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Block Games

Happy Square Blocks
Happy Square Blocks Looks like all the blocks are so…
Push Da Blocks
Push Da Blocks Here's a puzzle game with colourful blocks and a lovely…
Block Here is a classic game
Block UP!
Block UP! Think you’re quick-witted and fast feet
Sushi vs Blockies
Sushi vs Blockies Your blockies are under attack
Ancient Blocks
Ancient Blocks You have a great deal of ancient blocks in your hands
Falling Blocks
Falling Blocks Click on the groups of the same coloured blocks to…
Gummy Blocks
Gummy Blocks Gummy Blocks is the 1010 game you’ll want to keep…
Color Blocks
Color Blocks A tetris game not like any other, we present you Color…
Blockoomz 2015
Blockoomz 2015 A new addition to the Blockoomz game series
Block Stock
Block Stock Click groups of minimum 3 blocks of the same color to…
Big Blocks Battle
Big Blocks Battle It's the battle of the blocks
Go Home Block
Go Home Block Bob is a lonely block
Blockular Exciting new puzzle game with great story mode and long…
Blocks 2
Blocks 2 You have to put the same coloured cubes in a line so…
Blocks 3
Blocks 3 Enjoy a classic style colourful brick break game
Inca Blocks
Inca Blocks Ancient Inca tribes has ability to command any object…
Blocky's Escape
Blocky's Escape Blocky is trapped in a maze with obstacles
Chipperblocks Unhappy faces are waiting for you to make them happy
Block Tetris
Block Tetris Play the classic tetris game by building huge blocks in…
Solid Blocks
Solid Blocks Let's pick up some stars
Drop Blocks
Drop Blocks Flocking cubes make a mess around in here as usual and…
Block Factory
Block Factory A swapping game reaches its best design with colourful…
Jungle Blocks
Jungle Blocks Here are jungle animals in different colors
Blockoomz You need to take these blocks out of the screen
Block Distraction
Block Distraction Destroying blocks is not as easy…
Block Bot
Block Bot Block bot falls in love with a beautiful bot
Blocks Classic game lovers will never give up breaking blocks…
Block Drop
Block Drop The objective of the game is to control the gem and to…
Blockies As the curious blockies fall down and fill the space…
Sky Blocks
Sky Blocks Destroy the sky blocks by clicking on colour groups
Blockoomz 2
Blockoomz 2 The blocks are here again
Block Master
Block Master You will love this game if you are a tetris fan
Get10 Gather the blocks to make combinations and try to Get10…
Blinkz These pink blocks are madly in love
Blinkz 2
Blinkz 2 Bring the pink blocks together by removing the other…
Age Manipulation
Age Manipulation Change the good blocks' ages to…
Phlocks Try to drop blocks on the small platform as wind blows…
Blocks 2
Blocks 2 Click on any group of the cubes to destroy them and…
Crossblock The goal is to disappear all the squares by cross them…
Road Blocks
Road Blocks Try to get the ball hit the portal by bouncing off the…
Block Bounce
Block Bounce Reach the target building part by bouncing the ball and…
Block and Lock
Block and Lock Cops're chasing burglars and thieves not with a police…
Dungeon Blocks
Dungeon Blocks You are a powerful wizard who managed to capture…
Fancy Constructor
Fancy Constructor Are you good at fitting objects in…
Blocks with Letters On
Blocks with Letters On Word puzzles are one of the best…
Babylon Blocks of all kinds are going to fall from the sky
Escape the building block
Escape the building block This boy has pathetich symptoms…
Sobic Sobic is a lovely friend who is in trouble with the…
That Bomb Game
That Bomb Game You have push the blocks off the stage in this game
Qubilz We give you squishy purple blocks and you are to place…
Frozen Money
Frozen Money You have a hard ball to crack the ice blocks and if you…
Super Blux
Super Blux Here is a cute puzzle game
Sqirlz Our little orange pal wants to reach his friend who is…
Joy Stacker
Joy Stacker Differently shaped blocks are coming from the sky for…
Penguin Rescue
Penguin Rescue While mother penguins were away to catch some fish for…
Build Balance
Build Balance These blocks cannot contain themselves
Turbo Tower
Turbo Tower Let's build a huge tower with colourful blocks…
Balanzze Time to use your physics knowledge
Sliding Cubes
Sliding Cubes Here is a colorful puzzle game