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Make Up Games

Dreamy Look
Dreamy Look It is not easy to accomplish this dreamy look every day
Luxury Jewelry
Luxury Jewelry Miranda loves luxury jewelry
Pure Angel Makeover
Pure Angel Makeover When we describe something…
Ice-cream Lover II
Ice-cream Lover II What's the best thing about summer
A Kiss of the Sunshine
A Kiss of the Sunshine Bree and Donna are two best…
Summer Time Beauty
Summer Time Beauty We're in the middle of summer and…
Rangeland Welcome to rangeland
Posing Ladies
Posing Ladies Cindy and Barbie are having their photos taken for the…
Sweet Doll Going Out
Sweet Doll Going Out Sweet Doll once again needs your…
Dark Romance
Dark Romance Melissa loves wearing dark clothes
Elementary School Friends 2
Elementary School Friends 2 Saga and Helen love their…
The Sisters Cheongsam Show
The Sisters Cheongsam Show These sisters are amazing
Charming Girls
Charming Girls Faith and Lucy are two college students
Design Long Coats
Design Long Coats Do you want to be a fashion…
Sarah in a Concert
Sarah in a Concert Sarah is going to a concert
Part Time Job
Part Time Job Nora is studying art history at a very famous…
Flower Petals Fashion
Flower Petals Fashion Lisa and Victoria're going to take…
Rabbit Plot
Rabbit Plot The white rabbit party is taking place tonight and it…
Fair Blue Lake Fairy
Fair Blue Lake Fairy The fairies Alice, Beata and…
Magician Dreamer
Magician Dreamer Lilly and Mimmy are getting ready…
The Girl and the Birds
The Girl and the Birds Jocelyn is a true bird lover
Under The Neon Light
Under The Neon Light Best friends Molly and Anca are…
Golden Dream
Golden Dream Miranda is invited to a very important awards ceremony
Fruit Fairies 3
Fruit Fairies 3 Fruit fairies need your help again
Miss Mango 4
Miss Mango 4 Mango season will soon be over
Dancer's Club
Dancer's Club I don't feel like I am totally ready for the dance club…
My Blue Wardrobe
My Blue Wardrobe Alex and George love blue
Island Girl
Island Girl Talia loves exotic islands
Ani's Summer
Ani's Summer This summer is going to be Ani's summer
How to Be a Stewardess
How to Be a Stewardess Leslie wants to be a stewardess…
Going to the Cinema
Going to the Cinema Marie is going to the cinema with…
Fashion Magazine 2
Fashion Magazine 2 Marcy and Daliah are getting more…
Miss Rainbow
Miss Rainbow Avery and Sadie love colours
Golden Age 2
Golden Age 2 Sarah and Martin are going out to one of their best…
Little Artist
Little Artist Lisa is only 15 but she's very talented
Polka Dot Fashion 4
Polka Dot Fashion 4 Polka dot is a huge trend at the…
Magic Girls 3
Magic Girls 3 Stephanie and Candy are going to an amusement park…
Candy Fest 2
Candy Fest 2 The second part of the candy fest is going to be hosted…
Soul Sisters 2
Soul Sisters 2 Jane and Marie love each other so much that they feel…
Fun Lips
Fun Lips You are obsessed with the new lip trends
Summer Beach Friends
Summer Beach Friends Melinda and Barbara are going to…
Soul Sisters 4
Soul Sisters 4 Jane and Marie are going to visit Marie's grandparents…
Cool Outfits
Cool Outfits Talia believes that what you wear defines who you are
Disneyland Spa Day
Disneyland Spa Day Chloe is going to a spa, but it is…
Rainbow Dash K-Pop Fashion
Rainbow Dash K-Pop Fashion Rainbow Dash is so excited about…
Motorcycle Girl
Motorcycle Girl Sally loves motorcycles
Beautiful Lovers 3
Beautiful Lovers 3 Michael and Tricia are together…
Miss Mango 2
Miss Mango 2 Let's have an amazing day at the Mango garden
Colorful Hairstyles Makeover
Colorful Hairstyles Makeover Looking for ways to look like a…
Miss Mango 3
Miss Mango 3 You decided to host another mango event
Flower Fans 2
Flower Fans 2 Lisa and Sharon are going to attend an important show…
Warm Couple
Warm Couple Mike and Michelle have been dating for 3 years
My Blue Wardrobe 2
My Blue Wardrobe 2 Alex and George have updated their…
Love For Spa
Love For Spa Spa is the best place in the world for many people
Astronaut Couple
Astronaut Couple Watching the Earth from the space…
Flower Petals Fashion 2
Flower Petals Fashion 2 Lisa and Victoria're on their way…
Sally's Style 2
Sally's Style 2 Sally & Sally are going to the new art exhibition this…
Two Young Girls
Two Young Girls Lucy and Marzia are two young girls who are thinking of…
Soul Sisters 3
Soul Sisters 3 Jane and Marie are going to the cinema tonight
Down to Earth
Down to Earth Marissa is a very chic and classy girl