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Dress Up Games

Selfie With My Girls
Selfie With My Girls Madelyn and her best friend Andrea…
New Fashion Trends
New Fashion Trends You are a famous fashion designer…
Traveling Girl
Traveling Girl Abby loves travelling
Amazing Doll
Amazing Doll You just bought an amazing doll
Girl Travels the Word
Girl Travels the Word Abigail wants to travel the world
Candy Fairy
Candy Fairy Melissa is a candy fairy, which means that she uses…
Kissing Couple
Kissing Couple Claire and John are two lovers who like to walk in the…
Karaoke Girl
Karaoke Girl Autumn loves doing Karaoke
Last Sunbath
Last Sunbath This is the last day of Lilly's holiday, and she wants…
Miss Kiss Dress Up
Miss Kiss Dress Up Dorothy loves her boyfriend and he…
Netherlands Spring
Netherlands Spring Kirsten wants to go to Netherlands…
Dream on the Moon
Dream on the Moon Suzie is a true dreamer
In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen Helena is a cook and she loves cooking for her friends
Post Office Girl
Post Office Girl Dorothy is a cute post office girl…
Snowy Wedding
Snowy Wedding Marina is getting married
Stylish Prom Queen
Stylish Prom Queen Tati is the prom queen
Rainbow Summer
Rainbow Summer Everybody loves rainbows
Beautiful Sailor
Beautiful Sailor Candy is a cheerful girl who likes…
Fashionable Teacher
Fashionable Teacher Marissa is a lovely physics…
Colorful Girl's Dinner Party
Colorful Girl's Dinner Party Emma, Melly and Denise are three…
Editor's Pick: Thailand Issue
Editor's Pick: Thailand Issue Our pretty editor is preparing an…
Funky Hairstyles
Funky Hairstyles Marcy wants you to design her hair
Urban Aztec Fashion
Urban Aztec Fashion These girls love Aztec fashion
Flower Around Princess
Flower Around Princess Suzanne loves spring
Love Wedding
Love Wedding Nancy is getting married
Mermaid Bridesmaid
Mermaid Bridesmaid May's best friend is getting…
Wedding at the Palace
Wedding at the Palace Elizabeth is getting married at…
Flowers for My Garden
Flowers for My Garden Marcy loves spring because she can…
Sweet Honey Bee
Sweet Honey Bee Would you like to design a sweet honey bee
Mother and Daughter Dress Up
Mother and Daughter Dress Up Melissa and her daughter Diane are…
Zoe & Lily: Welcoming the Spring
Zoe & Lily: Welcoming the Spring Zoe and Lily are invited for a…
New Way to Wear Pink
New Way to Wear Pink Do you love pink
Spring Blooms
Spring Blooms Spring is Marina's favourite season
Cutting Paper Snowflakes
Cutting Paper Snowflakes Melly and her friends are cutting…
Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Ball Katherine is going to a masquerade ball and she is…
Spring Fever
Spring Fever Spring is Marina's favourite season
Waiting Prince Charming
Waiting Prince Charming Marissa is a princess and she is…
Fashion Magazine 2
Fashion Magazine 2 Marcy and Daliah are getting more…
A Magical Day
A Magical Day Andy loves magic and she decided to attend a magic…
Wizard Fairy
Wizard Fairy Barbara is a wizard fairy living in the forest
Fluorescent Dress Love
Fluorescent Dress Love Talia loves fluorescent and you…
Exotic Holiday
Exotic Holiday Talia is going for an exotic holiday and needs to get…
Coat Trends
Coat Trends Amanda is getting ready for a nature trip with her…
Shopping Mall Fashionista
Shopping Mall Fashionista Kimberly loves shopping and she…
Pop Diva Dress-up
Pop Diva Dress-up Rebecca is a local pop singer who…
Get Ready for Valentine's Day
Get Ready for Valentine's Day Mandy is getting ready for her…
Valentine's Day Puppy
Valentine's Day Puppy What can be a cuter gift than an…
Getting Married on Valentine's Day
Getting Married on Valentine's Day It is everybody's dream to get…
Sweet Baby Pony
Sweet Baby Pony We are all excited to play with our own little pony…
Pizza Girl
Pizza Girl Ally is working as a pizza delivery girl to support her…
Valentine's Day Recital
Valentine's Day Recital Valentine's Day is almost here
Editor's Pick: Winter Carnival
Editor's Pick: Winter Carnival Our editor is going to Canada for…
Anime Princess
Anime Princess Are you ready to create your anime
Snow Tubing Girl
Snow Tubing Girl Alex loves snow and wants to do…
Cute Mermaid Princess
Cute Mermaid Princess Our little mermaid Melly has a…
Sweet Cupcake Girl
Sweet Cupcake Girl Loving cupcakes is one thing…
Fruit Lover
Fruit Lover Anne loves fruits
Photography with Justin Bieber
Photography with Justin Bieber What would you do if you had a…
Teenage Fashion
Teenage Fashion Sammi and Brenda are two close friends
Private Yacht Sailing
Private Yacht Sailing Angelica is a huge fan of luxury