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Running Games

Running Girl
Running Girl Sandy likes doing sports very much, especially running…
Qwop QWOP is a famous game
Rewind This race is crazy because it's a race going backwards
Dinofaster This is a prehistoric dinosaur foot race
Run Red Run
Run Red Run Little Red Riding Hood comes to visit her grandmother
Bit Chaser
Bit Chaser Time for some retro fun
400 Sprint
400 Sprint Ready for a crazy marathon
100 meter
100 meter Ready for a crazy marathon
Long Jump
Long Jump Race against the other 3 characters in the Long Jump…
Kuzco's Quest for gold
Kuzco's Quest for gold Kuzco need your help to complete…
How Dare You
How Dare You You are an amazing and powerful sensei
Awesome Run
Awesome Run Choose your character, give him a name and a country…
Retro Unicorn Attack
Retro Unicorn Attack You are a unicorn
Lost In Carnival
Lost In Carnival Susan has lost her kids and their…
Steel Jack
Steel Jack You are a noble knight and it is your duty to protect…
Top Naut
Top Naut Missiles are dropping on top of your head
Tangerine Panic
Tangerine Panic The boy hates tangerines and there is an invasion of…
Gym Class Racers
Gym Class Racers Choose your character and move
Run Jerry Run
Run Jerry Run Tom has caught Jerry stealing a piece of cheese from…
Onomastica 2
Onomastica 2 The word adventure is not over yet
Puppy Racer
Puppy Racer You learned that there is a puppy race going on and all…
Run Viking Run
Run Viking Run This guy has made a monster really angry and now he is…
Dashy Reaper
Dashy Reaper Help the black death reaper move forward on the…
Pet Stars: Baby Pig
Pet Stars: Baby Pig Hi Doc! We found this sloppy pig…
Trupido Guide the man along the uneasy platforms and keep…
Geometry Neon Dash Subzero
Geometry Neon Dash Subzero The Geometry Neon Dash Subzero…
Uber Commando
Uber Commando The land is under enemy attack
Freddy Nightmare Run
Freddy Nightmare Run Freddy plays video games every…
Cyroad Here is a chance for you to experience an amazing 3d…
Rival Ninja Stole My Homework
Rival Ninja Stole My Homework You've been working very hard on…
Ride 'Em Rigby
Ride 'Em Rigby Rigby has a new mentor and they are going out to the…
Normal Cat
Normal Cat Fency is not an ordinary cat
Arctic Avalanche
Arctic Avalanche Play as a cute monster who's…
King's Rider
King's Rider Dark wizard stole various items from the peasants of…
Dubboy Dubboy is always after adventure
Revenge Dojo
Revenge Dojo Monkeys came and kidnapped the Beaver family's only son
Sleeping Caveman
Sleeping Caveman The caveman was asleep when you…
Dora Jungle Escape
Dora Jungle Escape Would you like to help Dora and…
Beno Bear Escape
Beno Bear Escape Beno bear was about to be boxed…
Santa Winter Run
Santa Winter Run It's that holy time of the year…
Super Mario 63
Super Mario 63 Mario is here with you after a long time
Inspector Wombat
Inspector Wombat Play as a detective and solve the…
Pet Stars: Baby Fox
Pet Stars: Baby Fox Animals love playing in the forest…
Water Werks
Water Werks Unique arcade puzzle game in which you must get your…
Magic Collector
Magic Collector Life is divided in two, so is my adventure, me at the…
Canabalt Control the running man using the X and C keys to jump
Bug on a wire
Bug on a wire How does a bug survive on a wire
Sprinter Running is in your two fingers, working in…
Pet Hospital Doctor
Pet Hospital Doctor These poor animals need your help
Smoothie Shop
Smoothie Shop Keep the shop running smooth-ly and get the customers…
Dress up Bugs Bunny
Dress up Bugs Bunny The doctor advised Bugs Bunny to…
Where is Naruto
Where is Naruto Naruto is a tricky boy
Dolphin Show Aquarium
Dolphin Show Aquarium You've always dreamed about this…
Editor's Pick: Milan Fashion Week
Editor's Pick: Milan Fashion Week Alice is running from a fashion…
The Cake Decorator
The Cake Decorator Running a cake shop is not an easy…
Passage of Time
Passage of Time Join Timmy's never ending journey in life
Silly Ghost
Silly Ghost A ghost is always a ghost who wants to spin around and…
Sports Meeting
Sports Meeting Elly will go running today
Go go plant
Go go plant Have you ever seen a running plant
Four Second Fury
Four Second Fury Time is running up and you have to…