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Mouse Skill Games

Pour Together
Pour Together A good bartender must pour a drink at the desired…
Snack Attack
Snack Attack Jed has a list of snack demands for giving you a ride…
Monster Lab
Monster Lab These little cute monsters are so hungry but they are…
Aireas Let's wander around the clouds
Super Hexagon
Super Hexagon Let's test your reflexes with this awesome super fast-…
Moustress You're controlling a square and you need to collect the…
Pointer There are many boundaries between S and E
Hyper Wall
Hyper Wall You're a little pixel and you need to make sure that…
Shoot the Circle
Shoot the Circle Aim a circle and shoot it by…
Mouse Maniac
Mouse Maniac Here is the simplest but the funniest game ever
Tangerine Panic
Tangerine Panic The boy hates tangerines and there is an invasion of…
Photo Hunter
Photo Hunter You're a photo hunter' It's not an easy thing I must…
Tap Dots
Tap Dots An addictive easy to play game is hard to come by
One More Line
One More Line Click anywhere to make the little ball turn around…
Ragdoll Tennis
Ragdoll Tennis Do you love tennis
One Fork Restaurant
One Fork Restaurant You have founded a restaurant, but…
SlingScape You're a ninja swinging from wall to wall, but you need…
Get Witchy
Get Witchy Witchy Witch is out for a midnight flight but needs…
Olli Ball
Olli Ball Meet Olli! He is a little baby elephant and he wants to…
Ghostbombers Meep the Stick is out for ghosts
Turkey Roast
Turkey Roast It's Thanksgiving and you've gotta feed the ones that…
Owlstep Boop, boop jumps the owl
Olaf's Stuffed Snowman Shop
Olaf's Stuffed Snowman Shop Have you ever wished to make a…
Dashy Reaper
Dashy Reaper Help the black death reaper move forward on the…
Bonfire Your friends started this bonfire and they want you to…
Mouse House
Mouse House The little mouse is so hungry
Hug Me I'm Cold
Hug Me I'm Cold The final day is upon us
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Pixel Grower
Pixel Grower Reach the target line by collecting pixels
City Heroes
City Heroes Are you ready for saving the city
Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt Lucrea Quarta has stolen a magical crystal and now…
Color Line
Color Line Zigzag through the level with your colored stripe in…
Squirrel Fly
Squirrel Fly Help this squirrel complete his air mission
Jumping Box 3
Jumping Box 3 The challenges that this box faces just doesn't end
Bubbletacular Full of bubbles and action this game has you pop the…
Neon Rabbits
Neon Rabbits A major rabbit accident happened and these rabbits need…
Rocketpult Ever wanted to fly and land a rocket but not deal with… Let'stest your skills in drawing
Build Balance
Build Balance These blocks cannot contain themselves
Bubble Rubble: The Island
Bubble Rubble: The Island These creatures are not from this…
Idlefall Collect falling blocks on this extremely minimalistic…
Duck Tub Battle
Duck Tub Battle You're a little rubber duck in the bathtub
Donutosaur 2
Donutosaur 2 Donutosour wants to have all the donuts to himself
Paper Venture 2
Paper Venture 2 Paper Adventurer is back Are you ready to take part in an epic warfare between…
Boxarrific This box game is horrificly hard
Paper Venture
Paper Venture Little Paper Man falls into the Little Paper Land
Scaled n experiment about atoms and matter is to be made and…
Frogout Have you ever thought what can happen to this planet if…
Santa Winter Run
Santa Winter Run It's that holy time of the year…
Geometry Neon Dash
Geometry Neon Dash Here is a cute block who'd LOVE to…
Papa's Cheeseria
Papa's Cheeseria Papa's latest franchise is about…