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Mulan Maze
Mulan Maze Help Mulan find her way to the exit
Holiday Flight
Holiday Flight Hugo is on the holiday flight
Attack of the Pink balls
Attack of the Pink balls Use the arrow keys to move and…
Cat gets 100 stars
Cat gets 100 stars The grey cat is a fun addict…
Samurai Panda
Samurai Panda If a panda is a samurai, he'll do everything to prove…
Lonely Peak
Lonely Peak IO is wandering all alone in the sky
Frizzle Fraz
Frizzle Fraz Get your Fraz through each level rescuing smaller…
Princess Peach Adventures
Princess Peach Adventures The day is sunny and birds are…
Super Julio
Super Julio The super king of the forest is after a strange…
The Crystal Man
The Crystal Man What's the most important thing on this earth
Bone Collector
Bone Collector Hi caveman! You must have nothing to do. How about…
Pixel Grower
Pixel Grower Reach the target line by collecting pixels
Sky Freaks
Sky Freaks Time to go up
Tomoo Tomoo is a mythical creature which was born in the…
Go Recycle
Go Recycle Help Michael pick up all the litter in the park and…
Lost In Shadowland
Lost In Shadowland Harold is a passionate adventure…
Another Life
Another Life A cute couple was playing a video game together
Tasty Planet: Dino Time
Tasty Planet: Dino Time Professor was so happy to complete…
Lifebuoys The ship's on fire
My Monster Ex's
My Monster Ex's Chet has broken up with his monster girlfriend
Popcorn Click on the orange button to start popping
Yugopotomia mania
Yugopotomia mania Gather the laser panels, all the…
Kaboom Remake of the classic Kaboom game where the aim is to…
Ice Skating
Ice Skating Collect the falling objects as many as you can within…
Adventure in Pond
Adventure in Pond Mother frog extended her shopping…
Panda Star
Panda Star Fly your panda through the night sky using the left and…
Ultimate Blob
Ultimate Blob Look at this funny blob
Treasure Caves
Treasure Caves Use the arrow keys to move around, collect all the…
Alice: Back from Wonderland
Alice: Back from Wonderland Alice is hanging out in her garden
Hungry Hedgehog
Hungry Hedgehog What a lovely day
Liquid Here is an interesting puzzle with different level…
Jump for Sun
Jump for Sun When I cooked one of my best gingerbread cookies this…
Happy Kitchen
Happy Kitchen The little dragon is going to cook but first he needs…
Mars Space Quest
Mars Space Quest You are the chosen one for a quest…
Dynamons Evolution
Dynamons Evolution In Dynamons Evolution, your…
Spin Round Puppy
Spin Round Puppy This little puppy can't stop…
Minecaves Welcome to the underground
Crazy Go Nuts
Crazy Go Nuts Shoot the squirrel out of his cannon to help him gather…
My Over the Rainbow Look
My Over the Rainbow Look Welcome to the world of Rainy
Gemstone Hunter
Gemstone Hunter Are your searching for some unique arcade / puzzle…
Find The Candy Winter
Find The Candy Winter Find the Candy: Winter is a…
Shop Till You Drop
Shop Till You Drop You are controlling a shopping…
Roboteka Roboteka can't move without you
Lemon Break
Lemon Break It's adventure time again
Mine Trip
Mine Trip Hop in, we are going on an adventure
Banana Dash
Banana Dash Play against the clock in Banana Dash where you race…
Clean Up My Laboratory
Clean Up My Laboratory Jennie's interns have started…
Teddy goes swimming
Teddy goes swimming Collect gold coins for points and…
Epick Adventure
Epick Adventure Your job is to choose between the innocents and the…
Rafting Toad
Rafting Toad Toads are pretty sportive animals, you know
Happy Heks
Happy Heks A sidescrolling action, adventure with a witch looking…
Piggy Wiggy Nuts
Piggy Wiggy Nuts This pig loves nuts
Bread Pit
Bread Pit Here is a new friend, Bread Pit
Winter Stars
Winter Stars Try to get as many stars as you can before your time…
Squish When platforms change dimensions, it's easier to…
Liquid 2
Liquid 2 Here is the sequel of your favorite game
Gem Monster
Gem Monster Gem monster is after gems
Model Mania
Model Mania There's a modelling competition and all the girls want…
One Hit Hell
One Hit Hell There's been an explosion in the sky and you're right…
Runaway robot
Runaway robot Searh in the house and collect high-tech specs that…