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Skill Games

Badfloo The Little Fly Mary came home one day to find her…
Need A Hero
Need A Hero All of Bob's friends are captured by the evil Badd Cat
Princess Anna Arm Surgery
Princess Anna Arm Surgery Princess Anna loves to have fun by…
Gem Pop
Gem Pop Arb and Glarb have found maps to a hidden treasure
A Firetree Tale
A Firetree Tale Welcome the Magical Land
Momentum Master 2
Momentum Master 2 This spider likes to travel
Timmy Timmy was living in the forest
Rewind This race is crazy because it's a race going backwards
Dragon Queen Coronation Day
Dragon Queen Coronation Day Today is the day
Bird Control
Bird Control This little birdie has escaped from the cage
Build Balance 2
Build Balance 2 Blocks have gone crazy again
Quiet Cooking
Quiet Cooking If you are a talented cook, you'd yearn to prepare…
Gravity Den Beginning
Gravity Den Beginning The brave Gravity Monster is on a…
Orbicular Orbicular is the story of one hundred little orbs that…
Crash TV
Crash TV This old retro Tv fell apart from his friend and he…
Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt Lucrea Quarta has stolen a magical crystal and now…
Cyroad Here is a chance for you to experience an amazing 3d…
Fly Qumi
Fly Qumi This bird's got talent
That's How We Roll
That's How We Roll Roll the little yellow creatures…
Seven Jumps
Seven Jumps You're stuck at the lowest floor of this building
Chef Day
Chef Day Are you ready to be a Master Chef
Bubbles Shoot your bubble to make a group of at least three of…
Fizzion Your mission is to collect all the stars while avoiding…
Rio Cup
Rio Cup You are playing for your team in the World Cup
Ride 'Em Rigby
Ride 'Em Rigby Rigby has a new mentor and they are going out to the…
Neon Rabbits
Neon Rabbits A major rabbit accident happened and these rabbits need…
Clockwork Cat
Clockwork Cat This cat is hired to make sure that the clock doesn't…
Dino Shift 2
Dino Shift 2 Are you ready to help our little dinosaur once again
Cooking Witch
Cooking Witch You're an evil witch and you're going to kidnap kids to…
Another Life 2
Another Life 2 This cute couple has fallen asleep while watching an…
Dash Dash
Dash Dash A monster is chasing you and you need to run away
Another Life
Another Life A cute couple was playing a video game together
Build Balance
Build Balance These blocks cannot contain themselves
Limax.io Delve into Limax
Rufus Recall
Rufus Recall Rufus needs some help to practice his memory skills
Tricky Fish
Tricky Fish This fish knows some awesome tricks
Gravity Den
Gravity Den Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to change the…
Tropical Ice Tycoon
Tropical Ice Tycoon Welcome to Imit town
Duck Tub Battle
Duck Tub Battle You're a little rubber duck in the bathtub
Tommy Slingshot
Tommy Slingshot Two children have been missing from the village since…
Once Upon a Life
Once Upon a Life Harry is living in a retirement…
Sky Freaks
Sky Freaks Time to go up
Insidia Our little buddy's spaceship was hit by a meteor when…
Paper Venture 2
Paper Venture 2 Paper Adventurer is back
Dino Shift
Dino Shift Our little dinosaur needs to collect some cubes before…
Dubboy Dubboy is always after adventure
Jellydad Hero
Jellydad Hero The jelly family was having a nice day at space when a…
Neverending Chevalier
Neverending Chevalier You are a courageous chevalier and…
Cloudventure Cloudia goes to a school for the weather mages and her…
Sushi Cat-a-pult
Sushi Cat-a-pult Sushi cat is after sushi
Transcopter Are you willing to control a transcopter
Sleeping Caveman
Sleeping Caveman The caveman was asleep when you…
Comic Book Movie
Comic Book Movie Some nerds were talking about…
Dora Jungle Escape
Dora Jungle Escape Would you like to help Dora and…
Beno Bear Escape
Beno Bear Escape Beno bear was about to be boxed…
Fancy Pants Adventure Remix
Fancy Pants Adventure Remix Mr. Fancy Pants is on an adventure…
Puzzles Practice your puzzle skills
Tennis Practice your tennis skills in this great game and get…
Music match
Music match All piano enthusiasts are gonna love this interactive…
Redstar Fall Pro
Redstar Fall Pro Don't let Red Star fall and put it…