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Jump N Run Games

William and Sly
William and Sly Take William and his pet fox, Sly on a real adventure…
Yoko Join Yoko on his adventurous journey
Llama Rescue
Llama Rescue The yellow ball needs to jump on the purble balls to…
Take A Walk
Take A Walk A soothing melody makes you feel relaxed as you walk…
Blobular Blobular needs to get to his home in Blobsville
Space Runner
Space Runner Use the arrow keys to navigate
Captain pot
Captain pot If you want to learn the strange life story of the…
Chicken n Chocolate
Chicken n Chocolate You're a chicken on a mission…
George of Jungle
George of Jungle Help George swing into action and…
Sprinster You've been sucked into another dimension, the food…
Give trees a chance
Give trees a chance Stand up for a green world and…
Heart of the Planet
Heart of the Planet Help the heroine girl reach the…
Starbound Guide the star on his way until it reaches the sky to…
Cheese Quest
Cheese Quest The piece of cheese is going along the way to find some…
Spyke Spyke is on an exciting adventure and he is morover on…
Hopper 3
Hopper 3 Enjoy the third part of the Hopper game and reach the…
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel Use your mouse to control the guardian angel, and try…
Dralion Elements
Dralion Elements Suspended in time between the…
Catch the firefly
Catch the firefly Catching fireflies is very…
Hopper 2
Hopper 2 As a little cute hopper, try jumping on the platforms…
Acorn Move the little pistacho along the way and eat the…
Super D
Super D Get to the top of the tower - solve puzzles, jump on…
Emu's Mess-terpiece
Emu's Mess-terpiece Emu's favourite toys are missing
Magic Collector
Magic Collector Life is divided in two, so is my adventure, me at the…
Deep Lift
Deep Lift Guide the mighty hero of the underwater along the water…
Jack in The Box
Jack in The Box Say hi to Jack
Balloon Headed Boy
Balloon Headed Boy It's Balloon Headed Boy's Birthday…
Nitro in Fire Land
Nitro in Fire Land Nitro is after a burning adventure…
Towards The Light
Towards The Light A jumpy adventure needs you to…
Super Monkey Poop Fight
Super Monkey Poop Fight Help the monkey escape from the…
Eminem Help Eminem avoid all the paparazzi and collect the…
Passage of Time
Passage of Time Join Timmy's never ending journey in life
Romeo on the run
Romeo on the run Romeo is after romance and his…
The Impossible Game Lite
The Impossible Game Lite Jump, jump, jump
Retro Unicorn Attack
Retro Unicorn Attack You are a unicorn
Kids next door
Kids next door You must build the power core to prepare for attack…
Yeti Quest
Yeti Quest Yeti is crazy for ice cream
Alex in Danger
Alex in Danger Alex wakes up in a forest and finds himself in danger
Blob: Escape from Lab 16B
Blob: Escape from Lab 16B Blob is stuck in a lab
I Broke the Time
I Broke the Time Strange things are happening here
You Are A Box
You Are A Box You've been the hero in the games all the time
Embrioni in Fuga
Embrioni in Fuga Walk, jump and run to manage items…
Teen Titans Go: Housebroken Hero
Teen Titans Go: Housebroken Hero Titans are fed up with pet hair
Frozy and Fred
Frozy and Fred Frozy finds a magical mirror while he is walking in the…
Surprise party
Surprise party Holly must prepare a surprise party for her aunt
Mixel Use the arrow keys to move the little pussy "Nice"
Muneeba Try this girly sidescroller slug squishing game to have…
Jadabug How far can you help JadaBug proceed
Duckstazy Pump the Duck
Guardian Rock
Guardian Rock You are the Guardian Rock, the mighty hero of the…
Dino Rush
Dino Rush The cavemen have stolen all dino eggs
Charlie Little duck Charlie has lost his family
How to Be a Gent
How to Be a Gent Henry is a true gentleman
Cloud Jumper
Cloud Jumper Travel through the sky jumping on clouds while the…
Rhino Roll Bolts sidekick Rhino the hamster in his ball as…
The Great Giana Sisters
The Great Giana Sisters Here’s a funny game of The…
Mosquittoh A battle Pod containing the delightful children from…
The Morning Walk
The Morning Walk What a nice sunday morning
Go Diego Go Rain Forest
Go Diego Go Rain Forest Help Diego catch photos of these…
Nervous Bot
Nervous Bot This robot is scared and nervous