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Cat Games

Rocket Board
Rocket Board This crazy cat has a rocket board
Ladybug Miraculous Kiss
Ladybug Miraculous Kiss Ladybug and Cat Noir are so in…
Sylvester under the sea
Sylvester under the sea Help Sylvester catch as many fish…
Princess Belle's Kitten Caring
Princess Belle's Kitten Caring Look at princess Belle's cute…
Purrfect Kitten Halloween
Purrfect Kitten Halloween You have dressed up for Halloween…
Fly Eating
Fly Eating Click on the fat frog to catch the flies in the air
Ghostbombers Meep the Stick is out for ghosts
Dress up Garfield
Dress up Garfield Garfield is invited to a costume…
Child The little girl took her teddy bear and went out to sit…
Tooth'N Claw
Tooth'N Claw These poor animals need your help
Kitty Championship
Kitty Championship You want your kitty to win the cat…
Virtual Pet Game
Virtual Pet Game Choose your kitten and take care…
Cute Picnic
Cute Picnic What a shiny day fort the little doggy Bob and his cute…
Kitties Cookies
Kitties Cookies Put tasty cookies on the plate and avoid getting hit…
Smurfs Help Greedy catch the food using the RIGHT and LEFT…
Kitty Care
Kitty Care There're many kittens that need your help
The Kitten
The Kitten You've just adopted a kitten from the street
Find The Pet
Find The Pet Who doesn't love animals
Kitty Biscuit Factory
Kitty Biscuit Factory Kitty set up a little biscuit…
Garfield cartoon
Garfield cartoon Create you own Garfield cartoon…
Net Pet
Net Pet Enjoy caring your new pet in your cosy house and make…
Garfields sheep shot
Garfields sheep shot Garfield was born to snooze
Garfield Help Garfield gobble as much lasagna and other goodies…
Refriger-raiders If you play as Tom you throw water…
Nyan Force
Nyan Force Oh no! The Evil Fish army is trying to invade Undersea…
Kitty Spa Makeover
Kitty Spa Makeover While she was walking on the…
Palace Pets Playdate
Palace Pets Playdate All the animals at the palace were…
Makeover with Kitty
Makeover with Kitty What a nice weather to walk around
Pet Stars: Dazzling Kitty
Pet Stars: Dazzling Kitty Your kitty is attending a beauty…
Mara and the Kittens
Mara and the Kittens Her friend has left her kitties to…
Urlik The rule is so simple here: jump, jump and jump
Doctor Bulldog
Doctor Bulldog Dr. Bulldog has a pets hospital where he takes care of…
Pet Wedding Dress Up
Pet Wedding Dress Up These little cute friends are…
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand These kitties all need our help…
Gumball's Downhill Dash
Gumball's Downhill Dash It's snowing
Carb invaders
Carb invaders Avoid eating to much carbohydrates and just try to…
Kitty Kibbles
Kitty Kibbles Kibbles is very hungry
Kitty Kibbles 2
Kitty Kibbles 2 Kibbles's still excited about the new year
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2 Fleabag and Mutt are having fun on…
Butterfly Night
Butterfly Night Grab your butterfly net and come with me to catch a few…
Dog cannon
Dog cannon Shoot your dog with tha cannon and try to catch all the…
The Pet Hospital
The Pet Hospital Oh, these poor animals are so sick
Talking Angela Cooking Session
Talking Angela Cooking Session Talking Angela is so sweet today
Fleabag Vs Mutt
Fleabag Vs Mutt Fleabag and Mutt can't get along well
Odie Dingle Ball
Odie Dingle Ball Odie loves playing with the ball
Alien Bounce
Alien Bounce Launch the Alien as far as you can using a catapult
Talking Angela at Spa Session
Talking Angela at Spa Session Talking Angela has the whole day…
Pet Hospital Doctor
Pet Hospital Doctor These poor animals need your help
New Season Key Pieces
New Season Key Pieces Even when it's a little bit chilly…
Scooby doo Construction
Scooby doo Construction Go down the hill and help Scooby…
Fly Kitty Fly
Fly Kitty Fly Are you ready to let this kitty free
Fix It: Judy's Car
Fix It: Judy's Car Judy was so close to catch the…
Ladybug Secret Identity Revealed
Ladybug Secret Identity Revealed Cat Noir and Ladybug can't wait to…
Southpark candy factory
Southpark candy factory Cartman won free tickets to visit…
Celebrity Hunt
Celebrity Hunt You are a papparazzi, your job is to catch scandalous…
Push Out Fans
Push Out Fans These fans can make you catch cold
Cock's Revenge
Cock's Revenge Cocks are disturbed by the cats in the farm
The Fame Prince William Kate Middleton
The Fame Prince William Kate Middleton Are you ready to be the stylist of…
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze Time for a great summer vacation
Miami Beach Fashion Dress Up
Miami Beach Fashion Dress Up Tanya is in Miami for her vacation