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Balance Games

Build Balance 2
Build Balance 2 Blocks have gone crazy again
Unbalanced Uh oh! There is no balance in the space! The room that…
Eenie Balance
Eenie Balance Eenie is interrupted by his heavy friends and he needs…
Build Balance
Build Balance These blocks cannot contain themselves
Keep the Balance
Keep the Balance Here are the blocks you know from…
Money Balance
Money Balance Are you ready to test your balancing skills
Simple Balance
Simple Balance Do you think you know what it takes to establish…
Out of Balance
Out of Balance It is a simple game
Lumpy Artisit
Lumpy Artisit Help Lumpy perform a death defying move
Alphabet Stacker
Alphabet Stacker Here is an unusual puzzle game
Chicken in a basket
Chicken in a basket Click on the chickens at the right…
Stackz Place as much pieces as you can to reach the end of the…
Balanzze Time to use your physics knowledge
Qwop QWOP is a famous game
Save the Snails
Save the Snails Don't let the snails fall into the water
Icesters Trouble
Icesters Trouble Here is a frosty puzzle game
Circus Biker
Circus Biker You are working at the circus as a biker
Levers Balance is a hard thing
Stackle Take blocks from below and add them to the top
Multitask Think you can handle multiple tasks at once
Pogo Style plays the key role in this game
Tilt Use your mouse to move the board and try to get the…
GraviCat The cute little cat doesn't care about the gravity so…
Turbo Tower
Turbo Tower Let's build a huge tower with colourful blocks…
Cat Cat Watermelon
Cat Cat Watermelon Can you build a cute tower out of…
Monster sandwich
Monster sandwich As Shaggy throws ingredients from…
Phlocks Try to drop blocks on the small platform as wind blows…
Big Blocks Battle
Big Blocks Battle It's the battle of the blocks
Bad Delivery
Bad Delivery Being the most wanted delivery man is stressful
Stack the Crates
Stack the Crates Stack the Crates is a fun and…
Pile up Santa
Pile up Santa Make the Santas jump on each other to build a Santa…
Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior
Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior Junior monster is so bored
Physicar You have a new vehicle and it doesn't look like…
Fragile Eggs are like balance: Both fragile and hard to…
Star Wars Character Creator
Star Wars Character Creator Dark side is rising
Clowning around
Clowning around Help the clown to balance in tightrope with the aid of…
Jenga Take blocks from the bottom or the middle of the stack…
Roller Skater
Roller Skater Roller skating has its own fashion with elbow pads…
Blinkz 2
Blinkz 2 Bring the pink blocks together by removing the other…
Blinkz These pink blocks are madly in love
Tower Bloxx
Tower Bloxx How about a drunk architect building the whole city
Snack Attack
Snack Attack Jed has a list of snack demands for giving you a ride…
Sqirlz Our little orange pal wants to reach his friend who is…
Classroom Puzzle
Classroom Puzzle Classroom objects are all over
The Wire
The Wire Follow the wire into a very bright adventure
Feed the bear 2
Feed the bear 2 Here's a zoo keeper carrying a stick with some food on…
Winter Trip
Winter Trip It's going to be extremely cold out there where I'm…
Offroad Police Racing
Offroad Police Racing Who says that police can't have…
Save the Animals
Save the Animals The animals are sent to another…
Moto Tomb Racer
Moto Tomb Racer Explore the ancient tombs in Egypt and test your…
Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period
Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period For a hundred years, mages of Fire…