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Tetris Games

Tetris Get the unique taste of the classic tetris game
Mini Tetris
Mini Tetris Use the arrow keys to play the classic tetris game
Super Idiot Tetris
Super Idiot Tetris Timmy thinks he's superman, he…
Block Tetris
Block Tetris Play the classic tetris game by building huge blocks in…
Sue tetris
Sue tetris Play the lovely Sue Tetris game using the arrow keys
Tetris'd Avoid the deadly tetrominoes and stay alive as long as…
Love Tetris
Love Tetris Match 3 or 4 of the same faces to eliminate them
Fruit Drop
Fruit Drop Here is a delicious tetris game
Block Master
Block Master You will love this game if you are a tetris fan
Bombaz Here is a different tetris game
Super Puzzle Platformer
Super Puzzle Platformer Here is a different tetris game
Glow Grid
Glow Grid These colorful tiles will bring a new shot to the…
Color Blocks
Color Blocks A tetris game not like any other, we present you Color…
Mewtrix Play the classic arcade game Tetris with cats in the…
Jellytris Drop the cute jelly blockies to fill the rows…
Column Breaker
Column Breaker Use your mouse to move the gems and click to drop them…
Minola Help clear the game board from falling blocks so that…
Tetramino's Revenge
Tetramino's Revenge This famous arcade game that we…
Doctor Trickle
Doctor Trickle Doctor Trickles failed his experiment and the Trickles…
Spate Click on the boxes and drag them to make a group of the…
Ritris Draw your own bricks and make a big explosion to…
Sliding Cubes: Level Pack
Sliding Cubes: Level Pack Here is a simple and colorful…
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Blue moon is occupied with bad guys
Mysterious Balls
Mysterious Balls Improve your tactical skills with…
Blocks Puzzle
Blocks Puzzle Pop the blocks onto the board in the 10x10 game Blocks…
Click a brick
Click a brick Make massive chain reactions of bombs to break as many…
99 bricks
99 bricks Build the highest tower using only 99 bricks
Gummy Blocks
Gummy Blocks Gummy Blocks is the 1010 game you’ll want to keep…
Robo Sockets
Robo Sockets You need to connect robots to acquire enough energy
Pile of balls
Pile of balls Drop these triple ball groups to pile them up
Triblo Triblo is a great fun game where you can play in…
Ancient Blocks
Ancient Blocks You have a great deal of ancient blocks in your hands
Sametris A SameGame and tetris combination
Spookiz In this tetris game, you have to bring 3 or more…
Keep the Balance
Keep the Balance Here are the blocks you know from…