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Mermaid Princesses
Mermaid Princesses You can now turn your most…
How to Be A Stylish Pregnant
How to Be A Stylish Pregnant Being pregnant is a hard thing
Game of Arrows
Game of Arrows Enemy soldiers are in your land
Ice Princess Wedding Dress
Ice Princess Wedding Dress Ice princess is getting married
The Perfect Proposal
The Perfect Proposal Help Martin propose to her…
Inflatable Basterds
Inflatable Basterds You feel really bored in class, so…
Fashion in Spring
Fashion in Spring Spring is an amazing season
Ghost Princess
Ghost Princess Lisa and Maria are very into ghosts
Cooking Witch
Cooking Witch You're an evil witch and you're going to kidnap kids to…
Fruit Fairy
Fruit Fairy Lisa and Ella are two beautiful fruit fairies
Furry Fashionistas
Furry Fashionistas Fur is what Elizabeth and Veronica…
Crazy Skater
Crazy Skater This little boy's parents just bought a new skate for…
Chasing the Wind
Chasing the Wind Summer is the best season…
Dreaming Forest Fairy 2
Dreaming Forest Fairy 2 The forest fairy is invited to a…
Mr. Splibox 2
Mr. Splibox 2 Here's another adventure of Mr
Elsa's Stomach Virus
Elsa's Stomach Virus Elsa has a stomach virus
Kitten Style
Kitten Style Lisa likes cat clothes and accessories
Golf Is Hard
Golf Is Hard As the name suggests, gold is hard
Fantastic Manicure
Fantastic Manicure Let's prepare your hands for…
Military Fashion
Military Fashion Lucy is a huge fan of military…
Frazzle Dazzle
Frazzle Dazzle Nobody deserves messy hair
Mix and Match Style
Mix and Match Style Spring is the best season
Angelina Princess Dress Up
Angelina Princess Dress Up Angelina is a beautiful princess
Slime Run Away
Slime Run Away This green slime needs to get out of this castle
Cute Princess in Play Garden
Cute Princess in Play Garden Christine is a beautiful princess
Car Model
Car Model Denise is working as a model
Messy Factory
Messy Factory This factory is a mess
Hula Hoop Dress Up
Hula Hoop Dress Up Summer is the best season because…
Rapunzel House Makeover
Rapunzel House Makeover Rapunzel wants to attend to the…
Doodle God Blitz
Doodle God Blitz Elements are in your control
Style Adventures: Casual Chic
Style Adventures: Casual Chic Samantha is continuing her style…
Princess Dress Up
Princess Dress Up You can become anyone you want
Wonder Defender
Wonder Defender The magician was enjoying his flowers in his garden…
The Sisters Cheongsam Show
The Sisters Cheongsam Show These sisters are amazing
Spring Prom Dress
Spring Prom Dress Spring prom is here
An Apple A-Day
An Apple A-Day You're afraid of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and all…
Butterfly Fairy
Butterfly Fairy Time to teach some fashion tricks to this butterfly…
Bonnie Hair Doctor
Bonnie Hair Doctor Bonnie needs some serious help…
Figure Shaper
Figure Shaper You have a magic block
Vacation in Maldives
Vacation in Maldives Sarah is going to Maldives
Glow Path
Glow Path This puzzle doesn't have anything other than pipes and…
Golden Age 2
Golden Age 2 Sarah and Martin are going out to one of their best…
Draculara Sparkling Lipstick
Draculara Sparkling Lipstick Draculara is going out to meet her…
Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes
Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes Time for some delicious cupcakes
The Friends Escape
The Friends Escape Real friendship is hard to…
Elsa's Bridal
Elsa's Bridal Elsa is getting married
Fairy Kei Makeover
Fairy Kei Makeover Fairy Kei is a very fun and chic…
Sky Freaks
Sky Freaks Time to go up
Palace Pets Playdate
Palace Pets Playdate All the animals at the palace were…
Cooking Frenzy: Walnut Banana Bread Pudding
Cooking Frenzy: Walnut Banana Bread Pudding Hey there everybody
Airbender Story
Airbender Story Monsters have invaded your town
Miss World Make Up
Miss World Make Up You're going to attend the Miss…
Fashion Week
Fashion Week You're invited to the fashion week
Above Average Guy
Above Average Guy You were watching TV in your room
Sailor Moon Princess
Sailor Moon Princess Sailor Moon is one of the best…
Penguin Love
Penguin Love Mr. and Mrs. Penguins are separated! They can only be…
Get Ready for Baby Shower
Get Ready for Baby Shower Tina is going to become a mother…
Barbie and Ken Baby
Barbie and Ken Baby Barbie and Ken have twins
Collapsabowl The balls in the bowl should be eliminated
Ice World
Ice World Jane was waving at Santa, but he didn't see her