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Logic Games

Airbender Story
Airbender Story Monsters have invaded your town
Fractured Guide your way through the fractured levels and reach…
Stars From the Sky
Stars From the Sky Jack the Cat is in love with her…
Build Balance 2
Build Balance 2 Blocks have gone crazy again
Boxheaded Boxheaded is crazy for diamonds and noone can stop it…
Night Lights: After Dark
Night Lights: After Dark You are slowly becoming the master…
Tinysasters 2
Tinysasters 2 Building a civilization isn't easy
Siege Hero Pirate Pillage
Siege Hero Pirate Pillage Your ship needs a hero to save…
Cat Around the World: Alpine Lakes
Cat Around the World: Alpine Lakes Juno is a curious and gourmet cat
Escape the Wicked
Escape the Wicked For a long time now Judith is…
Apple Worm
Apple Worm Apple worm wants to eat all the apples it can find and…
Cubido The great cubic experience starts here: Your job is to…
The Adventure of Two
The Adventure of Two These two aliens were wandering…
Glitch Lab
Glitch Lab You are playing an unfinished game
Escape Survivor Island
Escape Survivor Island Your plane made an emergency…
Tricky Ricky 2
Tricky Ricky 2 Rick's landed on another strange land this time
Onomastica Words are very powerful
Kitty Kibbles
Kitty Kibbles Kibbles is very hungry
Kitty Kibbles 2
Kitty Kibbles 2 Kibbles's still excited about the new year
Candy Store Escape
Candy Store Escape You have a dog named Carl
Down Is Up
Down Is Up In this amazing puzzle game, you're supposed to reach…
Escape The Projector Room
Escape The Projector Room "Where am I?" You open your eyes…
Box Man
Box Man After all only one person can be a super hero with…
Save the Pig
Save the Pig You have many enemies
Above Average Guy
Above Average Guy You were watching TV in your room
Tied Santa Escape
Tied Santa Escape Santa has been kidnapped and all…
Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker
Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker Now Adam is walking in his sleep…
I Saw Her Across The World
I Saw Her Across The World Your lover wants to play tag with…
The Friends Escape
The Friends Escape Real friendship is hard to…
Blocky's Escape
Blocky's Escape Blocky is trapped in a maze with obstacles
Dream Woods
Dream Woods On her mysterious journey in the woods, Claire is too…
The Valley Rule
The Valley Rule You were after a rabbit when you suddenly fell down…
Continuity Time for an amazing puzzle game, people
Underwater Treasures
Underwater Treasures Here's a real challenge for you…
Clockwork Cat
Clockwork Cat This cat is hired to make sure that the clock doesn't…
Mahjong 3D
Mahjong 3D Mahjong is a classic game that everybody loves and…
Mr. And Mrs. Tart
Mr. And Mrs. Tart Finally, Mr. Tart has found his…
Cube Escape: The Cave
Cube Escape: The Cave Cube escape series has a new game
Monkey Go Happy: Witchcraft
Monkey Go Happy: Witchcraft Little monkey got trapped in a…
Escape Plan: Ghost House
Escape Plan: Ghost House You woke up in this strange castle
Harry Quantum: Cheese Carnival
Harry Quantum: Cheese Carnival There's a cheese carnival in town…
Planet Adventure
Planet Adventure Help this little monster reach the…
Mahjong Linker
Mahjong Linker Mahjong Linker is a version of the classic Mahjong with…
Gravity Den
Gravity Den Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to change the…
Donutosaur This cute dinosaur is always after delicious doughnuts
Donutosaur 2
Donutosaur 2 Donutosour wants to have all the donuts to himself
Wake the Santa
Wake the Santa It's Christmas Eve, but Santa is a bit sleepy tonight
Fly Kitty Fly
Fly Kitty Fly Are you ready to let this kitty free
Melancholia What is more melancholic than a couple who can not move…
Aliens Hurry Home
Aliens Hurry Home Some cute and friendly aliens had…
Rustled Jimmies
Rustled Jimmies The gorillas are about to eat their bananas
3 Pandas in Japan
3 Pandas in Japan Are you ready for a Panda…
Money Movers 2
Money Movers 2 Can you escape the prison again
Jellydad Hero
Jellydad Hero The jelly family was having a nice day at space when a…
Pinstripe: Chapter 1
Pinstripe: Chapter 1 An ex-minister ventures through…
The Queen of Snakes
The Queen of Snakes A group of scientists came to this…
Grabacat These cats need your help
Robber Brothers
Robber Brothers These two brothers are on a stealing journey
The Friends Escape 2
The Friends Escape 2 These two buddies are trying to…
Babysitting Fun
Babysitting Fun With an adventurer father and a house full of…