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Logic Games

Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole This cute little bunny needs your…
Gumball: Blind Fooled
Gumball: Blind Fooled Darwin and Gumball decided to play…
Vampire Jackie
Vampire Jackie It's Jackie's birthday today
Adam and Eve 3
Adam and Eve 3 Eve is sound asleep and Adam is trying to slip out…
Heavenly Hell
Heavenly Hell Our little hero is kept in hell
Egg 2 Mom
Egg 2 Mom A cruel dinosaur tried to steal the dragon's eggs
Good Daddy
Good Daddy Steven is a great daddy
Disaster Will Strike 7
Disaster Will Strike 7 These eggs will destroy the world…
Nightflies What a beautiful summer night
The Last Ninja From Another Planet
The Last Ninja From Another Planet A horrible scientist turned some…
Good Daddy 2
Good Daddy 2 Good daddy never gives up on his son
Loved Monsters
Loved Monsters These two monsters are separated who knows why
Tower Solitaire
Tower Solitaire Give it a break from your daily routine and have some…
Spider Solitaire HD
Spider Solitaire HD Spider Solitaire HTML5 is the next…
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2 There is trouble in paradise
Pea Princess Maze
Pea Princess Maze Pea Princess is looking for her…
Two Pipes
Two Pipes You need to find your way through the pipes
Drawfender Fender is a nice guy
Greed for Coins
Greed for Coins This monster wants money
Botiada You are in charge of creating energy
Dream Exit
Dream Exit All these kids are trapped in a dream
Candy Ride
Candy Ride Jack has a really bad sweet tooth
Jewel Explode
Jewel Explode Jewel Explode is a fun match3 game in which you have to…
Walking on the Shadows
Walking on the Shadows This guy can only walk on shadows…
What Do We Do Now
What Do We Do Now This cute puzzle game requires…
Levers Balance is a hard thing
Harmony of Elements
Harmony of Elements The world needs you to put the…
Throw In a world full of dangerous fans, what is a dust-bunny…
Two Pipes 2
Two Pipes 2 Go through the pipes to reach your destination
3 Pandas in Brazil
3 Pandas in Brazil Three pandas decided to visit…
Paint Over
Paint Over You are a colourful cube who needs to reach the door
Roll the Cluster
Roll the Cluster Bring all the same coloured cubes…
Doors Dave hides from his boss in order to avoid any overtime
Where Is My Beard
Where Is My Beard You need to have a nice beard…
Cut It
Cut It It is 2054 and the water supplies are almost all gone
Earth Lifter
Earth Lifter Help the earth lifter collect all gems and open doors…
Color Blocks
Color Blocks A tetris game not like any other, we present you Color…
Mummy's Path Level Pack
Mummy's Path Level Pack Oops! Mummy's head has gone…
The Pretender: Part Three
The Pretender: Part Three Duty calls! Lawrence's adventure…
Escape Plan: Dragon Castle
Escape Plan: Dragon Castle You wake up in a strange place
Collapsabowl The balls in the bowl should be eliminated
Match A Number
Match A Number Who wants to do some math
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Adam is looking for Eve
Bubble Pop Story
Bubble Pop Story The Bubble Pop Story connect game…
Less Is More
Less Is More This is a game where you try to consume the colors
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine You woke up in a strange place
Escape Plan: Underground
Escape Plan: Underground You woke up one day and found…
Night Lights
Night Lights Are you ready to rule the shadows and the light
Hurry and Escape: The School
Hurry and Escape: The School You woke up in school and you need…
Sacrifire You have been the master of this tribe for many many…
Xmas Gifts
Xmas Gifts Santa must pack his deer carriage with Christmas gifts…
Zombies Love Cheese
Zombies Love Cheese Scientists want to stop zombies…
Adam and Eve Love Quest
Adam and Eve Love Quest Yet again on the hunt for his…
Need A Hero
Need A Hero All of Bob's friends are captured by the evil Badd Cat
Wooden Path 2
Wooden Path 2 The bridge means everything to the people who live in…
Goat Guardian
Goat Guardian Your goat has escaped
Joy Stacker
Joy Stacker Differently shaped blocks are coming from the sky for…
Hash Game
Hash Game Is it a bird, is it a plane
Mr. Splibox 2
Mr. Splibox 2 Here's another adventure of Mr
Wheely 6: Fairytale
Wheely 6: Fairytale Look at these cute cars