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HeliCrane You're working as a helicopter pilot and you're…
Cooking Witch
Cooking Witch You're an evil witch and you're going to kidnap kids to…
Crazy Skater
Crazy Skater This little boy's parents just bought a new skate for…
Golf Is Hard
Golf Is Hard As the name suggests, gold is hard
Wonder Defender
Wonder Defender The magician was enjoying his flowers in his garden…
An Apple A-Day
An Apple A-Day You're afraid of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and all…
Sky Freaks
Sky Freaks Time to go up
Ice World
Ice World Jane was waving at Santa, but he didn't see her
Pour Together
Pour Together A good bartender must pour a drink at the desired…
ICanFly The pig couple was having fun outside having a picnic
Barbie Wedding Accident
Barbie Wedding Accident Barbie is going to get married…
Cinema Café
Cinema Café It's the perfect time for a movie
Grumpy Arrows
Grumpy Arrows Just because his job is making people fall in love, it…
Puppy Adventures
Puppy Adventures Help Pepe win Pipi's heart
Big Dig Treasure Clickers
Big Dig Treasure Clickers You're a determined treasure…
Playful Kittens
Playful Kittens The mama cat has three little kittens
One Hit Hell
One Hit Hell There's been an explosion in the sky and you're right…
Arctic Avalanche
Arctic Avalanche Play as a cute monster who's…
Baby Madison Easter Fun
Baby Madison Easter Fun Baby Madison is going to have some…
Amazing Easter
Amazing Easter Easter bunny's going to come to your place but it is so…
Barbie Easter Bunny Escape
Barbie Easter Bunny Escape Barbie found the Easter bunny in…
Dead Rider
Dead Rider Dead rider loves to show his skills
Epick Adventure
Epick Adventure Your job is to choose between the innocents and the…
Monster Crusade
Monster Crusade Help the wizard fight the zombies
Doodle Brigade
Doodle Brigade Doodle world was fine and everyone was living happily
Sloppy Ninja Destiny
Sloppy Ninja Destiny Help this sloppy ninja get rid of…
Rage Zombie Shooter
Rage Zombie Shooter Box zombies are after you
8-Bit Mage
8-Bit Mage Control this 8bit mage and help him win the battles by…
Winter BMX Jam
Winter BMX Jam Get your BMX and start jamming
Penguin World
Penguin World You're going to spend today with penguins
Super Jetfighter Blast
Super Jetfighter Blast You're sent to the space for a…
Taxi Dubai
Taxi Dubai It's not easy to be a taxi driver in Dubai
Pointer There are many boundaries between S and E
Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams
Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams There are powerful cars behind…
Mara and the Kittens
Mara and the Kittens Her friend has left her kitties to…
The Kitten
The Kitten You've just adopted a kitten from the street
Seven Jumps
Seven Jumps You're stuck at the lowest floor of this building
Rainbow Blitz
Rainbow Blitz Someone set two cannons in front of your house
Elsa Sleepover Cleaning
Elsa Sleepover Cleaning All of Elsa's friends are coming…
Pan Man
Pan Man Your only skill in this life is flipping pancakes
Rektagon Control your character and make sure he doesn't get…
Stunt Dive
Stunt Dive Time to show your diving skills
Sleeping Caveman
Sleeping Caveman The caveman was asleep when you…
Car Eats Car 2: Deluxe
Car Eats Car 2: Deluxe Your cute car's escape from the…
Green Saboteur
Green Saboteur You've been called to copy important information from…
Anna's Valentine Baby
Anna's Valentine Baby Anna was eating her dinner with…
Fancy Snowboarding
Fancy Snowboarding Remember this fancy guy
Science Class Potion
Science Class Potion Your science teacher wanted you to…
Car Eats Car: Mad Dream
Car Eats Car: Mad Dream You just bought a toy car
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Belle is a courageous dragon fighter
Zoi the Escape
Zoi the Escape Zoi needs to escape this planet but he can only do that…
Baby Madison Camping
Baby Madison Camping Baby Madison is going to camping…
Beno Bear Escape
Beno Bear Escape Beno bear was about to be boxed…
Chemistry Love Tester
Chemistry Love Tester Do you have a crush on someone and…
Hyper Wall
Hyper Wall You're a little pixel and you need to make sure that…
Age Manipulation
Age Manipulation Change the good blocks' ages to…
Baby Swimming Accident
Baby Swimming Accident Baby Julia was almost drowning
Slime Slayer
Slime Slayer You're standing in the middle of monsters coming from…
Mad Burger 3: Wild West
Mad Burger 3: Wild West Everybody wants to eat at your…
Pet Stars: Cuddly Koala
Pet Stars: Cuddly Koala You found a little koala in the…