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Aiming Games

Bottle on Head
Bottle on Head Time to bring the cowboy out in you
Mummy Madness
Mummy Madness Guide little mummy to his coffin
Gift Shift
Gift Shift When you're an Elf, sorting gifts for the Holidays is…
Magic Cannon
Magic Cannon Human beings are cursed and turned into animals by an…
Monster Packer
Monster Packer Look at these cute monsters
Angry Animals
Angry Animals The sheep are so angry at the new weird animals at the…
GraviCat The cute little cat doesn't care about the gravity so…
Creamy Dreamy Cupcakes
Creamy Dreamy Cupcakes The little sheep is always…
Pirates and Cannons
Pirates and Cannons If anything goes together nicely…
Basket Champ
Basket Champ How good are you at basketball
Furry Brothers
Furry Brothers You have to shoot the rocks to move the ball and bring…
Another Planet 2
Another Planet 2 Little purple alien has found…
Christmas All you have to do is sling shot the Christmas items…
Dinosaurs and Meteors
Dinosaurs and Meteors Who says dinosaurs are afraid of…
Balloon Pets
Balloon Pets These little cute pets are flying with balloons
Shoot the Circle
Shoot the Circle Aim a circle and shoot it by…
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy Poppies are waiting for you
Sundrops Sun is shining bright up in the sky
Colony Age: Robot Outbreak
Colony Age: Robot Outbreak It is 2500 and you are controlling…
Cheese Invasion
Cheese Invasion Say hello to the little Ratty
Arrozoid Shoot your arrows at the words to pop them
Rome Street Fashion
Rome Street Fashion The sunny weather of Rome makes…
Color Blocks Online
Color Blocks Online Pop the colored blocks in the…
Ghostbombers Meep the Stick is out for ghosts
3 Point Rush
3 Point Rush Aim, defensive skills and timing
Rats Invasion 2
Rats Invasion 2 Months ago, you had a problem with rats
Fruit Shoot Boom
Fruit Shoot Boom How many levels of the funny…
Rats Invasion
Rats Invasion These nasty rats have taken over your house
Don't Touch the Spikes
Don't Touch the Spikes Reach the end of the platform…
Dinositter Mother dinosaur has laid her eggs all over
Gem Pop
Gem Pop Arb and Glarb have found maps to a hidden treasure
Rewind This race is crazy because it's a race going backwards
Orbit Breaker
Orbit Breaker You duty is to destroy all the planets
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2 Fleabag and Mutt are having fun on…
Underwater Treasures
Underwater Treasures Here's a real challenge for you…
Tommy Slingshot
Tommy Slingshot Two children have been missing from the village since…
Bubble Sky
Bubble Sky Colorful bubbles are floating in the sky
We Are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone It's year 2500 and scientists are…
Rainbow Blitz
Rainbow Blitz Someone set two cannons in front of your house
Panda Uprising
Panda Uprising There were rabbits living happily in an empire called…
Tower Breaker
Tower Breaker You're a handsome prince living in your peaceful…
Gravity Escape
Gravity Escape This bunny is being kept inside a lab and they use him…
Tower Breaker 2: Across the Seas
Tower Breaker 2: Across the Seas Your beautiful land has been wiped…
Tower Breaker 3: Valerius Vengeance
Tower Breaker 3: Valerius Vengeance Valerius is really angry because…
Hardball Frenzy 2
Hardball Frenzy 2 Shooting a number of balls has…
Pop the Bubble
Pop the Bubble Go easy and pop all bubbles matching at least three…
Fruit Twirls
Fruit Twirls The naughty monkey wants to make a mess in th jungle…
Bucketball Are you skilled with aiming and timing
Heru Protect the eye of Horus, the great watcher in the sky…
Catapon Welcome to this great 3d puzzle game where you shoot…