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Logic Games

Pathologic Are you ready for a very challenging puzzle game
Canufit Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need…
Grid Create a power flow to supply power to all glyphs in…
Flood Fill
Flood Fill Fill the picture
Color Puzzle
Color Puzzle Your goal is to order all colors by the color of the…
Slideout Hi, my name is Pichu and I live in the North Pole
Birdy's Rainy Day
Birdy's Rainy Day Birdy is a small little creature…
Numz Little purple Numz is stuck between platforms and needs…
Water Werks
Water Werks Unique arcade puzzle game in which you must get your…
Flower Rescue
Flower Rescue The flowers are trapped somewhere in the jungle and…
Road Blocks
Road Blocks Try to get the ball hit the portal by bouncing off the…
The Hedgehogs
The Hedgehogs Help the hedgehogs collect all apples and find their…
Open Doors
Open Doors develop strategies and simply move the square to the X
Line up
Line up Click on tiles and try to make a row of 5 monkeys…
Max Connect
Max Connect This is a brain twisting puzzle with 25 levels
Icy Slicy
Icy Slicy The object of the game is simple, green and icy
Sunny Boom
Sunny Boom The day is long and hot but the lazy sun still keeps…
Doodle Blast
Doodle Blast You should know, a pencil scratch can save all balls…
String Chaos
String Chaos String Chaos gives you tangled strings which connect…
Red Remover: Player Pack
Red Remover: Player Pack It has become a habit to remove…
Lemmings Get the little lemmings to the exit
Block Drop
Block Drop The objective of the game is to control the gem and to…
Sokoban Geek
Sokoban Geek Help the Sokoban Geek push the boxes onto the marked…
3 Slices
3 Slices You can use your mouse only 3 times in each level here
Finite Moves
Finite Moves There are cubes and you have to cover the dots with…
Switch the Bulb
Switch the Bulb Can you light all the bulbs on the board all together
Nightflies 2
Nightflies 2 Nightflies are very hardworking
You Complete Me
You Complete Me Are you ready for a mind blowing puzzle
Meowra Meowra wants to rescue the little kitty from the…
Error Zone
Error Zone Someone has just downloaded the free version of your…
Blockoomz 2
Blockoomz 2 The blocks are here again
8 Gears
8 Gears Cutest circuits you'll ever see are looking to get lit
Concentricholic The same coloured squares eliminate each other when…
Legendary Escape
Legendary Escape You wake up in a strange apartment…
Quebrix Are you ready for a crazy puzzle challenge
Morphing Now you are a "thing"
Interactive Puzzle
Interactive Puzzle Puzzles are fun, but wouldn't it…
Blocks with Letters On
Blocks with Letters On Word puzzles are one of the best…
Go Home Ball 2
Go Home Ball 2 Red ball fans can't wait to guide this one along the…
Open Doors 2
Open Doors 2 Simply move the square to the X again
Push the Cat
Push the Cat Arnie the cat is a bad noisemaker interrupting Mr
Doodle God Blitz
Doodle God Blitz Elements are in your control
Burning Scarecrow
Burning Scarecrow You need to burn the scarecrows on…
Blocks 2
Blocks 2 You have to put the same coloured cubes in a line so…
Use Boxmen
Use Boxmen Work for the boxmen society and find a way to the exit…
Black and White
Black and White Different but same, separate but together, contrary but…
Grow Cube
Grow Cube This cube is dry and there's no life on it
Square Adventures
Square Adventures How far can a geometric shape go…
Ten Game
Ten Game Add up the numbers in the cubic by swiping them to left…
Brain Stars
Brain Stars These star constellations are messed up
Blockoomz You need to take these blocks out of the screen
Bob The Thief
Bob The Thief Bob is a funny thief and he just can't steal if he is…
9 Game
9 Game Do you love numbers
Puzzleguys Hearts
Puzzleguys Hearts Play the classic card game online…
Test Your Brain
Test Your Brain Here's a chance for you all to test your brain
Square Go Home
Square Go Home The little yellow squares need your help to go home
Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game Love has never been so pretentious
Out of Balance
Out of Balance It is a simple game
Go Home Block
Go Home Block Bob is a lonely block
Cookie Needs Jam
Cookie Needs Jam Can you imagine cookies without…