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Puzzle Games

Bombaz Here is a different tetris game
Aggro The garden has always been quiet until the annoying…
Saving Little Alien
Saving Little Alien The little alien is trapped in…
Angry Alien
Angry Alien These aliens are so angry with the people in their…
Diamond Crush
Diamond Crush There are many colorful diamonds on the board
Red Remover Players Pack 2
Red Remover Players Pack 2 Look at these miserable red shapes
Breakdown Here is a simple puzzle game
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Poor orange is so afraid of rain
Eeniebounce Welcome to Eenie's world
In the Bucket
In the Bucket You have a bucket and many yellow balls
Railway Panic
Railway Panic You have to hurry up, the train is coming but the…
DNA Lab Rush
DNA Lab Rush Imagine yourself in a DNA lab
Penguineering Hurry up! Everything is melting in this world! Crack…
Tribal Artifacts
Tribal Artifacts You have only one minute to match…
Kazooball Imagine a snake made of colorful balls
Magic Factory
Magic Factory Magic factory creates the best puzzles for you
Doughnut Shooter
Doughnut Shooter Are you ready for a yummy bubble…
Kerixep Here is a dazzling puzzle game
Fox n Roll
Fox n Roll Roll and the Fox are best friends
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Our little blue cat sees a pretty cat inside a sushi…
Gem Rush
Gem Rush Here is a dazzling bubble shooter game
Morphing Now you are a "thing"
Super Blux
Super Blux Here is a cute puzzle game
Mahzoong Here is a cute mahjong game full of animals
Monster Box
Monster Box Monsters are not under your bed, they are inside a box
Little Animals Rescue
Little Animals Rescue Little animals need to go home
Love Quest
Love Quest All the girls at the school want to have a date with…
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Blue moon is occupied with bad guys
Hide Snowman
Hide Snowman Poor snowman is scared from the fiery stove
Free The Fish
Free The Fish There are many fish in the sea waiting for you to set…
Block Master
Block Master You will love this game if you are a tetris fan
Cock's Revenge
Cock's Revenge Cocks are disturbed by the cats in the farm
Big Blocks Battle
Big Blocks Battle It's the battle of the blocks
Out of Balance
Out of Balance It is a simple game
Bread Pit 2
Bread Pit 2 Crazy Brad Pit is again late for the breakfast
Cafe Connect
Cafe Connect Here is a mini game of your favorite game Cafeland
Twirip Bird eggs are falling down from the nest
Jungle Blocks
Jungle Blocks Here are jungle animals in different colors
Keep the Balance
Keep the Balance Here are the blocks you know from…
Blinkz These pink blocks are madly in love
Jellies Throng
Jellies Throng You have to smash all the jellies
Bubble It 2
Bubble It 2 This game is a little different from classic bubble…
Qubilz We give you squishy purple blocks and you are to place…
Sushi Cat 2: The Great Parade
Sushi Cat 2: The Great Parade This cat is crazy for sushi
Sqirlz Our little orange pal wants to reach his friend who is…
Liquid 2
Liquid 2 Here is the sequel of your favorite game
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter Here is a golden oldie: a bubble shooter game
Bird's Town
Bird's Town Welcome to bird's town
Smile Game
Smile Game Here is a game made of colorful pixels
Wrrrmz! Here is a funny puzzle game that you have been waiting…
Zencube Can you handle this cubic maze
Sliding Cubes: Level Pack
Sliding Cubes: Level Pack Here is a simple and colorful…
Blue Box
Blue Box Here is a very easy yet entertaining puzzle game
4 Elements 2
4 Elements 2 The book of element has lost its magical power from…
Monsterland 2: Junior Revenge
Monsterland 2: Junior Revenge Welcome to Monsterland again
Liquid Here is an interesting puzzle with different level…
Draw Gems
Draw Gems This time you are drawing your own pieces in this…
Bubble Sky
Bubble Sky Colorful bubbles are floating in the sky
Color Joy
Color Joy These colorful objects can't wait to be set free
Square Scare
Square Scare These annoying purple squares will move even if you don…