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Job Games

Cat Care
Cat Care You are running a cat care, and you are glad you…
The Cake Decorator
The Cake Decorator Running a cake shop is not an easy…
Samira's Sew Shop
Samira's Sew Shop Samira's new shop is not a Sew…
New Year Cakes
New Year Cakes New year is coming and it's going to be celebrated with…
Ashley's Christmas Treats
Ashley's Christmas Treats Christmas is here
Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary Bird Sanctuary needs a manager to run this lovely place
Doughtnuts Cafe
Doughtnuts Cafe Love eating doughnuts
Pizza Joint
Pizza Joint Pizza Joint is hiring a new manager
Erin's Big Bookstore
Erin's Big Bookstore Erin is really passionate about…
Tara's Fashion Boutique
Tara's Fashion Boutique Do you feel passion for fashion
Cinema Time
Cinema Time You are about to witness how it feels like to be the…
Gracie's Fruteria
Gracie's Fruteria Gracie sells only the best fruits…
New Island Dolphin Park
New Island Dolphin Park Welcome to New Island Dolphin Park
Carnival Challenge
Carnival Challenge The carnival is in town
Perfume Shop
Perfume Shop Open your own perfume shop and be an expert on…
Betty's Pet Clinic
Betty's Pet Clinic If you animal friends are feeling…
Eliza's Garden Centre
Eliza's Garden Centre Wouldn't you want to spend your…
Marina's Jewelry
Marina's Jewelry Marina's Jewelry store is the…
Brides Shopping
Brides Shopping Wedding dreams come true in Mary's bridal shop
Gina's Juice Bar
Gina's Juice Bar This is the famous juice bar in…
Prom Shop
Prom Shop Newly graduated students are looking for prom dresses…
Candy Fun
Candy Fun Is your candy factory worth one million dollars
Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Maker Summer is best spent in ice cream shops
Water Theme Park
Water Theme Park Your water theme park is the most…
Candy Factory
Candy Factory From all-time classics to newest treats, your candy…
Pony Farmer
Pony Farmer Tina's family owns the largest pony farm in this town…
Beach Fruity Snack
Beach Fruity Snack The kids at the beach are getting…
Jenny The Crossing Guard
Jenny The Crossing Guard The kids' safety will be provided…
My Horse Farm
My Horse Farm This is my lovely horse farm
Roxy Instrument Store
Roxy Instrument Store Today is Buy a Musical Instrument…
Real Estate Rush
Real Estate Rush If you want to buy this fabulous…
Cosmetic Shop
Cosmetic Shop Running a cosmetic shop can be a challenge if you are…
Helen's Baby Boutique
Helen's Baby Boutique This boutique has all the things…
Teena's Family Hut
Teena's Family Hut Teena's Family Hut is very popular…
Baby Cure & Care
Baby Cure & Care Who loves babies more than you do
Car Care Point
Car Care Point You just opened this car care center and you wonder how…
Cupid Gift Store
Cupid Gift Store This cupid gift store above the…
Ladies Spa Resort
Ladies Spa Resort Carry your spa center to open air…
City Builder
City Builder If you're bored with your city, go ahead and build a…
Pampered Puppies
Pampered Puppies Your dog friends need you, will…
Pets Beauty
Pets Beauty Give these cute friends all the love you've got
Parking Expert
Parking Expert Do you always find the perfect stop for parking a car
Bee At Work
Bee At Work Let me introduce you to Billy the Bee; the owner of the…
Dwarfs Menu
Dwarfs Menu These dwarfs know the best food fore sure
Airport Cafe
Airport Cafe It seems today is going to be a busy day at the airport
Beauty Spa
Beauty Spa It's time to start building your career
Christmas Gift Store
Christmas Gift Store Santa Clause and the elves are…
Burger Maker
Burger Maker Do I make the best burger in town
Have Fun With Babies
Have Fun With Babies Don't you just love babies, too
Santa's Cookies
Santa's Cookies Santa's is not only a skilled craftsman but also a…
Hotel Builder
Hotel Builder How hard could it be to run a hotel from the very…
Fashion City Builder
Fashion City Builder How can you turn a place into a…
Teena's Hotel
Teena's Hotel Teena's Hotel is the busiest hotel in town
New Farmer 2
New Farmer 2 Are you one of those people who always want to eat the…
Shopping Arcade
Shopping Arcade Business management is a hard job but you're uniquely…
Betty's Eatery
Betty's Eatery Betty's Eatery is the best eatery ever around here
Love Restaurant
Love Restaurant In this restaurant, love is the most important thing we…
Kids' Food Shop
Kids' Food Shop Welcome to the Kids' Food Shop, where we only serve…
Book Store
Book Store I always loved the smell of the books
Wheat Farm
Wheat Farm Welcome to my family's precious wheat farm, folks