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Time Management Games

Laundry Manager
Laundry Manager "Need help with your dirty laundry
Make Up Contest
Make Up Contest Are you ready to challenge Abby with your make-up…
Pet Shop
Pet Shop Lucy's pet shop is a home for almost all kind of…
Kids On Ferris Wheel
Kids On Ferris Wheel Kids wanna have fun so turn that…
Samira's Sew Shop
Samira's Sew Shop Samira's new shop is not a Sew…
Kathryn's Fast Food Corner
Kathryn's Fast Food Corner Finally, Kathryn has her own fast…
Cosmetic Store
Cosmetic Store You are running a store that sells cosmetics
Fuel Frenzy
Fuel Frenzy You are an employee at the fuel station and your duty…
Portrait Corner
Portrait Corner Welcome to Sally's Portrait Corner
Busy Housewife
Busy Housewife Being a housewife can be tough sometimes
Fitness Rush
Fitness Rush Jenny runs the best fitness centre in the town, so if…
Arctic Foxes
Arctic Foxes This Arctic fox needs you help to survive
Best Burger
Best Burger They say you serve the best burgers in town, is that…
Pack for School
Pack for School First week of the school is always very challenging for…
The Cake Decorator
The Cake Decorator Running a cake shop is not an easy…
Chocolate Corner
Chocolate Corner This small cafe has all that…
Fiona's Farm Center
Fiona's Farm Center Are you ready to help Fiona run…
Cleaning Time! Supermarket
Cleaning Time! Supermarket You are working at a supermarket
Cleaning Time! Boutique
Cleaning Time! Boutique The boutique you are working at…
Cleaning Time! Dad's Garage
Cleaning Time! Dad's Garage Your mother was on vacation and…
Summer Camp Cleaning
Summer Camp Cleaning You are at the summer camp
Homework Slacking
Homework Slacking Emily has a lot of homework for…
Eggs Collector
Eggs Collector Test your speed and challenge yourself
Boat House Hotel
Boat House Hotel Your boss has opened a new seaside…
Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market Your grandfather retired and you inherited his farm
One Fork Restaurant
One Fork Restaurant You have founded a restaurant, but…
Summer Lollipops
Summer Lollipops As the owner of the new candy shop…
Candle Factory
Candle Factory You love candles and you have wanted to be in the…
Liza's Sports Shoppe
Liza's Sports Shoppe Liza is the manager of a sports…
Yamina's Honey Garden
Yamina's Honey Garden Yamina has a huge garden and…
Clean Up Time
Clean Up Time Oh, what a mess I created around here
Emma's Flower Shop
Emma's Flower Shop Emma found a lovely job at the…
Cinema Café
Cinema Café It's the perfect time for a movie
Wedding Prep Slacking
Wedding Prep Slacking Today is the big day for Isabel
Ashley's Christmas Treats
Ashley's Christmas Treats Christmas is here
Cosplay Challenge
Cosplay Challenge You're running a cosplay costume…
Menagerie Manager
Menagerie Manager You are in charge of everything in…
Cicily's Vegetable Stall
Cicily's Vegetable Stall Cicily has just opened a vegetable…
Gift Shop for Lovers
Gift Shop for Lovers Sydney wanted to make all the…
Rabbit Farmer
Rabbit Farmer Lisa loves rabbits
Jenny's Fitness Center
Jenny's Fitness Center Jenny has opened a fitness center…
Hurry and Escape: Space
Hurry and Escape: Space You are trapped in a space ship…
Cupcake House
Cupcake House You now own a cupcake house, and people love your…
Ashley's Kitchen Skill
Ashley's Kitchen Skill Ashley loves watching cooking…
Sweet Honey Bees
Sweet Honey Bees You're a bee expert
Merry Burger
Merry Burger You just started working at a diner
Garage Rush
Garage Rush Stella is running a car garage and she is doing a great…
Kitty Championship
Kitty Championship You want your kitty to win the cat…
Farm Mania
Farm Mania Help Maria build a farm from scratch
Winter Days Spa
Winter Days Spa You're running a winter spa and you've spent a lot of…
Chef Day
Chef Day Are you ready to be a Master Chef
Zara's Elegance Studio
Zara's Elegance Studio Zara has always been into beauty
Tessa the Uniform Tailor
Tessa the Uniform Tailor Tessa is a very talented tailor
The Pet Hospital
The Pet Hospital Oh, these poor animals are so sick
Hurry and Escape: the Roof
Hurry and Escape: the Roof You woke up on the roof and you…
Forest Restaurant
Forest Restaurant Hi chef! These poor animals are…
Park Diner
Park Diner You have just opened a diner at a park
Julia The Stewardess
Julia The Stewardess Julia is a stewardess and she…
Winter Sports Shop
Winter Sports Shop Winter shopping is fun
Kid's Umbrella Store
Kid's Umbrella Store You've opened an umbrella store…