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Superdog The loyal dog wants to save the little baby kidnapped…
Breakfast Browl
Breakfast Browl Box your way through the ranks of unsatisfying…
The Chase
The Chase The chase is a high speed driving game where you have…
Flying gonzo
Flying gonzo Calculate the angle and firing speed and get Gonzo…
Quidditch Throw the ball through the hoops without getting…
Southpark candy factory
Southpark candy factory Cartman won free tickets to visit…
Sub commander
Sub commander Take control of the submarine and navigate your way…
Thiefs Don't think about stealing
Car Use your left mouse button to turn the car into a junk…
The incredibles
The incredibles Dash is causing problems in the school
Taz Feed Tasmanian Devil with coconuts
Do le mi
Do le mi Music forever
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Head over to the vent ramp and participate in a big air…
Naked Juan was caught in her girlfriend's house doing…
Superspeed This is a great game of football - one on one -style…
Snow white 2
Snow white 2 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves love to make music
Jungle book
Jungle book Climb up the ladders, grab the fruits, swing from the…
Surf A surfing game, first step choose your character…
Global groovin
Global groovin Jose and Maria love getting in a studio and practicing…
Music match
Music match All piano enthusiasts are gonna love this interactive…
Veggie It's a beautiful day with birds singing and your veggie…
Metro Walk down the subway and avoid bumping into anyone…
Math tree
Math tree Practice some math with the sum up exercises
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Choose one friend of Kitty and start racing with your…
Golden Egg
Golden Egg Welcome to the first task of the Tri-Wizards tournament
Shrek Belch
Shrek Belch This is the belching showdown of the century
Garfields sheep shot
Garfields sheep shot Garfield was born to snooze
Virtual drum
Virtual drum Here's your chance to be a real drum player
world of sports
world of sports You have 60 seconds to score as many goals as you can
mame-do Pick up the slippery beans with the chopstick and move…
Hate that frog
Hate that frog Use your left mouse button to descend the frog and…
Cinderella Help Cinderella to get back to her house before…
Teddy goes swimming
Teddy goes swimming Collect gold coins for points and…
Spin Kicker
Spin Kicker Defeat your opponent in this awesome football game by…
Pick my nose
Pick my nose Are you bored by dressing up girls
Frisbee dog
Frisbee dog Use your mouse to move the dog left and right and click…
Super handball
Super handball Here's a handball challenge for you
Off the wrist
Off the wrist Repeat the melody played by the maestro puppy and you'…
Super fishing
Super fishing Fisherman's fate
Pikachu Pikachu found some magic eggs and uses its Poke Ball to…
Absolutely Hammered
Absolutely Hammered Hammer as many nails as possible…
Cheezy chums
Cheezy chums Bounce cheese and candy using your head into the tea…
Narnia Race down the river to escape the White Witch's Wolves
Freggie Heads
Freggie Heads Choose a vegetable to create a Freggie head
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave See how far you can whack Dangerous Dave
King of Defenders
King of Defenders You are John Terry, king of…
Ya-dancer Which dance moves can you pull
Rock Paper Siz
Rock Paper Siz Flash version of the popular real life game lets you…
Pluck my tash
Pluck my tash Stop Lawro's hair from growing back
Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt Duck hunting requires a sharp eye and a loyal dog
Superman Fly superman and avoid kryptonites
Polar Express
Polar Express A sudden wind just swept your ticket out the window and…
The Incredibles Thin Ice
The Incredibles Thin Ice Play as frozone, one of the…
Hulk Get the incredible feeling of being the Hulk and smash…
Garfield Coop Catch
Garfield Coop Catch Garfield needs omelette for…
Lion King
Lion King Kiara is stranded on one side of a river filled with…
Tweety Do you know the alphabet well
Office Love
Office Love Can you sneak a kiss while your boss is not looking
Real Pool
Real Pool Play the 8 ball pool and be the first to pot all the…
Uber Pool
Uber Pool Pool game with power-ups, explosions and other extras