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Puzzle Games

Sushi sudoku
Sushi sudoku This is the classic Sudoku game with a nice sushi twist
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure Help the pirate in his gold quest by placing the red…
Bratz The Perfect Match
Bratz The Perfect Match Show off your best matching skills…
Scooby Doo Lost His Track
Scooby Doo Lost His Track It's a lonely and spooky night…
Kaeru Jump
Kaeru Jump The naughty green frog submerges every stone it stands…
Spore Cubes
Spore Cubes One of the first great Flash puzzle games, this classic…
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper Pop all bubbles by making groups of three or more…
Magic Toy Factory
Magic Toy Factory Aim the cannon to match three of…
School Supply Snap
School Supply Snap You run a School Supply Shop and…
Mulan Maze
Mulan Maze Help Mulan find her way to the exit
Escape the building block
Escape the building block This boy has pathetich symptoms…
Meal or no Meal
Meal or no Meal A Champagne Dinner, 14 Identical sealed platters, and…
Xmas treats
Xmas treats Xmas time has come but your house is still not ready…
Christmas Escape
Christmas Escape Your mother locked you into the…
Christmas Lemmings
Christmas Lemmings The lemmings packed their suit and…
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil Imps
Santa is Kidnapped
Santa is Kidnapped Santa is kidnapped by an evil gang
Crazy Cow
Crazy Cow Help the cow reach the barn in shortest time possible
Jello Aren't they slippery
Face-off Here's a a game similar to Bubble Bobble
Penguin Pass
Penguin Pass Place the ice blocks across the water to help our…
Fruits Here’s a lovely memory game played with fruits
Scribble Connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can
Gold Panic
Gold Panic Help this lucky miner collect all the gold into his…
3D Ball Drop
3D Ball Drop The aim of the game is to roll the ball onto the green…
Lemmings Get the little lemmings to the exit
Deal or no deal
Deal or no deal Always wondered what was in your case
Black Cat
Black Cat Don't let the cat get out of the screen by clicking on…
Planet Noname
Planet Noname Things go wrong on the planet noname
Tribute to Grow
Tribute to Grow Try to create a life on the planet by choosing the…
Roll Roll the ball so that it knocks the red balls into…
Grow Island
Grow Island Find the optimum order of constructing the island by…
Winnie the pooh
Winnie the pooh Winnie and his lovely friends prepared a memory game…
Love Tetris
Love Tetris Match 3 or 4 of the same faces to eliminate them
Escape Green Room
Escape Green Room Rupert's friend locked him…
Spy a solution
Spy a solution Help Barry the Buyer negotiate 20 challenges with…
Snack machine
Snack machine Click on the gears or conveyor belts to guild the…
Pinboliada Match 3 balls in a row to eliminate them
Daymare town
Daymare town Eternal silence
Speed Be fast but not furious in this speed game because you…
Shaggy's midnight snack
Shaggy's midnight snack Place the hand signals in the…
Phit Drag the pieces and try to fit them all into the yellow…
Angie Quest
Angie Quest Help Aengie get to the exit on each level by using the…
Mouse maneuver
Mouse maneuver Guide your mouse through various levels without…
Domino To place a domino just click on it
Road runner
Road runner Help Coyote chase the Road Runner by guiding his giant…
Tower Rescue
Tower Rescue Swing back and forth on the rope just right to jump…
Tron Use the arrow keys to guide the pink line and try to…
Chalk zone
Chalk zone Use the arrow keys to control Rudy
Sue tetris
Sue tetris Play the lovely Sue Tetris game using the arrow keys
IQ Test
IQ Test Do you know about your IQ level
Yugopotomia mania
Yugopotomia mania Gather the laser panels, all the…
Peg Solitaire
Peg Solitaire A peg solitaire game that depends on solving puzzles
Nesquik Quest
Nesquik Quest Help bunny to get a glass of Nesquik in this adventure…
Library Escape
Library Escape Why do I hate libraries
IQ test 2
IQ test 2 Do you know what your IQ is
Escape the car
Escape the car You're trapped in a car just like in a bad mafia movie
Holiday Flight
Holiday Flight Hugo is on the holiday flight
I lost my puppy
I lost my puppy Here's a fairly easy and good time waster
Irritating Game
Irritating Game Really irritating