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Escape Games

Andy - Cave of Treasure
Andy - Cave of Treasure You have a map along with a…
FurFur and Nublo 2
FurFur and Nublo 2 FurFur and Nublo is back for more…
Mourn You woke up in a dark place
Sonya the Spy 2
Sonya the Spy 2 Sonya is a very clever spy
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Adam is looking for Eve
Anita's Job
Anita's Job If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who…
Yurius's House of Spooks
Yurius's House of Spooks Vladimir needs your help
Evil Stone
Evil Stone You don't know what happened while you were sleeping…
Continuity Time for an amazing puzzle game, people
Be Fireman
Be Fireman You are a dedicated fireman and it is your job to save…
Love Burger
Love Burger Love Burger welcomes you
Crimson Eve
Crimson Eve You're a pumpkin and you're searching for your brother'…
Sinbad's Journey
Sinbad's Journey There is a giant hole in Sinbad's…
Make Me Laugh
Make Me Laugh The evil queen is so bored
Cable Capers 2
Cable Capers 2 Help Arnold the cable fitter escape from underground
Super Monkey Poop Fight
Super Monkey Poop Fight Help the monkey escape from the…
Easter Bedroom Design
Easter Bedroom Design Easter is around the corner
Girl's Room Design
Girl's Room Design You have just moved into a new…
Vintage Room Decoration
Vintage Room Decoration You decided to redecorate your…
VIP Room
VIP Room Here is a brand new house by the sea
Untidy room 2
Untidy room 2 Lisa organized a party in her room without telling her…
Lemmings Get the little lemmings to the exit
Sweet room
Sweet room Lolly has got the sweetest room in town
Lovely room
Lovely room Bonny has always wished for a lovely room
Sheep Farming is a dream but the sheep can make trouble
Lovely Room for Kids
Lovely Room for Kids Let's design the room in your…
Tiny room
Tiny room Umbo has a tiny room; and he leaves the room untidy all…
Life Ark 4
Life Ark 4 Your escape from the desert moon has had bad…
Our room
Our room These little cute siblings want to share a room because…
Girl Room Decor
Girl Room Decor It's real fun for a girl to have her own pretty bedroom…
Girly Room Decoration
Girly Room Decoration Ella loves girlie things
Teen room
Teen room Use your mouse and click on your favorite furniture…
Maze Mania
Maze Mania Use the arrow keys to move the little girl through the…
Cutie Yuki's Bedroom
Cutie Yuki's Bedroom Yuki's mom allowed her to change…
Make your room
Make your room Use your mouse and click on your favorite furniture to…
Untidy room
Untidy room Mina has just woke up and received a phone call from…
Swap Swaps
Swap Swaps Oh no! Evil aliens are coming! Good ones are…
Perfect Spring Room
Perfect Spring Room My sweet room needs a refreshment…
Design My Little Pony Room
Design My Little Pony Room Little Pony's room is a mess
Room This little lady wants her living room back to normal…
Punk Girl's Room
Punk Girl's Room Punk is very much alive in this…
My Perfect Bedroom
My Perfect Bedroom Do you need inspiration to…
Bedroom I have got too much space in my new bedroom but I just…
Trendy Friends' Room
Trendy Friends' Room Girl room chats are full of new…
Children's Room Cleanup
Children's Room Cleanup The three schoolmates want to join…
Angela Room Prep
Angela Room Prep Angela is in trouble with her room
Twin Babies Room Design
Twin Babies Room Design You're expecting twin babies
Baby Room Designer
Baby Room Designer In the game Baby Room Designer…
Money Movers
Money Movers Jack and Martin are really good friends
Royal Baby Room
Royal Baby Room Now that the royal baby is born, we started wondering…
Kate's Royal Bedroom
Kate's Royal Bedroom After a worldwide famous marriage…
Kids Room
Kids Room Girls love pinky rooms, cute stuff and dressing tables
Star Room
Star Room Kelly loves to watch the sky at night and she asked for…
Inversia Try to find the way to escape from the darkness
Christmas Room Decoration
Christmas Room Decoration Have you always fancied yourself…
Dress Up Chell
Dress Up Chell Do you remember the Chell from the portal games
Toys Bedroom
Toys Bedroom Mike is begging his mom for a toys bedroom
Baby Room Design
Baby Room Design You just adopted a cute baby
Mushroom Festival
Mushroom Festival Jenny is searching for the biggest…
Dream Bedroom
Dream Bedroom Prepare a dream bedrom, clicking on the items given on…