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Animal Games

Shell throwing
Shell throwing A quick and short game of tossing shells to Patrick…
Cute Nails with Pets
Cute Nails with Pets Fancy up your nails with these…
Get Ready for the Horse Show
Get Ready for the Horse Show Maya is going to attend the horse…
Rats Invasion
Rats Invasion These nasty rats have taken over your house
Stunt Karts
Stunt Karts Your monkey is very into action
Rats Invasion 2
Rats Invasion 2 Months ago, you had a problem with rats
Pet Stars: Baby Pig
Pet Stars: Baby Pig Hi Doc! We found this sloppy pig…
Doctor Bulldog
Doctor Bulldog Dr. Bulldog has a pets hospital where he takes care of…
Mouse House
Mouse House The little mouse is so hungry
Raccbeat Raccbeat is always ready to eat all the fruits
Pet Wedding Dress Up
Pet Wedding Dress Up These little cute friends are…
Princess with Unicorn
Princess with Unicorn The Little Princess Charlotte has…
Tap The Rat
Tap The Rat Clean up the kitchen
Lovely Butterflies
Lovely Butterflies Let's discover all these beautiful…
New Island Dolphin Park
New Island Dolphin Park Welcome to New Island Dolphin Park
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand
StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand These kitties all need our help…
Pet Stars: Baby Owl
Pet Stars: Baby Owl Another little friend is waiting…
Dinositter Mother dinosaur has laid her eggs all over
Easter Dreaming
Easter Dreaming The easter bunny has lots of secrets but the biggest…
Badfloo The Little Fly Mary came home one day to find her…
Cute Pet Nurse
Cute Pet Nurse All cute pets love Lisa Bonny for she is as…
Cutie Trend Suzie's Cat
Cutie Trend Suzie's Cat Have you met my cat
Marula Marula fruits need to be collected
Rabbit Farmer
Rabbit Farmer Lisa loves rabbits
Need A Hero
Need A Hero All of Bob's friends are captured by the evil Badd Cat
Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear
Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear This baby polar bear is hurt and…
Sisters' Puppy
Sisters' Puppy Rimo loves taking a walk for two times a day, one in…
Cute Hamster Date
Cute Hamster Date Today is a big day for this cute…
Gunfox You are a brave fox and your city needs your help
Princess Belle's Kitten Caring
Princess Belle's Kitten Caring Look at princess Belle's cute…
Bird Control
Bird Control This little birdie has escaped from the cage
Stars From the Sky
Stars From the Sky Jack the Cat is in love with her…
My Horse Farm
My Horse Farm This is my lovely horse farm
Mousy vs. Keety
Mousy vs. Keety Mousy and Keety are not always getting along well
I'm Sticky
I'm Sticky Welcome to the land of stickies
Dory's Fish Tank
Dory's Fish Tank Say hi to Nemo's bff Dory
Cat Around the World: Alpine Lakes
Cat Around the World: Alpine Lakes Juno is a curious and gourmet cat
Farm Days
Farm Days Farm Days is a wonderful social game in which you've…
The King of the Sky
The King of the Sky The little monkey claims he's the…
Sweet Baby Pony
Sweet Baby Pony We are all excited to play with our own little pony…
Treehouse Hero
Treehouse Hero You and your friends live in a nice tree house
Kitty Kibbles
Kitty Kibbles Kibbles is very hungry
Sweet Honey Bees
Sweet Honey Bees You're a bee expert
Panda Love
Panda Love Panda is trying to find his mate in Panda Love, but…
The Kingdom of Octopus
The Kingdom of Octopus It was a quiet morning at the…
Easy Joe
Easy Joe Joe wants to discover this exciting purple realm
Easy Joe 2
Easy Joe 2 Joe's adventure continues
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2 Fleabag and Mutt are having fun on…
Tomoo Tomoo is a mythical creature which was born in the…
Shadow Swap
Shadow Swap This little bunny's shadow has a mind of its own
Sue bathing dogs
Sue bathing dogs Sue has a lovely hairdresser for…
Pony Lover Spa Day
Pony Lover Spa Day Elliot is a true pony lover
Cat Room Design
Cat Room Design You have just adopted a new cat
Fly Qumi
Fly Qumi This bird's got talent
Snail Bob: Love Story
Snail Bob: Love Story Snail Bob has fallen in love
Judy Hopps Summer Style
Judy Hopps Summer Style Judy Hopps is so excited for her…
Peppa Pig Game Party
Peppa Pig Game Party Peppa Pig is throwing a huge party
Cupid's Unicorn Care
Cupid's Unicorn Care For the pony beauty contest, you…
A Duck Has An Adventure
A Duck Has An Adventure Are you ready to write a life…
A Koopa's Revenge 2
A Koopa's Revenge 2 Desc.: Koopa's quest to avenge his…