins
Clash of Goblins You have been chosen to defend…
Blazing Haystack
Blazing Haystack Set fire to a haystack
Carrot Fantasy
Carrot Fantasy You have been living a happy and peaceful life with…
Car Eats Car: Mad Dream
Car Eats Car: Mad Dream You just bought a toy car
Fishy Waters
Fishy Waters You were having a nice fishing trip with your father…
Your Own Box
Your Own Box Living in a box might sound boring to you but for your…
Idlefall Collect falling blocks on this extremely minimalistic…
Awesome Run
Awesome Run Choose your character, give him a name and a country…
Comic Book Movie
Comic Book Movie Some nerds were talking about…
Smash Car Clicker
Smash Car Clicker Jumping on cars to destroy them is…
Eldorado Deadly Trip
Eldorado Deadly Trip They kidnapped you and put you in…
ICanFly The pig couple was having fun outside having a picnic
Harvest Story
Harvest Story Hello, little farmer
Spooky Hunter
Spooky Hunter There are spooky bubbles all around the house
Shop Empire 3
Shop Empire 3 Play as a medieval store owner
Big Dig Treasure Clickers
Big Dig Treasure Clickers You're a determined treasure…
Monopoly Idle
Monopoly Idle You love monopoly but you don't like all the fuss that…
Bonfire Your friends started this bonfire and they want you to…
Mad Burger 3: Wild West
Mad Burger 3: Wild West Everybody wants to eat at your…
King's Rush
King's Rush The king heard that there's a new beach where lovely…
Timmy Timmy was living in the forest
Idle Web Tycoon
Idle Web Tycoon You have heard that websites make people rich
Cloud Monster
Cloud Monster Did you know that clouds can be used for transportation
Goblin Rocket Rider
Goblin Rocket Rider This Goblin must be crazy
Sea Farm
Sea Farm Farming under the sea may be challenging but you're apt…
Heroes of Myths
Heroes of Myths Glorious heroes have come together to fight for you…
The Enchanted Cave 2
The Enchanted Cave 2 Hello there Traveller
Rage Zombie Shooter
Rage Zombie Shooter Box zombies are after you
Rio Cup
Rio Cup You are playing for your team in the World Cup
Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky Marty was looking to the sky with his new telescope…
Captain Nutty
Captain Nutty This squirrel loves adventure