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Fruit Games

Fruit Lover
Fruit Lover Anne loves fruits
Fruits 2
Fruits 2 Juicy fruits are waiting in the forest to be squeezed
Fruit Pop
Fruit Pop Match up the identical pieces of fruit in the fun match…
Fruits Memo
Fruits Memo Your favorite fruits are all here
Fruit Salad Day
Fruit Salad Day There's nothing better than a fruit salad when you go…
Fruitball Here is a funny version of basketball game
Fruit Matching
Fruit Matching Match the identical fruits in rows of at least three to…
Retro Fruit Crush
Retro Fruit Crush Here is a delicious matching game
Fresh Fruit Juice
Fresh Fruit Juice Plant some fruits and veggies so…
Fruit Shoot Boom
Fruit Shoot Boom How many levels of the funny…
Fruit Twirls
Fruit Twirls The naughty monkey wants to make a mess in th jungle…
Tumble Fruit
Tumble Fruit These little hungry babies are waiting for you to feed…
Fruits Here’s a lovely memory game played with fruits
Fruit Man
Fruit Man Use the arrow keys to move the fruit man and press the…
Fruit Shop
Fruit Shop A fruit shop must be colourful and nice looking to…
Fruits in Need
Fruits in Need As the owner of the lovely fruit shop, just serve the…
Beach Fruity Snack
Beach Fruity Snack The kids at the beach are getting…
Fruit Fall
Fruit Fall Clever little game where you rotate fruits in a maze…
Sweet Fruity House
Sweet Fruity House Living in a fruity house would be…
Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables and Fruits Summer fruits and vegetables do…
Three Fruits
Three Fruits Let's pick up some fruits before we head off for a…
Fruit Puzzle
Fruit Puzzle Use your mouse to move the birds up and down and click…
Bunny Fruit Grab
Bunny Fruit Grab Let the hungry forest bunny grab…
Fruit Salesgirl
Fruit Salesgirl Natalie and Audrey are working at the fruit department…
Fruit House
Fruit House I heard you're very good at house designing
Fruitilicious Spa Day
Fruitilicious Spa Day Get your energy back with a…
Fruity Memory
Fruity Memory The loveliest way to practice your memory skills
Fruit Fairies 3
Fruit Fairies 3 Fruit fairies need your help again
She Loves Fruits
She Loves Fruits Nina is a true fruit lover
Fruitylicious Belinda's fruit pies are the best both with their…
Frozen Fruit Smoothies
Frozen Fruit Smoothies These summer days are great with…
Fruit Drop
Fruit Drop Here is a delicious tetris game
Fruit Village
Fruit Village A happy village is surely adorned with fruit-style…
Fruit Ad
Fruit Ad Jenny is chosen to act in the new ad of the new fruit…
Fruit Liberation
Fruit Liberation Are you a good driver
Fruit Fairy
Fruit Fairy Lisa and Ella are two beautiful fruit fairies
Fruits Manicure
Fruits Manicure Have you got your manicure done for this month
Fruit Prom Dress
Fruit Prom Dress It is prom day
Fruit Fairies 2
Fruit Fairies 2 Summer is the most important season for fruit fairies
Fruit Market
Fruit Market If you're running a big farm, you need to open a fruit…
Cute Fruiterer
Cute Fruiterer Waking up early in the morning and getting your fresh…
Tropical Fruit Salad
Tropical Fruit Salad Abuela likes to give light recipes…
Fruit Charlotte
Fruit Charlotte I am looking for a yummy cake, something which is both…
Juice Fashion
Juice Fashion The fruit fest is starting today in the town
Fruit Jams
Fruit Jams Your grandmother is coming to you for a visit
Fruit Lover Girl
Fruit Lover Girl Courtney is a beautiful girl and…
Natasha's Fruities
Natasha's Fruities Little Clara is working in a…
Fruity Nail Designs
Fruity Nail Designs Melissa wants her nails to look…
Smart Cook
Smart Cook Hurry up, the chef is waiting for you
Aggro The garden has always been quiet until the annoying…
Icecream service
Icecream service Prepare your own ice-cream as you…
Pie cravino
Pie cravino As the pie craving creature, try to get the pie in…
Pickies Farm
Pickies Farm Click and drag the mouse on the same fruits to pick…
Watermelon House
Watermelon House Is't watermelon just the best…
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries If you want to eat the freshest…
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Juicy Bazooka
Juicy Bazooka You bought delicious food and filled your fridge
Pie Reallife Cooking
Pie Reallife Cooking Bake a beautiful fruit pie in the…
Hippo Chef
Hippo Chef Hippo chef is hungry
Miss Mango
Miss Mango Katie loves fruits a lot