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Puzzle Games

Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior
Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior Junior monster is so bored
Jelly Alien
Jelly Alien Cute alien was wandering in his spacecraft happily when…
Cubestern 2: Night Shift
Cubestern 2: Night Shift Bad boys of the west are…
Shape Shifters
Shape Shifters Kick the greens out
Wudywurm This worm can swallow whatever it sees
Summetry Game
Summetry Game These two cute aliens seem lost here
Zombieguins Attack
Zombieguins Attack What happened to the cute penguins
Bunny and Squirt
Bunny and Squirt Come here and watch the fierce…
Alphabet Stacker
Alphabet Stacker Here is an unusual puzzle game
Cover Orange: Journey Gangsters
Cover Orange: Journey Gangsters The cute orange has found himself…
Another Planet 3
Another Planet 3 This pink alien has come to our…
Candy Ride 3
Candy Ride 3 Tim loves candies so much
Dinositter Mother dinosaur has laid her eggs all over
Chuppy Shills
Chuppy Shills Chuppy Shills are so cute but so timid at the same time
Card Rush
Card Rush Here is the cutest card game ever
Mouse House
Mouse House The little mouse is so hungry
Cosmo Gravity
Cosmo Gravity This tiny astronaut is stuck in a dangerous spacecraft
Sumo Sushi Puzzle
Sumo Sushi Puzzle Here is a yummy puzzle game
Match Craft
Match Craft Here is a familiar puzzle game, Match Craft
Push Ur Hero
Push Ur Hero This orange friend loves wandering around
Lilith: A Friend at Hallows Eve
Lilith: A Friend at Hallows Eve Join the adventures of Lilith
Zombie Match
Zombie Match Zombies have started to grow their own vegetables in…
Big Eyes Are Cute
Big Eyes Are Cute Do you think that big eyes are…
Bread Pit
Bread Pit Here is a new friend, Bread Pit
World Of Panda
World Of Panda Welcome to the world of panda
Fruits 2
Fruits 2 Juicy fruits are waiting in the forest to be squeezed
Minecaves Welcome to the underground
Spookiz In this tetris game, you have to bring 3 or more…
Halloween Clix
Halloween Clix Hurry up! Halloween baddies are falling from the top…
Mars Space Quest
Mars Space Quest You are the chosen one for a quest…
Loved Monsters 2
Loved Monsters 2 These lovely monsters are…
Hero in the Ocean 2
Hero in the Ocean 2 We are in the depths of the sea in…
ZomBurp Zombies are kept in a lab for a research
Amazing Sheriff
Amazing Sheriff This sheriff is crazy
Jungle Menace
Jungle Menace The forest is in danger
Pivot Join the adventure of Pivot
Rolling Ghosts
Rolling Ghosts An evil magic has turned the friendly blobs into ghosts
Cheese Lab
Cheese Lab Little mouse is so hungry
Bouncy and Monsto
Bouncy and Monsto Bouncy and Monsto are best friends
Yummy Nuts 2
Yummy Nuts 2 Baby squirrel is so hungry
King Rolla
King Rolla The king's castle is infested with sheep
Lonely Peak
Lonely Peak IO is wandering all alone in the sky
Mummy Madness
Mummy Madness Guide little mummy to his coffin
How to Be a Gent
How to Be a Gent Henry is a true gentleman
Dragon Dish
Dragon Dish Cookies would be the most valuable food in the world
Blocky's Escape
Blocky's Escape Blocky is trapped in a maze with obstacles
Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols
Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols Professor Watts has found the…
Lilly's Room
Lilly's Room Lilly is trapped inside her house, asking for your help…
Cut the Monster 3
Cut the Monster 3 Monsters are going to invade your…
Sonya the Spy: CERN Episode
Sonya the Spy: CERN Episode Welcome to Sonya's adventurous…
Insidia Our little buddy's spaceship was hit by a meteor when…
Monster Lab
Monster Lab These little cute monsters are so hungry but they are…
Tinyverse Little planets are scattered around space
Bubble Boy in Dreamland
Bubble Boy in Dreamland Welcome to the dreamland of the…
Donutosaur 2
Donutosaur 2 Donutosour wants to have all the donuts to himself
Unfreeze Me 3
Unfreeze Me 3 These little birds are freezing
Koala Kid
Koala Kid Koala kid gets sad about the small problems in his life
Monsterventures: Space Crash
Monsterventures: Space Crash Cosm's little spacecraft hit an…
Balanzze Time to use your physics knowledge
Ayo the Hero
Ayo the Hero Ayo is assigned by the king to find the stolen source…