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Puzzle Games

Money Movers
Money Movers Jack and Martin are really good friends
Mahjong Free
Mahjong Free Mahjong is an addictive brain game
Collow Test you memory and agility at the same time
Blocks with Letters On
Blocks with Letters On Word puzzles are one of the best…
Interactive Puzzle
Interactive Puzzle Puzzles are fun, but wouldn't it…
Willy Likes Cookies
Willy Likes Cookies Willy is very hungry and he is…
Rollin Tot
Rollin Tot Tot is on a magical journey with his friend Mr
Robo Sockets
Robo Sockets You need to connect robots to acquire enough energy
Escape Plan: High Rise
Escape Plan: High Rise People don't stop playing tricks…
Gate The gates of your land are all sealed with magic and…
Drawfender: Level Pack
Drawfender: Level Pack Our hero found out that some…
Legendary Escape 2
Legendary Escape 2 Last night was fun
Legendary Escape
Legendary Escape You wake up in a strange apartment…
Hot Air Balloon Adventure
Hot Air Balloon Adventure You have prepared everything and…
Where Is My Beard
Where Is My Beard You need to have a nice beard…
Concentricholic The same coloured squares eliminate each other when…
6 Differences
6 Differences Do you think you are a careful person
Two Pipes 2
Two Pipes 2 Go through the pipes to reach your destination
Blockoomz 2
Blockoomz 2 The blocks are here again
Ziva Ziva is after the diamonds
Max Skyler: Stolen Relic
Max Skyler: Stolen Relic You are a private detective and…
Blockoomz You need to take these blocks out of the screen
Error Zone
Error Zone Someone has just downloaded the free version of your…
Meowra Meowra wants to rescue the little kitty from the…
Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game Love has never been so pretentious
Two Pipes
Two Pipes You need to find your way through the pipes
You Complete Me
You Complete Me Are you ready for a mind blowing puzzle
Locked Inside the House
Locked Inside the House Celine is locked inside the house
Cover Orange: Journey Pirates
Cover Orange: Journey Pirates These oranges need your help
Night Lights
Night Lights Are you ready to rule the shadows and the light
Momentum Master
Momentum Master Do you think you know how to control momentum
Cover Orange: Journey Knights
Cover Orange: Journey Knights These little oranges are in danger
Big Cats Memo
Big Cats Memo Are you ready to challenge your memory
Pencil War
Pencil War You can choose your weapons before you start getting…
Travel Memo
Travel Memo Do you love to travel
Doors 2
Doors 2 After his last adventure at the office, Dave got fired
Dig to China
Dig to China The little pixel miner wants to dig to China and get…
Doors Dave hides from his boss in order to avoid any overtime
Paint Over
Paint Over You are a colourful cube who needs to reach the door
Simple Balance
Simple Balance Do you think you know what it takes to establish…
Gravity Den
Gravity Den Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to change the…
2048 Flash
2048 Flash Here is one of the most addictive games of all times
Make Up Memo
Make Up Memo Do you love make up products
Hurry and Escape: Space
Hurry and Escape: Space You are trapped in a space ship…
Party at The Zoo
Party at The Zoo They have found something strange…
Hurry and Escape: The Dojo
Hurry and Escape: The Dojo You are trapped in a dojo and you…
Jewellery Memo
Jewellery Memo Here is another puzzle game for you to solve
Azew Puzzles are what keep our brain fresh and working
Dog Memo
Dog Memo Here is a cute memory test for all the dog lovers out…
Bird Memo
Bird Memo Put your memory to the test
Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge 2
Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge 2 Barbie is challenged by her…
Hurry and Escape: The Lab
Hurry and Escape: The Lab One more mysterious day full of…
Cookie Needs Jam
Cookie Needs Jam Can you imagine cookies without…
Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge
Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge The girls will be having fun at…
Emma's at Gym
Emma's at Gym Poor Emma had a really tiring day at work
Froggy Jump
Froggy Jump This frog is trying to cross the river but it's not…
Flowers Memo
Flowers Memo Let's play a game with the flowers in the garden and…
Sea Life Memo
Sea Life Memo Sea life is amazing with colorful sea creatures and…
Cleaning Time! Sleepover
Cleaning Time! Sleepover Throwing a sleepover party is fun…
Pack for School
Pack for School First week of the school is always very challenging for…