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Puzzle Games

Switch the Bulb
Switch the Bulb Can you light all the bulbs on the board all together
The Swamp Monster
The Swamp Monster Nora is here to explore the Perb…
Happy Square Blocks
Happy Square Blocks Looks like all the blocks are so…
Sweet Candy Mahjong
Sweet Candy Mahjong Here is a sweet Mahjong game
Shape Mahjong
Shape Mahjong Mahjong lovers will love this game
Shapero Here is a colorful game
Monkey Crane
Monkey Crane This crazy monkey has many fruits over there
Pearl Worm
Pearl Worm Here is a different version of the classic snake game
3 Slices
3 Slices You can use your mouse only 3 times in each level here
Retro Fruit Crush
Retro Fruit Crush Here is a delicious matching game
Findergarten Clown
Findergarten Clown Here is a different puzzle game
Forest Gems
Forest Gems There are some valuable gems in the forest
Heavenly Hell
Heavenly Hell Our little hero is kept in hell
Zombies Love Cheese
Zombies Love Cheese Scientists want to stop zombies…
Aztec's Totems
Aztec's Totems Welcome to the jungle
Vampire Jackie
Vampire Jackie It's Jackie's birthday today
Turn Me On
Turn Me On It is a weird adventure of a button
Crash Boom Bang
Crash Boom Bang Here is a colorful puzzle game
Super Puzzle Platformer
Super Puzzle Platformer Here is a different tetris game
Sticks Bob wants to be so rich
4 Differences
4 Differences Here is a very different puzzle game
Fruit Drop
Fruit Drop Here is a delicious tetris game
Spheracles Spheracles is burdened with the eternal task of sorting…
Aquacubes Look at these juicy cubes on the board
Dwarven Castle
Dwarven Castle Can you deal with these colorful blocks
Bubbles Extreme
Bubbles Extreme Here is a classic bubble shooter game
Not to Scale
Not to Scale Here is a challenging collection of puzzles
Heartbreak Hysteria
Heartbreak Hysteria There is a story of a heartbreaker…
Cubiclick Santa needs your help to collect the gifts on the board
Find 10 Differences
Find 10 Differences Check out this colorful picture…
Pet Connect
Pet Connect Look at this board full of pets
Smart Cook
Smart Cook Hurry up, the chef is waiting for you
Block Here is a classic game
Brain Spa Pattern Matching
Brain Spa Pattern Matching Welcome to the biggest hotel of…
Sobic Sobic is a lovely friend who is in trouble with the…
Bombaz Here is a different tetris game
Aggro The garden has always been quiet until the annoying…
Saving Little Alien
Saving Little Alien The little alien is trapped in…
Angry Alien
Angry Alien These aliens are so angry with the people in their…
Diamond Crush
Diamond Crush There are many colorful diamonds on the board
Red Remover Players Pack 2
Red Remover Players Pack 2 Look at these miserable red shapes
Breakdown Here is a simple puzzle game
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Poor orange is so afraid of rain
Eeniebounce Welcome to Eenie's world
In the Bucket
In the Bucket You have a bucket and many yellow balls
Railway Panic
Railway Panic You have to hurry up, the train is coming but the…
DNA Lab Rush
DNA Lab Rush Imagine yourself in a DNA lab
Penguineering Hurry up! Everything is melting in this world! Crack…
Tribal Artifacts
Tribal Artifacts You have only one minute to match…
Kazooball Imagine a snake made of colorful balls
Magic Factory
Magic Factory Magic factory creates the best puzzles for you
Doughnut Shooter
Doughnut Shooter Are you ready for a yummy bubble…
Kerixep Here is a dazzling puzzle game
Fox n Roll
Fox n Roll Roll and the Fox are best friends
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Our little blue cat sees a pretty cat inside a sushi…
Gem Rush
Gem Rush Here is a dazzling bubble shooter game
Morphing Now you are a "thing"
Super Blux
Super Blux Here is a cute puzzle game
Mahzoong Here is a cute mahjong game full of animals
Monster Box
Monster Box Monsters are not under your bed, they are inside a box