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Dress Up Games

Miley Cyrus Dress Up
Miley Cyrus Dress Up Miley has just returned from her…
Candy Colored Cutie
Candy Colored Cutie Are you ready to show some…
Charming Haired Dancer
Charming Haired Dancer Nicole is a very talented dancer
Barbie Mask Designer
Barbie Mask Designer Barbie is invited to a masquerade
Fashion Princess Maria
Fashion Princess Maria Maria is a famous fashion designer
Rising Star
Rising Star Sharon has just graduated from school and she started…
Floral Fashion Accessories
Floral Fashion Accessories Floral outfits are very in this…
Galaxy Shoes
Galaxy Shoes Selena loves galaxy shoes
Bride Dress Up
Bride Dress Up Liza is about to get married
Busy Bee
Busy Bee Betty is a busy bee
Black and Orange
Black and Orange Lucy loves black and orange
Mermaid Gown
Mermaid Gown Patricia is invited to her best friend's wedding
Pregnancy Photoshoot
Pregnancy Photoshoot Ruby is pregnant with her first…
Cute Waitress Daily Routine
Cute Waitress Daily Routine Liz is working at a cafe as a…
Autumn Pretty in Pink
Autumn Pretty in Pink Bella has been waiting patiently…
Wedding Pose
Wedding Pose Kaira and Tim are getting married soon
Party All Night
Party All Night Tessa is invited to a huge party this evening
White Hot Summer
White Hot Summer It is almost the end of the summer…
Summer Picnic
Summer Picnic The weather is very nice and it means that it's time…
Famous Fashion Model
Famous Fashion Model Lara is a famous fashion model
Elsa Skating Injuries
Elsa Skating Injuries Baby Elsa was ice skating when she…
Frozen Sisters
Frozen Sisters Frozen Sisters are invited to a prom
70s Fashion
70s Fashion You love vintage style
Skater Girl
Skater Girl Mary is a passionate skater
Cycling Beauty
Cycling Beauty What a lovely weather for cycling
First time on Merry-go-round
First time on Merry-go-round Camila is at the funfair for the…
Forest Fairy Queen
Forest Fairy Queen Elga is the queen of the forest…
Beyonce Dress Up
Beyonce Dress Up Beyonce's life is not always…
Pool Party
Pool Party Your friends called you and asked you to come to their…
Glitter Party Style
Glitter Party Style Ready to party
Bath in the Sunshine
Bath in the Sunshine Summer is best lived in the woods
Big Discount Shopping
Big Discount Shopping Demi heard that there is a huge…
Cute Girl Daily Routine
Cute Girl Daily Routine Every day, Lisa gets up, gets…
Anna's Princess Gowns
Anna's Princess Gowns Anna is getting ready for a very…
Vacation Couture
Vacation Couture Ava is a traveller
Mix and Match for Beach
Mix and Match for Beach It is the middle of summer and…
Emo Dress Up
Emo Dress Up Marie loves emo style
Floral Chic
Floral Chic Summer flowers are what Claire loves the most
Eco Friendly Dressup
Eco Friendly Dressup Mona is very concerned about the…
Anna Frozen Hair Spa
Anna Frozen Hair Spa Anna wants to change her hair but…
Ruffle Dresses
Ruffle Dresses Betsy loves wearing ruffle dresses
Mix & Match Bikinis
Mix & Match Bikinis Summer means pool
Singing in the Tree
Singing in the Tree Clarissa loves nature
Magic Seller
Magic Seller Aria is selling magic for living
Editor's Pick: Birthday Party
Editor's Pick: Birthday Party Out editor is having a birthday…
Beach Girl
Beach Girl Avery is going to the beach to get some sun
Sailor Dress Up
Sailor Dress Up Sarah and her family just bought a boat
School Prom Dress Design
School Prom Dress Design Madelyn is going to the prom
Trained Dragon
Trained Dragon You own a little trained dragon and you are spending…
My Dad's Farm
My Dad's Farm Sally is going to spend her summer holiday at her uncle…
Zac Efron Dress Up
Zac Efron Dress Up As young girls, we all adore Zac…
Barbie Beach Bikini
Barbie Beach Bikini Barbie is going on a holiday
Happy Girl Mage
Happy Girl Mage Mani is the youngest member of the family
Summer Honeymoon
Summer Honeymoon Sienna and Jacob has just gotten…
Princess Wedding on the Clouds
Princess Wedding on the Clouds Verona is the only daughter of…
Editor's Pick: Bicycle Club
Editor's Pick: Bicycle Club It is time for the annual bike…
Cinema with Girl Friend
Cinema with Girl Friend Sue and Bianca want to watch a…
Zoe & Lily: Cheering for the World Cup
Zoe & Lily: Cheering for the World Cup Zoe and Lily are going to watch…
Pilates Girl
Pilates Girl Pilates is a way of life for Sophia
Fabulous School Girl
Fabulous School Girl Faith is the most popular girl at…