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Job Games

Quiet Magic
Quiet Magic You are a curious student wizard in a magic school
Bakery Mandy works in a bakery and she prepares the orders for…
City Salon
City Salon Serve each customer in time; otherwise you lose
Tidy Up
Tidy Up The little girl wants to surprise her mom by cleaning…
My Sweet Dog
My Sweet Dog Here's a cute game where you can take care of your dog
Health Spa
Health Spa Help Sasha to run the spa shop
Winter Bistro
Winter Bistro Help this cute Santa Girl waitress and respond to the…
Quiet Experiment
Quiet Experiment You are a curious chemist at the…
Natasha's Fruities
Natasha's Fruities Little Clara is working in a…
Jane's Realty
Jane's Realty Jane has a growing real estate company that can build a…
My Sweet 3
My Sweet 3 You have a sweet baby boy and you must take care of him…
Hotel Management
Hotel Management Welcome to my hotel
Belle's Bistro
Belle's Bistro Here's a chance to practice serving in the kitchen of a…
Diner City
Diner City There are two rival restaurants in the town
Dress up Rush
Dress up Rush You have the largest clothes shop in the heart of the…
Pet Restaurant
Pet Restaurant Have you ever had a summer job as a waitress in a…
Box Office
Box Office Turn your box office into a huge enterprise
Yellow Cat IceCream
Yellow Cat IceCream OK, so we all love ice-cream, but…
My Sweet 2
My Sweet 2 If you know how to take care of a cute baby, you will…
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden They are super tasty, they are…
Mystic Emporium
Mystic Emporium You work in a magic cafe
Hungry Bears
Hungry Bears You are new in town and just opened up a pancake shop
Quiet Cooking
Quiet Cooking If you are a talented cook, you'd yearn to prepare…
Beach Waitress
Beach Waitress Use your mouse to move the waitress
Nail Studio
Nail Studio Sami has a lovely nail bar
Fun Beach
Fun Beach It's summer time
Cake Lover
Cake Lover You run a lovely pastry shop in the town and kids love…
Shopping City
Shopping City Build your own resort island and earn money by building…
Sleepy Morning
Sleepy Morning Mary loves sleeping more than everything
Chinese Food Cooking
Chinese Food Cooking Cooking Chinese food must be…
Pinky's Pickup
Pinky's Pickup Pinky is willing to go to the park with her friends but…
Busy Restaurant
Busy Restaurant Help Jane serve customers in the busy restaurant
Kelly Summer Jobs
Kelly Summer Jobs Kelly loves getting summer jobs to…
Carolines Room Ordering
Carolines Room Ordering Caroline is a messy girl and her…
Pet care
Pet care Sami loves animals and she has now found a lovely job…
Shopping Street
Shopping Street Start your own retail business and earn money by…
Breakfast Bar
Breakfast Bar Can you be a good servant in a restaurant
Chinese Chef
Chinese Chef You must use your memory and find the pairs of the…
Puppy Center
Puppy Center Help Amy to take care of the dogs and cats that come to…
Spa shop
Spa shop Help the girl to operate spa shop using sauna room…
Handfan Shop
Handfan Shop Liang sells Chinese hand-made fans
Giant Panda
Giant Panda The giant panda has a lot of needs
Park Zoo
Park Zoo The zoo keeper who takes care of many animals is having…
Super Ant
Super Ant Ants have a nice cafE9 among the forest where they…
Nanny Nelly
Nanny Nelly Help this kind nanny to take care of the little babies
Easter Eggs Tycoon
Easter Eggs Tycoon In this simulation game you need…
Cuti's Diner
Cuti's Diner Get ready to build your own dream restaurant once…
Flower Shop
Flower Shop You have a flower corner in the park where you sell…
Jewelry Store
Jewelry Store Women love jewelry
Party Down
Party Down This is the greatest party organization of the year but…
Farm Mania
Farm Mania Help Maria build a farm from scratch
Cat Care
Cat Care You work in a cat care service
Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Chocolate Shop Frenzy I've just started to run my own…
Bar-b-que Are you ready for a full barbecue experience
Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3 Now that you've retired and it's time to build a farm…
Robinson Hotel
Robinson Hotel You are Miss Cathy, the manager of Robinson Hotel and…
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy 2 There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little fowl…
Quiet Makeup
Quiet Makeup I am going to the school party and I want to wear some…
Granny's BBQ
Granny's BBQ Granny is in trouble
Pinky's Pancakes
Pinky's Pancakes Hello! My name is Pinky. Welcome…