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Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Adam is looking for Eve
Carrot Fantasy: Undersea
Carrot Fantasy: Undersea You carried your precious carrot…
Kiss at the Library
Kiss at the Library These two teenagers are in love
Model Cars Racing
Model Cars Racing Choose the race type you want and…
Dino Assault
Dino Assault Dinosaurs are attacking your village
Homework Slacking
Homework Slacking Emily has a lot of homework for…
Summer Camp Cleaning
Summer Camp Cleaning You are at the summer camp
Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert
Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert The desert is under monster attack
Adventures of Harry
Adventures of Harry Harry is obsessed with cheese
Carrot Fantasy
Carrot Fantasy You have been living a happy and peaceful life with…
Quiz: Where are you from?
Quiz: Where are you from? Do you ever think that you could…
Physicar You have a new vehicle and it doesn't look like…
Maleficent Magical Journey
Maleficent Magical Journey This is a challenging magical…
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Idle Web Tycoon
Idle Web Tycoon You have heard that websites make people rich
Hungry Truck Challenge
Hungry Truck Challenge This raceway is filled with food
Bucket Cop
Bucket Cop Everyday items are criminals in this game
Acid Panic
Acid Panic Acid is dripping down from the ceiling
Ride 'Em Rigby
Ride 'Em Rigby Rigby has a new mentor and they are going out to the…
Bonfire Your friends started this bonfire and they want you to…
Forest Lake Fishing
Forest Lake Fishing Are you ready to live an amazing…
Offroad Police Racing
Offroad Police Racing Who says that police can't have…
Puppy Racer
Puppy Racer You learned that there is a puppy race going on and all…
Neverending Chevalier
Neverending Chevalier You are a courageous chevalier and…
Cardinal Attention and speed are the two things you need in…
Elsa Frozen Magic
Elsa Frozen Magic Olaf is melting
Motorun An amazing motor challenge is waiting for you
Bit Chaser
Bit Chaser Time for some retro fun
Paint Land
Paint Land The black paint is after you and you have limited time…
Frozen Love Spell
Frozen Love Spell Elsa is waiting for her lover to…
GluteFree Grab
GluteFree Grab Gluten is not good for you but it is very hard to find…
Ear Care
Ear Care Are you ready to be an ear doctor
Cargo Shipment: San Francisco
Cargo Shipment: San Francisco Make the city flourish by…
Rio Cup
Rio Cup You are playing for your team in the World Cup
Cleaning Time! Dad's Garage
Cleaning Time! Dad's Garage Your mother was on vacation and…
Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky Marty was looking to the sky with his new telescope…
Rainforest Solitaire
Rainforest Solitaire All the forest animals are waiting…
Cargo Shipment
Cargo Shipment You are a dedicated entrepreneur
Retro Unicorn Attack
Retro Unicorn Attack You are a unicorn
The Cursed Knight
The Cursed Knight An evil sorcerer has cursed the…
World Karting Championship
World Karting Championship You are invited to take part in…
Circus Biker
Circus Biker You are working at the circus as a biker
Bricks and Minions
Bricks and Minions You need to remove bricks by…
Baby Witch Magic Potion
Baby Witch Magic Potion Mira's cat is sick
Don't Fall in Love
Don't Fall in Love Cupid is always trying to make…
Pet Stars: Baby Tiger
Pet Stars: Baby Tiger Your baby tiger needs some…
Another Planet
Another Planet This little alien is lost in another planet
Be Jumper
Be Jumper This little monster is lost in the ocean
Freegear Z
Freegear Z We are in the future and car races are almost over
Cleaning Time! Boutique
Cleaning Time! Boutique The boutique you are working at…
Off Road Truckers
Off Road Truckers It is 2040 and old trucks have…
Normal Cat
Normal Cat Fency is not an ordinary cat
Run Viking Run
Run Viking Run This guy has made a monster really angry and now he is…
Shoe Memo
Shoe Memo Shoes are always fun
Sea Sick
Sea Sick There has been a shipwreck and everybody on the ship…
Dangerous Adventure
Dangerous Adventure Control 5 heroes and help them…
Don't Step On The White Tile
Don't Step On The White Tile Use your fingers to control your…
Help Mom Clean the House
Help Mom Clean the House Your mother works really hard and…
Treehouse Hero
Treehouse Hero You and your friends live in a nice tree house
Dream Car Racing
Dream Car Racing Are you ready for the big race