Diner City
Diner City
Tycoon, Business, Job
There are two rival restaurants in the town. One of them is the burger house, the other is the Chinese restaurant. Choose one and try to get a better revenue than your rival. Each restaurant has certain number of seats and revenue per customer values. Try to keep them high and upgrade your restaurant regularly. Keep the restaurant clean and reach the money goal. When ready, click on the PLAY button to call for customers.
Babysitting maze
Collect whatever the baby wants and get back to baby's room before time runs out!
Ratatouille Restaurant
Ratatouille is a high-class restaurant in the city and all its customers are special! So…
Serve The Hot Dogs
You found a lovely summer job at the beach! Serve the customers one by one and prepare the…
Maternal Hospital
You work in the maternal hospital and take care of the babies. Click on the babies to…