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Flying Games

Flying Chops
Flying Chops You are the hero of all pigs
Flying Egg
Flying Egg Who says an egg can not fly, sure it does
Flying  Cat
Flying Cat Cats can fly
Flying Bike
Flying Bike This is a very lovely shooting game
Flying gonzo
Flying gonzo Calculate the angle and firing speed and get Gonzo…
Rio the Flying Macaw
Rio the Flying Macaw Blu may be a domesticated macaw…
Spring Girl Flying Kite
Spring Girl Flying Kite Grab your new kite and rush to the…
Konki Chuck
Konki Chuck Hold Konki's hand while he is flying
Panda Star
Panda Star Fly your panda through the night sky using the left and…
Love Gives Wings
Love Gives Wings Eric had a very strange dream last…
Mr. Birdie
Mr. Birdie Mr. Birdie is not like his friends. He just can't fly…
Arrozoid Shoot your arrows at the words to pop them
Normal Cat
Normal Cat Fency is not an ordinary cat
Fly Kitty Fly
Fly Kitty Fly Are you ready to let this kitty free
Dragon vs Monster
Dragon vs Monster Dear dragon rider, you are the…
Air Dodge
Air Dodge Fly your plane through the air avoiding various…
Bibi Bibi was walking home along the way in the woods
20000 feet and falling
20000 feet and falling Challenge the dare devil inside…
A bugs life
A bugs life Help our hero to collect food for the colony
Velocity Wings
Velocity Wings Are you ready to help this cute blue bird fly
Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus Jessica Witch has mistakenly transformed all her pals…
Birdy A little bird must adopt to hard life conditions to…
Touch the Sky
Touch the Sky Jimmy can do anything to have fun
That Plane Game
That Plane Game Yes, this is that plane game
Owly Owly is a baby bird and he is learning to fly from the…
Jump Box Ninja
Jump Box Ninja Leap between the spiky boxes with your ninja in the…
Brave Bird
Brave Bird This small bird has recently learned how to fly
Little witch
Little witch The night witch flies in the sky secretly and her…
PigBull to the Moon
PigBull to the Moon Nobody likes PigBull in the farm
Learn to fly
Learn to fly What happens if a cute penguin devotes itself for a…
Bubble Boy in Dreamland
Bubble Boy in Dreamland Welcome to the dreamland of the…
HeliCrane You're working as a helicopter pilot and you're…
My Magic Trip
My Magic Trip Flying above the ceilings is amazing at this time of…
Gift Delivery
Gift Delivery Old Santa Claus has a very important mission which is…
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower This little duckling wants to collect the flowers on…
Get Witchy
Get Witchy Witchy Witch is out for a midnight flight but needs…
ICanFly The pig couple was having fun outside having a picnic
Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls Destroy the robot dogs and Mojo Jojo's evil henchmen to…
Badfloo The Little Fly Mary came home one day to find her…
Robinsons Help them navigate through the cities to find the…
Hash Game
Hash Game Is it a bird, is it a plane
Timmy Timmy was living in the forest
Bird Control
Bird Control This little birdie has escaped from the cage
Goblin Rocket Rider
Goblin Rocket Rider This Goblin must be crazy
Toast in Space
Toast in Space A slice of bread is thrown away into space
Orbit Breaker
Orbit Breaker You duty is to destroy all the planets
Squirrel Fly
Squirrel Fly Help this squirrel complete his air mission
Fly Qumi
Fly Qumi This bird's got talent
Vampire Jackie
Vampire Jackie It's Jackie's birthday today
Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky Marty was looking to the sky with his new telescope…
Captain Nutty
Captain Nutty This squirrel loves adventure
Emily and the Magic Maze
Emily and the Magic Maze Emily was collecting candies with…
Bunny Goes Boom
Bunny Goes Boom This bunny loves the danger and now he strapped himself…
Nyan Cat: Lost in Space
Nyan Cat: Lost in Space What was that thing flying in the…
Bubble Rubble: The Island
Bubble Rubble: The Island These creatures are not from this…
Once Upon a Life
Once Upon a Life Harry is living in a retirement…
Cloudventure Cloudia goes to a school for the weather mages and her…
Comic Book Movie
Comic Book Movie Some nerds were talking about…
Christmas Travel
Christmas Travel Stylish teens are flying to…
I Love My Mommy
I Love My Mommy Me and my mom always dress up in best clothes in my…