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Management Games

Hotel Management
Hotel Management Welcome to my hotel
Pottery Store
Pottery Store Fancy a time management game to help you improve your…
Menagerie Manager
Menagerie Manager You are in charge of everything in…
Tessa the Uniform Tailor
Tessa the Uniform Tailor Tessa is a very talented tailor
Julia The Stewardess
Julia The Stewardess Julia is a stewardess and she…
Winter Sports Shop
Winter Sports Shop Winter shopping is fun
Zerra's MediShop
Zerra's MediShop Zerra is running a medishop
Momma's Diner
Momma's Diner Momma's diner is a decent place for average customers…
Ice Cream Shop
Ice Cream Shop You're working at an ice cream shop
Youda Sushi Chef
Youda Sushi Chef You are a sushi chef
Goodgame Big Farm
Goodgame Big Farm Build your dream farm, establish a…
Swimwear Store
Swimwear Store You've opened a swimwear store just by the biggest pool…
Santa's Christmas Shop
Santa's Christmas Shop Santa has just opened a Christmas…
Mama's Busy Time
Mama's Busy Time You're a mother
Zandra's Orchid Garden
Zandra's Orchid Garden Zandra loves orchids
Shopping Arcade
Shopping Arcade Business management is a hard job but you're uniquely…
Teena's Resort
Teena's Resort Teena has just opened a resort
Cocktail Frenzy
Cocktail Frenzy You're working as a bartender and they hired you…
Bee At Work
Bee At Work Let me introduce you to Billy the Bee; the owner of the…
My Hospital
My Hospital Run a huge medical centre in My Hospital, a cute time…
Foody Avenue
Foody Avenue Build a foody destination known the world over in Foody…
Hot Dog Maker
Hot Dog Maker National Hot Dog Month is approaching; have you checked…
Crazy Market
Crazy Market This market is like a customer magnet; it's always…
Fish Fun
Fish Fun How colorful is your fish tank
Laundry Manager
Laundry Manager "Need help with your dirty laundry
Sheep Farm
Sheep Farm These lovely sheep bring joy to Harold's farm
Flower Store
Flower Store May your day be as lovely as my flowers
Fashion Store
Fashion Store Girls, isn't fashion an important matter for all of us
Brand Shopping
Brand Shopping Kathleen's boutique sells famous brands and designer…
Erin's Big Bookstore
Erin's Big Bookstore Erin is really passionate about…
Book Store
Book Store I always loved the smell of the books
Pet Shop
Pet Shop Lucy's pet shop is a home for almost all kind of…
Real Estate Rush
Real Estate Rush If you want to buy this fabulous…
Cosmetic Store
Cosmetic Store You are running a store that sells cosmetics
Marina's Jewelry
Marina's Jewelry Marina's Jewelry store is the…
Samira's Sew Shop
Samira's Sew Shop Samira's new shop is not a Sew…
Make Up Contest
Make Up Contest Are you ready to challenge Abby with your make-up…
Kids On Ferris Wheel
Kids On Ferris Wheel Kids wanna have fun so turn that…
Stationery Store
Stationery Store I'm James and I'm doing this…
Perfume Shop
Perfume Shop Open your own perfume shop and be an expert on…
Fuel Frenzy
Fuel Frenzy You are an employee at the fuel station and your duty…
Gracie's Fruteria
Gracie's Fruteria Gracie sells only the best fruits…
Saira's Boutique
Saira's Boutique After completing a fashion design…
Have Fun With Babies
Have Fun With Babies Don't you just love babies, too
Mall Builder
Mall Builder You could be a writer or a hippie musician but you…
Cinema Time
Cinema Time You are about to witness how it feels like to be the…
Kathryn's Fast Food Corner
Kathryn's Fast Food Corner Finally, Kathryn has her own fast…
Water Theme Park
Water Theme Park Your water theme park is the most…
Tara's Fashion Boutique
Tara's Fashion Boutique Do you feel passion for fashion
Fun Party
Fun Party Party planning is fun and easy but you must be ready…
Portrait Corner
Portrait Corner Welcome to Sally's Portrait Corner
Fairy Scent
Fairy Scent Forest fairy decided to put her herbs into good use and…
Betty's Eatery
Betty's Eatery Betty's Eatery is the best eatery ever around here
Dwarfs Menu
Dwarfs Menu These dwarfs know the best food fore sure
Busy Housewife
Busy Housewife Being a housewife can be tough sometimes
Burger Maker
Burger Maker Do I make the best burger in town
Da club
Da club Each hire and upgrade increases your club's reputation…
Arctic Foxes
Arctic Foxes This Arctic fox needs you help to survive
Fast Food Store
Fast Food Store Sasha has just found a job in a fast food restaurant
Fitness Rush
Fitness Rush Jenny runs the best fitness centre in the town, so if…