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Try Harder
Try Harder There are things you need to accept in life
Bad Delivery
Bad Delivery Being the most wanted delivery man is stressful
TwinBots Twin bots are designed for experiments
Mystery Temple
Mystery Temple Hello there! Are you ready to solve the puzzles of the…
Cube Escape The Lake
Cube Escape The Lake Here's an amazing and challenging…
Tetramino's Revenge
Tetramino's Revenge This famous arcade game that we…
PinTown Pin town is where happy pins live
Down Is Up
Down Is Up In this amazing puzzle game, you're supposed to reach…
Lazy Cats
Lazy Cats These cats are super lazy
The Friends Escape 2
The Friends Escape 2 These two buddies are trying to…
Game of Arrows
Game of Arrows Enemy soldiers are in your land
Inflatable Basterds
Inflatable Basterds You feel really bored in class, so…
Mr. Splibox 2
Mr. Splibox 2 Here's another adventure of Mr
Frazzle Dazzle
Frazzle Dazzle Nobody deserves messy hair
Slime Run Away
Slime Run Away This green slime needs to get out of this castle
Messy Factory
Messy Factory This factory is a mess
Doodle God Blitz
Doodle God Blitz Elements are in your control
Figure Shaper
Figure Shaper You have a magic block
Glow Path
Glow Path This puzzle doesn't have anything other than pipes and…
The Friends Escape
The Friends Escape Real friendship is hard to…
Airbender Story
Airbender Story Monsters have invaded your town
Above Average Guy
Above Average Guy You were watching TV in your room
Penguin Love
Penguin Love Mr. and Mrs. Penguins are separated! They can only be…
Collapsabowl The balls in the bowl should be eliminated
Smash Car Clicker
Smash Car Clicker Jumping on cars to destroy them is…
Continuity Time for an amazing puzzle game, people
Red Girl in the Woods
Red Girl in the Woods The red girl is in the woods and…
Drillionaire Use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar and…
Push Out Fans
Push Out Fans These fans can make you catch cold
Mystery IQ Test
Mystery IQ Test Everybody thinks that they're smart
Mahjong 3D
Mahjong 3D Mahjong is a classic game that everybody loves and…
Feed Me Moar
Feed Me Moar The good scientists were working on fruits and veggies…
Mr Tart
Mr Tart Mr Tart has started his adventure
Click the Bolt
Click the Bolt This little alien needs your help to find his way…
Brain Builder
Brain Builder You're at an auction and your job is to choose the…
Greed for Coins
Greed for Coins This monster wants money
Push Da Blocks
Push Da Blocks Here's a puzzle game with colourful blocks and a lovely…
Sea Life Memo
Sea Life Memo Do you like sea life
Juicy Bazooka
Juicy Bazooka You bought delicious food and filled your fridge
Get Rid of the Weeds
Get Rid of the Weeds You're a gardener and you love…
Candy Store Escape
Candy Store Escape You have a dog named Carl
Catapon Welcome to this great 3d puzzle game where you shoot…
Money Movers 2
Money Movers 2 Can you escape the prison again
Tap Dots
Tap Dots An addictive easy to play game is hard to come by
Switch Bot
Switch Bot This little robot needs your guidance and help to reach…
Blockoomz 2015
Blockoomz 2015 A new addition to the Blockoomz game series
Harry Quantum: Doc Star
Harry Quantum: Doc Star The lead guitarist of the famous…
Hippo Chef
Hippo Chef Hippo chef is hungry
Shape Shifter 2
Shape Shifter 2 Your shape shifting adventure continues
The World's Hardest Game
The World's Hardest Game If you don't find any challenge…
Mourn You woke up in a dark place
Piggy Wiggy Nuts
Piggy Wiggy Nuts This pig loves nuts
Catalance Level Pack
Catalance Level Pack Who doesn't want to play a cat…
Papa Louie 3
Papa Louie 3 Here's a brand new Papa Louie adventure
Bus Tale
Bus Tale Joe is not a totally normal person
Cubestern Bad guys are everywhere in the west
Chain Reaction Shooter
Chain Reaction Shooter Look at the circle above and throw…
Escape Plan: Office
Escape Plan: Office You decided to come to the office…
Fizzion Your mission is to collect all the stars while avoiding…
Escape the Amazing Garden
Escape the Amazing Garden Who would want to escape such an…