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Flatutron 9000
Flatutron 9000 Flatutron 9000 is the world's first methane powered…
Go Go Goblin 2
Go Go Goblin 2 This goblin wants to explore the land bu he doesn't…
Awesome Run
Awesome Run Choose your character, give him a name and a country…
Baby Madison Gym
Baby Madison Gym Baby Madison decided to open a gym…
Zombo Buster Rising
Zombo Buster Rising Many people in the city of Medan…
Wake up Sleeping Beauty
Wake up Sleeping Beauty The beloved lover of the prince is…
Shotfirer You heard from a friend that there might be a huge…
Goat Mechanic
Goat Mechanic The rich man who sells automobiles and automobile…
Stunt Mania
Stunt Mania You love riding bikes and doing all kinds of crazy…
Go Go Goblin
Go Go Goblin This goblin, as all the other goblins, is after gold
Extreme Car Madness
Extreme Car Madness Drive as fast as you can and…
Panda Uprising
Panda Uprising There were rabbits living happily in an empire called…
Uber Commando
Uber Commando The land is under enemy attack
Stunt Karts
Stunt Karts Your monkey is very into action
Moustress You're controlling a square and you need to collect the…
Babylon Blocks of all kinds are going to fall from the sky
Car Yard
Car Yard How well do you perform under pressure
Football Heads 2014: World Cup
Football Heads 2014: World Cup 2014 World Cup is already over but…
We Are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone It's year 2500 and scientists are…
SlingScape You're a ninja swinging from wall to wall, but you need…
Ragdoll Tennis
Ragdoll Tennis Do you love tennis
Rush Hour Bus
Rush Hour Bus You're a school bus driver
King's Rush
King's Rush The king heard that there's a new beach where lovely…
Snow White House Makeover
Snow White House Makeover Snow White needs to prepare the…
Don't Touch the Spikes
Don't Touch the Spikes Reach the end of the platform…
Dash Dash
Dash Dash A monster is chasing you and you need to run away
Comic Book Movie
Comic Book Movie Some nerds were talking about…
V8 Drift
V8 Drift This race requires strong driving skills and attention…
Fly Qumi
Fly Qumi This bird's got talent
Viking Valor
Viking Valor The gem that gave energy to all the people in town is…
The Three Towers
The Three Towers You made a delicious pizza using…
Magical Glory
Magical Glory There was once a little boy whose parents were captured…
Carrot Fantasy: Extreme
Carrot Fantasy: Extreme The carrot gives life to all the…
King's Rider
King's Rider Dark wizard stole various items from the peasants of…
Pou School Clean
Pou School Clean The school starts tomorrow
Blitzer Baddies have taken over your valley
Captain Nutty
Captain Nutty This squirrel loves adventure
Pixel Grower
Pixel Grower Reach the target line by collecting pixels
Extreme Pursuit 3D
Extreme Pursuit 3D All the police cars are invited…
Star Sign Love Tester
Star Sign Love Tester Are you into star signs
Clash of Goblins
Clash of Goblins You have been chosen to defend…
Viking Warfare
Viking Warfare The vikings are after the treasures on your land
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Adam is looking for Eve
Carrot Fantasy: Undersea
Carrot Fantasy: Undersea You carried your precious carrot…
Kiss at the Library
Kiss at the Library These two teenagers are in love
Model Cars Racing
Model Cars Racing Choose the race type you want and…
Dino Assault
Dino Assault Dinosaurs are attacking your village
Homework Slacking
Homework Slacking Emily has a lot of homework for…
Summer Camp Cleaning
Summer Camp Cleaning You are at the summer camp
Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert
Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert The desert is under monster attack
Adventures of Harry
Adventures of Harry Harry is obsessed with cheese
Carrot Fantasy
Carrot Fantasy You have been living a happy and peaceful life with…
Quiz: Where are you from?
Quiz: Where are you from? Do you ever think that you could…
Physicar You have a new vehicle and it doesn't look like…
Maleficent Magical Journey
Maleficent Magical Journey This is a challenging magical…
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Idle Web Tycoon
Idle Web Tycoon You have heard that websites make people rich
Hungry Truck Challenge
Hungry Truck Challenge This raceway is filled with food
Bucket Cop
Bucket Cop Everyday items are criminals in this game
Acid Panic
Acid Panic Acid is dripping down from the ceiling