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Animal Games

Animal Pal
Animal Pal We see cats and dogs everyday but all animals are our…
Animal Farm
Animal Farm The animal farm of the village is a very peaceful place…
Animal Girl
Animal Girl Jenny is invited to a costume party tonight
Little Animals Rescue
Little Animals Rescue Little animals need to go home
Popular Animal Prints
Popular Animal Prints What's your favorite animal
Save the Animals
Save the Animals The animals are sent to another…
Animal Office
Animal Office We love animals, don't we
Animal Skipping
Animal Skipping The little girl goes for a picnic under the brilliant…
Animals Use your mouse to send the little puffy animal next to…
Animal Coloring
Animal Coloring Animal Coloring is a cute coloring game in which you…
Animal Migration
Animal Migration Find the right environment for…
Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital You have just opened an animal hospital
Angry Animals
Angry Animals The sheep are so angry at the new weird animals at the…
Crazy Animal Dentist
Crazy Animal Dentist Animals get into a lot, and that…
Animal Crush
Animal Crush Animal Crush is a fun matching connect game in which…
animal piano
animal piano Choose an animal and the piano will give you its sound…
Animal Puzzle
Animal Puzzle Cookie-head animals gather on this board to let you…
Sea Animals
Sea Animals These fish want to play with you
Zoo Animals Differences
Zoo Animals Differences Let's have fun in the zoo
Cute Animal Prints
Cute Animal Prints Animal prints are very popular…
Circus Animals
Circus Animals One evil-hearted tycoon deployed 50 hunters to catch…
Animal Prints
Animal Prints Animal prints are always trendy
Toy Animals
Toy Animals Place the toy animals on the shelves and give a good…
Animal Printed Clothes
Animal Printed Clothes Animal prints fashion is a style…
Animal Patterns
Animal Patterns Animal patterns hit the latest fashion in Madrid and…
Park Zoo
Park Zoo The zoo keeper who takes care of many animals is having…
Farm Smash
Farm Smash Farm animals and bombs are falling from the sky
Colorful Animal Print Trend
Colorful Animal Print Trend Trends come and go but there is…
Rancho Ranch
Rancho Ranch This farm is all messed up by the aliens
Find The Pet
Find The Pet Who doesn't love animals
Animal Mahjong
Animal Mahjong Mahjong is an addiction with cute tiles and it's an…
Animal Hoodies
Animal Hoodies Spend this autumn warm with your lovely hoodies
New Pet
New Pet I love animals
Forest Paint the lovely forest full of many frowsy animals
Baby Beast Beauty
Baby Beast Beauty It isn’t just dogs who need a…
City Zoo
City Zoo Welcome to the city zoo, the place where animals are…
Tumble Fruit
Tumble Fruit These little hungry babies are waiting for you to feed…
Farm House
Farm House The animals are wandering in the farm randomly and they…
Pet Hospital Doctor
Pet Hospital Doctor These poor animals need your help
Pet care
Pet care Sami loves animals and she has now found a lovely job…
Forest Shelter
Forest Shelter Forest animals are coming to you for help
Jungle Menace
Jungle Menace The forest is in danger
Belize Beauties
Belize Beauties Match group of Mayan glyphs, rainforest animals, or…
Palace Pets Playdate
Palace Pets Playdate All the animals at the palace were…
Mahzoong Here is a cute mahjong game full of animals
Jungle Blocks
Jungle Blocks Here are jungle animals in different colors
Dr Daisy Pet Vet
Dr Daisy Pet Vet What can be more satisfying than…
Jungle Adventure
Jungle Adventure Emma is so bored of her pink like
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter You're a shape shifting monster
Heart of the Planet
Heart of the Planet Help the heroine girl reach the…
Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop Mother chickens, hens and little yellow chicks, they…
Sheep Beats
Sheep Beats Sheep Beats is a famous band in the animal farm
Tooth'N Claw
Tooth'N Claw These poor animals need your help
Baby Ducklings
Baby Ducklings Lake Ville is preparing for the great spring fest of…
Betty's Pet Clinic
Betty's Pet Clinic If you animal friends are feeling…
Snake and Bunny
Snake and Bunny Use the arrow keys to move the snake and eat all the…
Circus Free
Circus Free You have the cutest circus show with the cutest animals
Pet Stars: Cute Reindeer
Pet Stars: Cute Reindeer Here is another cute animal crying…
Happy Cute Zoo
Happy Cute Zoo All cute animals of the park zoo would look even better…
Robin Cat
Robin Cat Robin Cat is such a good hearted cat that he wants to…