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Brain Games

Push Out Fans
Push Out Fans These fans can make you catch cold
Beauty Rush Puzzle
Beauty Rush Puzzle Do your memory exercise while…
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves What can you do with autumn leaves beside admiring…
Cats Memory
Cats Memory This is a purrfect game to have a little fun
Pack for School
Pack for School First week of the school is always very challenging for…
Ziva Ziva is after the diamonds
Sneaky Dex
Sneaky Dex Dex is looking for a way to reach to the portals in…
Cover Orange: Journey Knights
Cover Orange: Journey Knights These little oranges are in danger
Willy Likes Cookies
Willy Likes Cookies Willy is very hungry and he is…
Willy Likes Cookies 2
Willy Likes Cookies 2 Willy is hungry again
Help Lucy
Help Lucy As always, Lucy is the creator of this mess
Locked Inside the House
Locked Inside the House Celine is locked inside the house
Legendary Escape 2
Legendary Escape 2 Last night was fun
Cover Orange: Journey Wild West
Cover Orange: Journey Wild West Deadly raindrops followed the…
Get Rid of the Weeds
Get Rid of the Weeds You're a gardener and you love…
Fruit Pop
Fruit Pop Match up the identical pieces of fruit in the fun match…
Caféland Connect
Caféland Connect Have you met our cute little chef…
Puzzle Ball
Puzzle Ball Puzzle Ball is a fun sliding puzzle game in which you…
Gummy Blocks
Gummy Blocks Gummy Blocks is the 1010 game you’ll want to keep…
Woodwork Builder
Woodwork Builder You are a builder working at the…
Babylon Blocks of all kinds are going to fall from the sky
Click the Bolt
Click the Bolt This little alien needs your help to find his way…
Pea Princess Maze
Pea Princess Maze Pea Princess is looking for her…
Switch Bot
Switch Bot This little robot needs your guidance and help to reach…
Nightflies What a beautiful summer night
Zoo Animals Differences
Zoo Animals Differences Let's have fun in the zoo
Two Pipes
Two Pipes You need to find your way through the pipes
Walking on the Shadows
Walking on the Shadows This guy can only walk on shadows…
Messy Factory
Messy Factory This factory is a mess
Levers Balance is a hard thing
Drawfender Fender is a nice guy
Calm HTF
Calm HTF Do you know the characters of the Happy Tree Friends
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts is a fun match-3 game with a Christmas…
Jewel Explode
Jewel Explode Jewel Explode is a fun match3 game in which you have to…
Flowers Memo
Flowers Memo Let's play a game with the flowers in the garden and…
Jewellery Memo
Jewellery Memo Here is another puzzle game for you to solve
Doors Dave hides from his boss in order to avoid any overtime
Two Pipes 2
Two Pipes 2 Go through the pipes to reach your destination
Harmony of Elements
Harmony of Elements The world needs you to put the…
3 Pandas in Brazil
3 Pandas in Brazil Three pandas decided to visit…
Where Is My Beard
Where Is My Beard You need to have a nice beard…
Cut It
Cut It It is 2054 and the water supplies are almost all gone
Find The Candy 1
Find The Candy 1 If you like sweets, you’ll love…
Night Lights
Night Lights Are you ready to rule the shadows and the light
Escape Plan: Dragon Castle
Escape Plan: Dragon Castle You wake up in a strange place
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine
Escape Plan: Diamond Mine You woke up in a strange place
Escape Plan: Underground
Escape Plan: Underground You woke up one day and found…
Hurry and Escape: The School
Hurry and Escape: The School You woke up in school and you need…
Mummy's Path Level Pack
Mummy's Path Level Pack Oops! Mummy's head has gone…
Ice Cream Memo
Ice Cream Memo How many different ice creams have you tried so far
Sacrifire You have been the master of this tribe for many many…
Escape the Amazing Garden
Escape the Amazing Garden Who would want to escape such an…
Escape Plan: Office
Escape Plan: Office You decided to come to the office…
Christmas Breaker
Christmas Breaker Pop the identical Christmas icons…
Goat Guardian
Goat Guardian Your goat has escaped
Wooden Path 2
Wooden Path 2 The bridge means everything to the people who live in…
Hurry and Escape: Space
Hurry and Escape: Space You are trapped in a space ship…
Max Skyler: Stolen Relic
Max Skyler: Stolen Relic You are a private detective and…
Airbender Story
Airbender Story Monsters have invaded your town
Stars From the Sky
Stars From the Sky Jack the Cat is in love with her…