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Restaurant Games

Diner Dash
Diner Dash There's an endless stream of customers and we have to…
Quiet Cooking
Quiet Cooking If you are a talented cook, you'd yearn to prepare…
Yellow Cat IceCream
Yellow Cat IceCream OK, so we all love ice-cream, but…
Didi Ice Cream
Didi Ice Cream Sunbathers feel like some cool drinks and ice creams…
Pasta Bar
Pasta Bar A nice bar which serves all kind of delicious pasta…
Beach Holidays
Beach Holidays All you need is a cold drink to cool you off in this…
Merry Burger
Merry Burger You just started working at a diner
Unfabulous Burger Bustle
Unfabulous Burger Bustle Addie is in a tough Jam
Hot Dog Bush
Hot Dog Bush Help George W
Ice Cream Place
Ice Cream Place An ice cream place is what these kids need these days
Movie Munchies
Movie Munchies Hurry up, the movie is about to start
Cute Creamery
Cute Creamery Welcome to "Cute Creamery" ladies and gentlemen
The Waitress
The Waitress A good waitress is capable of serving each customer…
Winter Bistro
Winter Bistro Help this cute Santa Girl waitress and respond to the…
Penguin Diner
Penguin Diner While on an Antarctic trek, Penny the Penguin goes off…
Papa's Cupcakeria
Papa's Cupcakeria Papa has a new place in town
An Apple A Day!
An Apple A Day! Miranda needs your help
Papa's Pastaria
Papa's Pastaria Welcome to Papa's Pastaria
Brain Spa Visual Memory
Brain Spa Visual Memory Hurry up; your customers are…
Kids Club
Kids Club Jess has just found a summer job in Kids Club which is…
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Our little blue cat sees a pretty cat inside a sushi…
Heartfelt Waiters
Heartfelt Waiters What makes a restaurant cosier…
Papa's Cheeseria
Papa's Cheeseria Papa's latest franchise is about…
Pack the house
Pack the house Welcome to Disney character's fun club
Burger Store
Burger Store Customers are hungry and you are put in charge of…
Jury 61
Jury 61 Get the lovely girl ready for a special night out in…
Beach Waitress
Beach Waitress Use your mouse to move the waitress
My Perfect Wedding
My Perfect Wedding It's your wedding day
Tube top layer styles
Tube top layer styles Claire's booked a nice room in the…
Burger In this Burger restaurant, the trick is to build your…
Going shopping
Going shopping Gloria loves shopping after she leaves work
Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round You are the replacement Chef in a popular Sushi…
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken Drumsticks You don't need to go to a fast…
Couple At Night Party
Couple At Night Party Love is in the air
Burger Builder
Burger Builder Regardless of what restaurant is your favorite, if your…
Sauce Chinese people love various kinds of sauce with the…
Fantasy A woman must know what to wear on when she is invited…
Summer Sunset
Summer Sunset Two friends are on a vacation
Angelica Angelica is going out for a dinner with her boyfriend…
Elva 8
Elva 8 Young and pretty Elva proves her beauty every time…
Burger 2
Burger 2 Working in the kitchen of the most famous burger…
Pizza Pronto
Pizza Pronto Help the pizza pronto chef to manage the best pizza…
Dreamy Kimono
Dreamy Kimono Lenny started her waitress job in the traditinal…
Staff of the month
Staff of the month In this game you are working in a…
Elite Elite is a pretty girl who loves following the fashion…
A Happy Day Out
A Happy Day Out I want to go out and discover new places today
Stroll The City
Stroll The City Let's enjoy the evening while strolling around the city
Christmas Waitress
Christmas Waitress It's time for the Christmas dinner…
Bar-b-que Are you ready for a full barbecue experience
Fast Food Store
Fast Food Store Sasha has just found a job in a fast food restaurant
Valentine Kiss
Valentine Kiss Today you should prove your love with a romantic kiss…
Chana Chana is in Toronto and she's visiting Niagara Falls…
WCC: Portugal
WCC: Portugal Tourists have come to our restaurant to taste some…
Pizza Making
Pizza Making You work in the kitchen of a famous pizza restaurant…
Taya Taya started living alone this year
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens I'm sure that you like Vanessa Hudgens, don't you
CS: Cheese Burger
CS: Cheese Burger Who is the sister of hamburger
Belle's Burger
Belle's Burger If you work in a fast food restaurant, you must be a…
Cute Hamster Date
Cute Hamster Date Today is a big day for this cute…
Snowy 3
Snowy 3 Snowy is back with an all new Platformer adventure game