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Box Games

Blue Box
Blue Box Here is a very easy yet entertaining puzzle game
Jumping Box
Jumping Box This box needs your help to reach its destination on…
Box! Boxes are your companion during your journey on this…
Monster Box
Monster Box Monsters are not under your bed, they are inside a box
Box Man
Box Man After all only one person can be a super hero with…
Jump Box Ninja
Jump Box Ninja Leap between the spiky boxes with your ninja in the…
Mr. Splibox
Mr. Splibox Little cute creatures called the Spliboxes are seeking…
Boxarrific This box game is horrificly hard
Jumping Box: Reincarnation
Jumping Box: Reincarnation Jumping box is after another…
Mr. Splibox 2
Mr. Splibox 2 Here's another adventure of Mr
Jumping Box 3
Jumping Box 3 The challenges that this box faces just doesn't end
You Are Still a Box
You Are Still a Box Let's switch the roles
Cowbox You're the best cowboy of the town
Jumping Box Remake
Jumping Box Remake Your beloved jumping box is here…
Heart Box
Heart Box Test your physics knowledge to move the robot into the…
Smiling Boxes
Smiling Boxes Click and remove the smiling boxes by making groups of…
You Are A Box
You Are A Box You've been the hero in the games all the time
Boxheaded Boxheaded is crazy for diamonds and noone can stop it…
Box Office
Box Office Turn your box office into a huge enterprise
Jack in The Box
Jack in The Box Say hi to Jack
Use Boxmen
Use Boxmen Work for the boxmen society and find a way to the exit…
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Find the way to escape from the…
Wake up the box
Wake up the box The sleeping box needs to wake up not to get late to…
Breakfast Browl
Breakfast Browl Box your way through the ranks of unsatisfying…
Your Own Box
Your Own Box Living in a box might sound boring to you but for your…
HP Matchbox
HP Matchbox Start at the loading zone and drive around the course…
Help in a box
Help in a box Find the differences between every two picture in the…
Love Lunch Box
Love Lunch Box Kids love surprises; oh yes, they do
Trolls in The Box
Trolls in The Box You've seen the newest animation…
Spate Click on the boxes and drag them to make a group of the…
Sokoban Geek
Sokoban Geek Help the Sokoban Geek push the boxes onto the marked…
Xmas Gifts
Xmas Gifts Santa must pack his deer carriage with Christmas gifts…
Bubblize Sway the bubble to capture the boxes
Wudywurm This worm can swallow whatever it sees
Monster Packer
Monster Packer Look at these cute monsters
Color Magnets
Color Magnets Color Magnet is a fun skill game in which you have to…
Robrain The mini robot has a brain and it's time he used it to…
Hello Kitty and bees
Hello Kitty and bees Navigate around the garden, pick…
Angie Quest
Angie Quest Help Aengie get to the exit on each level by using the…
Shaggy's midnight snack
Shaggy's midnight snack Place the hand signals in the…
The Cursed Knight
The Cursed Knight An evil sorcerer has cursed the…
High Tide
High Tide Keep jumping to survive the high tide in the sea
Rescue A Chicken
Rescue A Chicken Help the mother chicken rescue her…
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil Imps
Paper Kids
Paper Kids Deliver the newspapers to the subscribers in the town
Summer Painter
Summer Painter Luli bought boxes of paint to start drawing the…
Chicken and Eggs
Chicken and Eggs Mother chicken has a bounty of…
Burger In this Burger restaurant, the trick is to build your…
chocolate factory
chocolate factory Choco loco box and the god of…
Cute Makeup
Cute Makeup Every girl has her own makeup kit to make herself more…
Monkey Crane
Monkey Crane This crazy monkey has many fruits over there
Chinese Chef
Chinese Chef You must use your memory and find the pairs of the…
Puffball Puzzles
Puffball Puzzles Come and play with puffbalss
Romance Meter
Romance Meter Love is in the air
Saving Little Alien
Saving Little Alien The little alien is trapped in…
King of buttons
King of buttons This crazy game is an endurance test of clicking
Dating at the Park
Dating at the Park Tom called Sandy this morning and…
School Day
School Day It's 8:00 in the morning and the school bus will be…
Next Avoider
Next Avoider You are the blue ball here
Aurora Baby Wash
Aurora Baby Wash Aurora washes her baby today