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Bird Games

Birdy A little bird must adopt to hard life conditions to…
Bird House
Bird House What's going on in a bird house up above the tree
Bird's Town
Bird's Town Welcome to bird's town
Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary Bird Sanctuary needs a manager to run this lovely place
Ballsy Bird Flap
Ballsy Bird Flap This little bird is in a big…
Leader Bird
Leader Bird It is the season of bird migration
Bird Memo
Bird Memo Put your memory to the test
Bird Control
Bird Control This little birdie has escaped from the cage
Brave Bird
Brave Bird This small bird has recently learned how to fly
Mr. Birdie
Mr. Birdie Mr. Birdie is not like his friends. He just can't fly…
Bird Prints Trend
Bird Prints Trend Spring clothes must be joyful like…
Flappy Bird Flash
Flappy Bird Flash Here is one of the most popular…
Beulah and the Hundred Birds
Beulah and the Hundred Birds Little Beulah loves rushing into…
Birds Feeding
Birds Feeding Feed the birds with water but watch out they are quick
The Girl and the Birds
The Girl and the Birds Jocelyn is a true bird lover
Save Bird
Save Bird Use your mouse to aim and shoot the ball to hit the…
A Bird Kiss
A Bird Kiss Spring is the best time of the year to get to know the…
Bird and elephant
Bird and elephant What do you do when you're the…
Birds' Nest
Birds' Nest These little baby birds are really hungry
Songbird Symphony
Songbird Symphony Birb is a little bird and he is…
Birdy's Rainy Day
Birdy's Rainy Day Birdy is a small little creature…
The Golden Bird of Paradise
The Golden Bird of Paradise Only if you are careful enough…
Twirip Bird eggs are falling down from the nest
Owly Owly is a baby bird and he is learning to fly from the…
Seeds A boy in a dinosaur costume has destroyed a garden full…
Fly Qumi
Fly Qumi This bird's got talent
Unfreeze Me 3
Unfreeze Me 3 These little birds are freezing
Velocity Wings
Velocity Wings Are you ready to help this cute blue bird fly
London Park
London Park Sophie is now sitting in the city park with a little…
Owlstep Boop, boop jumps the owl
Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky Marty was looking to the sky with his new telescope…
Kitty Walks
Kitty Walks Little kitty is all alone and he can't find an empty…
Skydive Sky dive your monkey out of the airplane and dodge the…
Flying Bike
Flying Bike This is a very lovely shooting game
George of Jungle
George of Jungle Help George swing into action and…
Famous Couples 10
Famous Couples 10 Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are…
Olli Ball
Olli Ball Meet Olli! He is a little baby elephant and he wants to…
Fruit Puzzle
Fruit Puzzle Use your mouse to move the birds up and down and click…
Kiss the Bride
Kiss the Bride Claire and Edward are love birds and they want to kiss…
Petunia Petunia loves spring season for the birds start singing…
Farm Away 6
Farm Away 6 Time to collect some ostrich eggs in the new farm
A New Rihanna
A New Rihanna Rihanna is a little bird on stage, with her changing…
Angry Girlfriend
Angry Girlfriend Your heart is a love bird and all…
Minola Help clear the game board from falling blocks so that…
Princess Peach Adventures
Princess Peach Adventures The day is sunny and birds are…
Veggie It's a beautiful day with birds singing and your veggie…
Kissing in the Office
Kissing in the Office Betty and John make a lovey-dovey…
You Are Still a Box
You Are Still a Box Let's switch the roles
Be my Valentine
Be my Valentine Will Cupid's arrow reach the girl waiting for her date
Fashion in Spring
Fashion in Spring Spring is an amazing season
Spring in the Park
Spring in the Park Elisa feels the joy of spring time…
Hash Game
Hash Game Is it a bird, is it a plane
Hungry Hedgehog
Hungry Hedgehog What a lovely day
Chicken n Chocolate
Chicken n Chocolate You're a chicken on a mission…
Farm Rush
Farm Rush You need to take care of your uncle's corn farm while…