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Puzzle Games

The Crystal Man
The Crystal Man What's the most important thing on this earth
Monster Trucks Memory
Monster Trucks Memory Girls love monster trucks as much…
Easy Joe 3
Easy Joe 3 Adventures of Joe never ends
What Do We Do Now
What Do We Do Now This cute puzzle game requires…
Loved Monsters
Loved Monsters These two monsters are separated who knows why
Siege Hero Pirate Pillage
Siege Hero Pirate Pillage Your ship needs a hero to save…
Box! Boxes are your companion during your journey on this…
Wonder Soup
Wonder Soup Life at the orphanage isn't easy
Shop Empire 2
Shop Empire 2 In order to become a successful shop emperor, you…
Orbit Breaker
Orbit Breaker You duty is to destroy all the planets
Match A Number
Match A Number Who wants to do some math
Sushi vs Blockies
Sushi vs Blockies Your blockies are under attack
Cloud Monster
Cloud Monster Did you know that clouds can be used for transportation
Grow Cube
Grow Cube This cube is dry and there's no life on it
Awesome Ranger
Awesome Ranger There were fairies flying around keeping people safe
Rats Invasion 2
Rats Invasion 2 Months ago, you had a problem with rats
Fast Food Memo
Fast Food Memo Time for a challenging but fun memory game
Need A Hero
Need A Hero All of Bob's friends are captured by the evil Badd Cat
Sweetland Welcome to Sweetland, where you'll live the ultimate…
Samsara Room
Samsara Room You woke up in a room you've never seen before
Dream Exit
Dream Exit All these kids are trapped in a dream
Z-Infect Why would people run away from zombies if they can't…
Easy Joe
Easy Joe Joe wants to discover this exciting purple realm
Clover Flower
Clover Flower This clover flower needs your help to blossom
Save the Pig
Save the Pig You have many enemies
Siege Hero Viking Vengeance
Siege Hero Viking Vengeance Aim and shoot at the weak spots of…
Kitty Kibbles 2
Kitty Kibbles 2 Kibbles's still excited about the new year
Adam and Eve 3
Adam and Eve 3 Adam is still trying to reach Eve
A Stroll in Space
A Stroll in Space You have been peacefully…
Sirtet Red blocks are trying to invade your blue land
Clockwork Cat
Clockwork Cat This cat is hired to make sure that the clock doesn't…
Hurry and Escape: The School
Hurry and Escape: The School You woke up in school and you need…
Harry Quantum: Cheese Carnival
Harry Quantum: Cheese Carnival There's a cheese carnival in town…
Pyrokid Jack was an ordinary kid up until he felt fire in his…
Escape Plan: Underground
Escape Plan: Underground You woke up one day and found…
Gem Monster
Gem Monster Gem monster is after gems
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine You woke up in a strange place
Kitty Kibbles
Kitty Kibbles Kibbles is very hungry
Cookie Needs Jam 2
Cookie Needs Jam 2 Cookie can't live without jam
Blazing Haystack
Blazing Haystack Set fire to a haystack
Test Your Brain
Test Your Brain Here's a chance for you all to test your brain
Flight of the Bee
Flight of the Bee Help this little bee so he can fly…
Rustled Jimmies
Rustled Jimmies The gorillas are about to eat their bananas
My Self
My Self Control the character and make him reach the coin on…
King Roll
King Roll They took the prince away from his princess
Collective Collective is a game where you need to let your…
Cluck-O-Nauts This chicken has been trapped in space
Escape Plan: Ghost House
Escape Plan: Ghost House You woke up in this strange castle
Underwater Treasures
Underwater Treasures Here's a real challenge for you…
Rainbow Lines
Rainbow Lines Remove the balls by forming lines of four or more balls…
Cake Memo
Cake Memo Are you ready for a visual challenge
Walking on the Shadows
Walking on the Shadows This guy can only walk on shadows…
Money Balance
Money Balance Are you ready to test your balancing skills
Onomastica 2
Onomastica 2 The word adventure is not over yet
Fairy Maze
Fairy Maze You're a fairy who's always trying to help the children
Good Daddy 2
Good Daddy 2 Good daddy never gives up on his son
Burning Scarecrow
Burning Scarecrow You need to burn the scarecrows on…
Hurry and Escape: the Roof
Hurry and Escape: the Roof You woke up on the roof and you…
Snail Bob: Space
Snail Bob: Space Snail Bob packed some of his stuff…
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge Someone opened a candy shop in your neighbourhood and…