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Jumping Games

Jumping Lope
Jumping Lope Help this little girl jump over the rope as many times…
Jumping Box Remake
Jumping Box Remake Your beloved jumping box is here…
Jumping Box: Reincarnation
Jumping Box: Reincarnation Jumping box is after another…
Jumping Box
Jumping Box This box needs your help to reach its destination on…
Jumping Box 3
Jumping Box 3 The challenges that this box faces just doesn't end
High Tide
High Tide Keep jumping to survive the high tide in the sea
Waterfall Jump
Waterfall Jump Watch your step, waterfall jumping is dangerous
Hopagon Meet Hopagon
Cloud Jumper
Cloud Jumper Travel through the sky jumping on clouds while the…
Square Jump
Square Jump Look at this silly square
Momentum Jack can't stop jumping
Hopper Beetle
Hopper Beetle An alone and free purple beetle can make its way in the…
Dynapuff JUMP!
Dynapuff JUMP! Jump Dynapuff jump
Fly Meow
Fly Meow On a sunny and beautiful summer day, Ruffy was sitting…
Pyjama Jump
Pyjama Jump You decided to join the jumping race, but you realized…
Jumpin Jim
Jumpin Jim Jim is hungry so what can he do
Seven Jumps
Seven Jumps You're stuck at the lowest floor of this building
Kitty Jump
Kitty Jump Help this cute little kitty girl to cross the river
Reach for the sky
Reach for the sky Get out of the exam hall and reach…
Sun Hop
Sun Hop All you need to do is to jump in this game
Pogo Swing
Pogo Swing Kids have heard about a rocket propelled swing set is…
Bit Chaser
Bit Chaser Time for some retro fun
Crimson Momentum
Crimson Momentum Crimson Momentum is a retro skill…
Sheep Stealer
Sheep Stealer Help the wolf to steal the sheep from the farm
Catscratch Mecha cats are trying to kick our heroes out of the…
Reach the Sky
Reach the Sky Reach for the sky, use your mouse to move and jump on…
Raccoon Jump
Raccoon Jump What do raccoons love
Tetris'd Avoid the deadly tetrominoes and stay alive as long as…
Jagged Jagged is hungry and is craving cupcakes
Super Mole Stomper
Super Mole Stomper Farmer Jack planted 100 carrots in…
Be Jumper
Be Jumper This little monster is lost in the ocean
Global Warming
Global Warming Glaciers are melting due to global warming
Jumpie 2
Jumpie 2 Jumpie can jump forever
Angel of the Battlefield
Angel of the Battlefield Cute bunny is the only one to save…
Vex 2
Vex 2 Here is a breathtaking survival game
Polar Express
Polar Express A sudden wind just swept your ticket out the window and…
Skytrip Be ready for an amazing skytrip
Bunnies and Eggs
Bunnies and Eggs It's the reproduction period and…
Jump for Sun
Jump for Sun When I cooked one of my best gingerbread cookies this…
Bouncing Trip
Bouncing Trip The red ball is on an exciting but dangerous journey
The Impossible Game Lite
The Impossible Game Lite Jump, jump, jump
Ping Ping Hamster
Ping Ping Hamster Click towards the platforms to…
Santa's Gift Jump
Santa's Gift Jump It's Christmas Eve and Santa went…
Jump Box Ninja
Jump Box Ninja Leap between the spiky boxes with your ninja in the…
Jumpie Press the jumpie and drag the mouse to set up the angle…
How to Be a Gent
How to Be a Gent Henry is a true gentleman
Winter Stars
Winter Stars Try to get as many stars as you can before your time…
Steel Jack
Steel Jack You are a noble knight and it is your duty to protect…
The Morning Walk
The Morning Walk What a nice sunday morning
Lost on the Lost Planet
Lost on the Lost Planet The year is 2150
Scooby Doo Lost His Track
Scooby Doo Lost His Track It's a lonely and spooky night…
Color Valley
Color Valley Round and round and round it goes, and where your ball…
Suvival Lab
Suvival Lab There are bombs everywhere and you need to survive
Slurm Deeply in the earth lives creation by name of Slurm
Eeniebounce Welcome to Eenie's world
PinTown Pin town is where happy pins live
Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots Ready for a fast-paced reaction game
Penguin Tide
Penguin Tide I heard there's a cool party in the north pole
Marshmallow Gorge
Marshmallow Gorge You are in a gorge made of…
Diskoteka Say hi to Pinky Ponky