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Skill Games

Beyonce As one of the top one R&B singers of the world, Beyonce…
Sports Memory Game
Sports Memory Game Are you into sports
BMX Extreme
BMX Extreme You're now in the riding park and ready to practice…
Karaoke 2
Karaoke 2 Practice some karaoke while you listen to the "Volare…
Jury 39
Jury 39 It's a skillful work to choose the right hair color and…
Bowling club
Bowling club Practice your bowling skills and improve your…
Fashion City Builder
Fashion City Builder How can you turn a place into a…
Throw In a world full of dangerous fans, what is a dust-bunny…
Money Balance
Money Balance Are you ready to test your balancing skills
Disney Girls Mix & Match
Disney Girls Mix & Match Do you wanna swap the clothes of…
Chess Practice your chess skills without a rival
Basketball Shot
Basketball Shot Luis is being watched by a big crowd who like to see…
Glam Girl
Glam Girl Improve your make-up skills on the pretty girl
Kissing in the Rain
Kissing in the Rain A love under the rain, a love when…
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Keeping up with the Kardashians needs a skillful make-…
A New Demi
A New Demi Try your artistic make-up skills on the famous Camp…
Movie Maker
Movie Maker Make a great film by using the camera skills
Mysterious Balls
Mysterious Balls Improve your tactical skills with…
Editor's Pick: Easter Cookies
Editor's Pick: Easter Cookies Easter is here
PARKING PERFECTION Practice your direction skills in…
Vase Breaker
Vase Breaker Shrek is a beginner in shooting skills and he needs…
Chocolate Cinnamon Crunchies
Chocolate Cinnamon Crunchies During the feast days it's the…
Barmaid It's not easy to work in the pub
Famous Couples 11
Famous Couples 11 The young and popular couple of…
Chopsticks Chopsticks is an acient game that requires a lot of…
Basketball Show
Basketball Show Help Kwan show off his slam dunk skills to impress his…
Famous Couples
Famous Couples Kristen and Edward make the most popular couple of this…
Bratz makeover
Bratz makeover Bratz dolls give you a chance to try your make-up…
2D Memory Trial
2D Memory Trial Why not have a stronger memory
Street Basketball
Street Basketball Practice your basketball skills in…
Teresa's Fashion Show
Teresa's Fashion Show Teresa has a lot of time for her…
Girlhood Invite your best friend to have some girlish fun
Magic Makeover
Magic Makeover Bella can't wait to see your make up skills
Do My Hair
Do My Hair What do you think about my hairstyle
Eggs Collector
Eggs Collector Test your speed and challenge yourself
Samurai Panda
Samurai Panda If a panda is a samurai, he'll do everything to prove…
Jane's Realty
Jane's Realty Jane has a growing real estate company that can build a…
Miraculous Ladybug Real Cooking
Miraculous Ladybug Real Cooking Ladybug is waiting for you in the…
Barbie Make up Artist
Barbie Make up Artist Barbie woke up today and she wasn'…
Bucketball Are you skilled with aiming and timing
Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes
Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes Time for some delicious cupcakes
Emma Watson Makeup
Emma Watson Makeup If “Harry Potter” has made her…
Santa's Cookies
Santa's Cookies Santa's is not only a skilled craftsman but also a…
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Find the way to escape from the…
Papa's Sushiria
Papa's Sushiria Papa opened a sushi restaurant
Super Drift 3
Super Drift 3 Pick a car and get ready for some action
Catapon Welcome to this great 3d puzzle game where you shoot…
Dress up Ninja
Dress up Ninja Jenny decided to be a ninja and she registered in a…
Bridal Glam Make-up
Bridal Glam Make-up Emma is getting married today
Historical Witch Creator
Historical Witch Creator Amelia has a secret
Viking Warfare
Viking Warfare The vikings are after the treasures on your land
Fruit Jams
Fruit Jams Your grandmother is coming to you for a visit
Game Show Girl
Game Show Girl If game shows are for fun, it certainly is the job of…
The Perfect Wedding Cake
The Perfect Wedding Cake Time to prepare the best wedding…
3 Point Rush
3 Point Rush Aim, defensive skills and timing
College Style
College Style You know, looking good is important if you are a…
Banana Dash
Banana Dash Play against the clock in Banana Dash where you race…
Vortex Point 6
Vortex Point 6 Can you master the skills of a Sushi Chef
Bottle on Head
Bottle on Head Time to bring the cowboy out in you
Disney Fairies
Disney Fairies These girls are waiting for your magical touches