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Match Three Games

Animal Puzzle
Animal Puzzle Cookie-head animals gather on this board to let you…
Dynamons Evolution
Dynamons Evolution In Dynamons Evolution, your…
Wudywurm This worm can swallow whatever it sees
Building Cubes
Building Cubes Poor boy Alex is very rich in hearth
Shell Zone
Shell Zone Danny has announced the 2nd summer contest of the beach
Zombie Match
Zombie Match Zombies have started to grow their own vegetables in…
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Blue moon is occupied with bad guys
Love Quest
Love Quest All the girls at the school want to have a date with…
DNA Lab Rush
DNA Lab Rush Imagine yourself in a DNA lab
Forest Gems
Forest Gems There are some valuable gems in the forest
Animal Crush
Animal Crush Animal Crush is a fun matching connect game in which…
Sumo Sushi Puzzle
Sumo Sushi Puzzle Here is a yummy puzzle game
Draw Gems
Draw Gems This time you are drawing your own pieces in this…
Tribal Artifacts
Tribal Artifacts You have only one minute to match…
Breakdown Here is a simple puzzle game
Diamond Crush
Diamond Crush There are many colorful diamonds on the board
Crab And Pearl
Crab And Pearl This crab is responsible for all the pearls in the…
Sea Party
Sea Party Sea Party is a match-3 game under the sea
Twistic It's fun to dive deep to find some lovely sea shells…
Penguin Rescue
Penguin Rescue While mother penguins were away to catch some fish for…
Gravi Jello
Gravi Jello Here's a colourful matching game for you
Bee Honey
Bee Honey These bees are as sweet as honey
Retro Fruit Crush
Retro Fruit Crush Here is a delicious matching game
Halloween Clix
Halloween Clix Hurry up! Halloween baddies are falling from the top…
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts is a fun match-3 game with a Christmas…
Jewel Explode
Jewel Explode Jewel Explode is a fun match3 game in which you have to…
Easter Breaker
Easter Breaker If you like puzzle games, then Easter Breaker is for…
Robo Sockets
Robo Sockets You need to connect robots to acquire enough energy
Kazooball Imagine a snake made of colorful balls
Amazon Quest
Amazon Quest Find the mysterious scripts hidden behind the puzzles…
Heartbreak Hysteria
Heartbreak Hysteria There is a story of a heartbreaker…
Collapsabowl The balls in the bowl should be eliminated
Spookiz In this tetris game, you have to bring 3 or more…
Smart Cook
Smart Cook Hurry up, the chef is waiting for you
Spheracles Spheracles is burdened with the eternal task of sorting…
Candy Match
Candy Match Candy Match is a fun and addictive matching game in…
Aquacubes Look at these juicy cubes on the board
We are the Robots
We are the Robots Match the robots in colours to…
Triblo Triblo is a great fun game where you can play in…
Circus Animals
Circus Animals One evil-hearted tycoon deployed 50 hunters to catch…
The Pocket Mages
The Pocket Mages Match three magic symbols to beat…
Bedressed A funny way to get dressed, match three cute animals…
Desert Faces
Desert Faces You must be missing the colourful tiles in a classic…
Mystery Temple
Mystery Temple Hello there! Are you ready to solve the puzzles of the…
Bratz Babyz Bling
Bratz Babyz Bling Tha Bratz babyz are in a passion…
Hextris Online
Hextris Online Match up the colorful bars in the skill game Hextris…
Fruit Matching
Fruit Matching Match the identical fruits in rows of at least three to…
Match Craft
Match Craft Here is a familiar puzzle game, Match Craft
Santa’s Mission
Santa’s Mission Collect the right presents in the…
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter Here is a golden oldie: a bubble shooter game
4 Elements 2
4 Elements 2 The book of element has lost its magical power from…
Dangerous Adventure
Dangerous Adventure Control 5 heroes and help them…
Bird's Town
Bird's Town Welcome to bird's town
The Princesss Tiara
The Princesss Tiara Do you love precious gems
Bubble Blob
Bubble Blob A crazy under-the-sea match three puzzler
Inca Ball
Inca Ball Inca still remains a mystery but it can reveal some…
Jungle Blocks
Jungle Blocks Here are jungle animals in different colors
Bubble Sky
Bubble Sky Colorful bubbles are floating in the sky
Cafe Connect
Cafe Connect Here is a mini game of your favorite game Cafeland
Bubbles Extreme
Bubbles Extreme Here is a classic bubble shooter game