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Chasing the Wind 2
Chasing the Wind 2 Lanceley sisters are going to…
Summer Style
Summer Style Lindy and Tina are going on holiday
Summetime Happiness
Summetime Happiness Cindy and Carol love summer
Style Adventures: Hip Hop Style
Style Adventures: Hip Hop Style Hip hop style is one of the…
Summer Fun
Summer Fun Lisa is going out to a theme park with her friends
Loving the Season
Loving the Season Who doesn't like summer
Amazing Summer
Amazing Summer The streets are like fashion shows on summer days
Ready for Recital
Ready for Recital Emily is going to give a concert…
Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out Ellen, Claire and Celine want to go out and have fun…
The Roses Girl 1
The Roses Girl 1 What a nice day to relax with the…
The Roses Girl 2
The Roses Girl 2 Best friends are here again
Winter Is Coming Party
Winter Is Coming Party The fall has passed so fast, it is…
Princess Simple
Princess Simple Sometimes simplicity is the key to the beauty
British Girl Make Up
British Girl Make Up The world is too big to explore by…
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze Can you feel the autumn breeze
Hermione Granger Make Up
Hermione Granger Make Up Try your professional make-up…
Photo Album: Summer Holiday
Photo Album: Summer Holiday This one was taken on a hot summer…
Photo Album: University Years
Photo Album: University Years My Maggie is now a grown-up girl…
Zodiac: Leo
Zodiac: Leo Surrounded by royalty, you are the magnificent beast of…
Zodiac: Gemini
Zodiac: Gemini Witty and willing to change to adapt any situation…
Zodiac: Taurus
Zodiac: Taurus A faithful and a generous friend, the Taurus girl is…
Another Me
Another Me Is it possible to find another girl very similar to you…
Style Adventures: Rock Chic
Style Adventures: Rock Chic Samantha is on a style adventure
Summer Internship Makeover
Summer Internship Makeover Sally is starting to work at a…
Sunflower Loving
Sunflower Loving Hannah wants to enjoy the nice…
Besties 2
Besties 2 Friendship is very important for Miranda and Haley
Summer Wedding
Summer Wedding Madeline and Robert are getting married
Charming Girls
Charming Girls Faith and Lucy are two college students
Graduation Haircut
Graduation Haircut Emily is graduating from high…
Sunflower Girls 2
Sunflower Girls 2 Nina and Tanya spent their summer…
Angel Girls 2
Angel Girls 2 Help Serena and Madeline get ready for the next fashion…
Back to School Fashion
Back to School Fashion It's school season
Geometric Prints
Geometric Prints Sue loves make up and fashion
Cozy Thanksgiving
Cozy Thanksgiving This thanksgiving Anna is invited…
Thanksgiving Makeover
Thanksgiving Makeover It's thanksgiving
Christmas Pyjama Party
Christmas Pyjama Party Your best friends are throwing a…
How to Be a Rock Star
How to Be a Rock Star Emma doesn't know how to play the…
Mori Winter
Mori Winter Winter is an amazing season
Feeding Pigeons
Feeding Pigeons Lindy wants to feed the pigeons every monday
Popular Cheer Hairstyles
Popular Cheer Hairstyles Liz is a popular cheer leader
The Young Ladies 2
The Young Ladies 2 Sophia and Emily's travel…
Smile with Sunflowers 2
Smile with Sunflowers 2 Your best friend invited you to…
Colorful Winter
Colorful Winter Who says that winter clothes should be dark
Sally's Style
Sally's Style Sally's best friend's name is also Sally
Modern Frozen Sisters
Modern Frozen Sisters Do you want to give Frozen sisters…
Chasing the Wind
Chasing the Wind Summer is the best season…
Red Berries Style
Red Berries Style Karen loves all kinds of fruits…
Cool Girl
Cool Girl Leslie is a very cool young girl
Cute Little Artist
Cute Little Artist Bella is a beautiful girl and she…
Hot Summer Fashion
Hot Summer Fashion Summer fashion is really great
Mushroom Queen
Mushroom Queen If you feel confident about your styling, you should…
Princess Sofia Fairytale Wedding
Princess Sofia Fairytale Wedding Every girl's dream is to be a…
Short Boots
Short Boots Boots are the only thing you need in this fall
Pinterest Challenge
Pinterest Challenge Betty is crazy for Pinterest…
Italian Girl Make Up
Italian Girl Make Up Our journey for the sake of make…
Polish Girl Make Up
Polish Girl Make Up The world is full of different…
Fancy Summer Vacation 2
Fancy Summer Vacation 2 It's finally summer time
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Get the opportunity to be the number one make-up…
Beyonce As one of the top one R&B singers of the world, Beyonce…
Shakira Makeup
Shakira Makeup Shakira is very angry because her make-up artist and…