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Platform Games

The Platform
The Platform You have to stand on a platform for a while
Wayside Arrow Escape
Wayside Arrow Escape Climb to the last platform…
Super Puzzle Platformer
Super Puzzle Platformer Here is a different tetris game
Slimey's Quest
Slimey's Quest Are you sick and tired of traditional platform games…
Crash Boom Bang
Crash Boom Bang Here is a colorful puzzle game
Cupid Soldier
Cupid Soldier This soldier is so in love
Squish When platforms change dimensions, it's easier to…
Eeniebounce Welcome to Eenie's world
Square Adventures
Square Adventures How far can a geometric shape go…
Towards The Light
Towards The Light A jumpy adventure needs you to…
Deep Lift
Deep Lift Guide the mighty hero of the underwater along the water…
Bunnerific Bunnerific is a cute platform skill game in which you…
Rabbit the Climber
Rabbit the Climber This rabbit wants to get as high…
Paint Over
Paint Over You are a colourful cube who needs to reach the door
Sticks Bob wants to be so rich
Hopper Guide Hopper to the star at the top of the platforms
Super Julio 2
Super Julio 2 The king of all the animals is now after a spooky…
Helix Jump
Helix Jump Guide your red ball through the helix labyrinth in…
Zolg (Demo)
Zolg (Demo) Zolg is a kind of spaceship
Jungle Jons
Jungle Jons Welcome to Papua
Turn Me On
Turn Me On It is a weird adventure of a button
Disaster Will Strike 7
Disaster Will Strike 7 These eggs will destroy the world…
Loved up
Loved up Oh dear- Somehow your girlfriend has managed to get…
Bunnyland Bunnies loves carrots
The lost inca
The lost inca Lead the two characters to the next level by destroying…
Heavenly Hell
Heavenly Hell Our little hero is kept in hell
Rocket Board
Rocket Board This crazy cat has a rocket board
Vampire Jackie
Vampire Jackie It's Jackie's birthday today
Square Go Home
Square Go Home The little yellow squares need your help to go home
Trupido Guide the man along the uneasy platforms and keep…
Green Vector Wheels
Green Vector Wheels This vectoral game will take your…
Run mory run
Run mory run Mory wants to pick up all the apples to take them to…
I Broke the Time
I Broke the Time Strange things are happening here
Nitro in Ice Land
Nitro in Ice Land Nitro has completed two great…
Zombies Love Cheese
Zombies Love Cheese Scientists want to stop zombies…
Block Here is a classic game
Bone Collector
Bone Collector Hi caveman! You must have nothing to do. How about…
Kolobok Level Pack
Kolobok Level Pack The smiley face of Kolobok is back…
Don't Touch the Spikes
Don't Touch the Spikes Reach the end of the platform…
King Roll
King Roll They took the prince away from his princess
That's How We Roll
That's How We Roll Roll the little yellow creatures…
Two Pipes 2
Two Pipes 2 Go through the pipes to reach your destination
FurFur and Nublo
FurFur and Nublo urFur and Nublo are creational…
Neon Ball
Neon Ball Rotate the level to get the Neon Ball to the portal in…
Super Julio 3
Super Julio 3 Who can prevent Super Julio from taking back his stolen…
Clockwork Cat
Clockwork Cat This cat is hired to make sure that the clock doesn't…
Glitch Lab
Glitch Lab You are playing an unfinished game
Color Magnets
Color Magnets Color Magnet is a fun skill game in which you have to…
KarimKareem KarimKareem was trapped by the warriors of King Hubu IV
Pusher Our hero is here to get rid of the robots
Cupid Love
Cupid Love Love is in danger
Deep Underground
Deep Underground Some researchers are lost
The Cursed Knight
The Cursed Knight An evil sorcerer has cursed the…
Neverending Chevalier
Neverending Chevalier You are a courageous chevalier and…
Magic Collector
Magic Collector Life is divided in two, so is my adventure, me at the…
Jack in The Box
Jack in The Box Say hi to Jack
Balloon Headed Boy
Balloon Headed Boy It's Balloon Headed Boy's Birthday…
Box! Boxes are your companion during your journey on this…
Nitro in Fire Land
Nitro in Fire Land Nitro is after a burning adventure…
Touch the Sky
Touch the Sky Jimmy can do anything to have fun