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Collecting Games

Spiky Circle
Spiky Circle Spin the wheel to collect yellow dots and avoid spikes…
Purbalds Welcome to the lazy world of purbalds, little purple…
Drillionaire Use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar and…
Awesome Ranger
Awesome Ranger There were fairies flying around keeping people safe
Ice World
Ice World Jane was waving at Santa, but he didn't see her
Green Vector Wheels
Green Vector Wheels This vectoral game will take your…
Magic School 2
Magic School 2 Young Sabrina is a second grade now
Gandy's Quest
Gandy's Quest Gandy the wizard lost his pipe in Orthanc
Screwy Adventures
Screwy Adventures Screws and bolts might be tiny…
Bobby Bobby is on a dangerous mission underground
Pixel Dash
Pixel Dash Here is a very challenging game for those who never…
Blinkz 2
Blinkz 2 Bring the pink blocks together by removing the other…
Cheese Lab
Cheese Lab Little mouse is so hungry
Acid Panic
Acid Panic Acid is dripping down from the ceiling
Maleficent Magical Journey
Maleficent Magical Journey This is a challenging magical…
Project AL
Project AL You would think it's easy to avoid the blocks and…
Earth Lifter
Earth Lifter Help the earth lifter collect all gems and open doors…
Bubble Quest
Bubble Quest For an air baloon, which is you at this point…
Mummy's Path Level Pack
Mummy's Path Level Pack Oops! Mummy's head has gone…
The Pretender: Part Three
The Pretender: Part Three Duty calls! Lawrence's adventure… Nitro Drift is going to become one of your most…
Tap The Rat
Tap The Rat Clean up the kitchen
Raccbeat Raccbeat is always ready to eat all the fruits
Red Girl in the Woods
Red Girl in the Woods The red girl is in the woods and…
Mouse House
Mouse House The little mouse is so hungry
Tarzan and Jane
Tarzan and Jane Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered throughout the…
Nitro in Ice Land
Nitro in Ice Land Nitro has completed two great…
Trupido Guide the man along the uneasy platforms and keep… A brand new online survival game is here for you to…
Picnic Date
Picnic Date Betty and her boyfriend will have a picnic
Rektagon Control your character and make sure he doesn't get…
Anita's Job
Anita's Job If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who…
Yurius's House of Spooks
Yurius's House of Spooks Vladimir needs your help
Easter Dreaming
Easter Dreaming The easter bunny has lots of secrets but the biggest…
Twinkle Snow
Twinkle Snow Twinkle Snow is a winter/Christmas game in which you…
Gem Pop
Gem Pop Arb and Glarb have found maps to a hidden treasure
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Goat Guardian
Goat Guardian Your goat has escaped
Hash Game
Hash Game Is it a bird, is it a plane
Rapunzel Tower Escape
Rapunzel Tower Escape Rapunzel is so excited because she…
Timmy Timmy was living in the forest
L.EGS The Squareland was a very green and happy place until…
Cloud Monster
Cloud Monster Did you know that clouds can be used for transportation
Focus Focus on the things that matters the least to escape…
Goblin Rocket Rider
Goblin Rocket Rider This Goblin must be crazy
Orbicular Orbicular is the story of one hundred little orbs that…
Escape the Wicked
Escape the Wicked For a long time now Judith is…
Apple Worm
Apple Worm Apple worm wants to eat all the apples it can find and…
Camping Day
Camping Day It's camping day
Robo Battle
Robo Battle Robots battle each other everywhere in the universe
Snowy 2
Snowy 2 Try this adventure challenge very similar to the old…
The King of the Sky
The King of the Sky The little monkey claims he's the…
Kitty Kibbles
Kitty Kibbles Kibbles is very hungry
Neon Ball
Neon Ball Rotate the level to get the Neon Ball to the portal in…
Shadow Swap
Shadow Swap This little bunny's shadow has a mind of its own
Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb
Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb Katja is in the forgotten tomb of…
King Roll
King Roll They took the prince away from his princess
Cyroad Here is a chance for you to experience an amazing 3d…
Love Burger
Love Burger Love Burger welcomes you
Magical Stars
Magical Stars Help the little wizard collect all the magical stars…